Netanyahu Doesn’t Care About Iran Getting the Bomb | Al Jazeera America

This will most likely not be my last post on the Iran nuke deal…..why?  Everything that can be said ….hasn’t.

But if someone wants to debate on the value of the deal………… please at least know what the deal is…….emotional ramblings is NOT a basis of opposition.  I have posted several posts on the deal and any information you need can be found on IST……holding a grudge for 36 years is not an adequate reason for opposition.

I will revisit this subject if there is a major development that I feel needs to be addressed…….but for now……fascinating……..READ ON!

By now the whole world knows that Israel and especially the  PM BiBi is dead set against the new agreement between Iran and the P5+1……..

He has been predicting that Iran would have a bomb in as little as  6 months to the high end, 5 years……and that has been the case for two decades….Iran will have a bomb…(insert time frame)…….

But could there be more to his predictions and opposition?


Netanyahu Doesn’t Care About Iran Getting the Bomb | Al Jazeera America.

10 thoughts on “Netanyahu Doesn’t Care About Iran Getting the Bomb | Al Jazeera America

      1. The biggest problem here in the U.S. is that much of what goes on in Israel isn’t reported here, so Americans don’t know about all of the horrible things the Israelis do to Palestinians living in the occupied territories, as well as those who live in and are citizens of Israel. But, ultimately, Israel looks like what America would look like if the right-wing got power here — permanent war, permanent oppression.

      2. I agree and that is why I try to shed new light on the ME……..and I also agree with the complexion of the country…..not to my liking….chuq

    1. Thanx….I try to let Americans know there is more to the Middle East and Iran than what the media tells us……..good link and I am already following “the Other Iran”….good site…..chuq

      1. Thank you very much. There is so much misinformation about Iran. And at some point I fear the US will go to war with Iran based on misconceptions and politicians working for their own interests instead of that of their nations, even though our nations can be actually friends.

      2. I agree and that is why I am set to giving my readers as much info as possible…..and the same with Islam….too much negativity being spread about the religion……makes me happy you enjoy what I write….thank you so much…..chuq

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