America: Love It Or Leave It!

Remember that slogan from days past?  Boy, I do!

I admit it in the past I was an unashamed radical…..anti-war protester from the 60 and 70’s….and there is one thing that sticks out in my mind about those days……..during protests were met with a chant of “America:  love it or leave it”  by well meaning conservs and liberals alike….what would become known as the “moral majority” or whatever they called themselves in those days…..we were an enemy within…….according to them we were trying to destroy our beloved homeland….nothing was further from the truth but few listened…….

My question is where are those concerned Americans now?  The same Love or leave it bunch are the ones that are doing the destruction not some radical like myself…….it seems those same “patriots” are the ones doing the most damage to this country…..far more so than anything we did back in the day…..

This brings me to my point……in my readings I found an interesting piece of information……..interesting to me because of the abuse I suffered at the hands of those “patriotic” Americans………

Land of the free … to move to another country? A recent poll of 2,000 adults concluded that 35% of Americans would consider quitting the US and living abroad. That number jumps to 55% in the 18 to 34 demographic, per the poll by Transferwise, a UK-based money transfer service. But maybe we’re a little more patriotic than that: When asked the same question, with “within the next five years” tacked on, the overall percentage drops to 14%. (One caveat: These percentages include both Americans born here and abroad.) So how many people make good on the inclination? Only .001% of the country—3,415 people—actually gave up citizenship last year, reports CNBC.

Really?  Now you tell me who has done more damage to this country…..the nits today or the radicals of yester-year?


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