Closing Thought–23Jun20

Summer is here for sure…this morning at 0500 hrs it was 85 with 81% humidity…..a joy to experience.(sarcasm in case you missed it)

When I was working in North Africa I experienced a couple of sand storms……plus the dust that the storms kicked up in the Sahara…..but I never thought that the dust from these storms would effect me here on the Gulf Coast…..and I was mistaken…..

Gulf Coast residents, get ready for brilliant sunsets—and a few possible health hazards. A massive dust cloud is heading west across the Atlantic and could affect the lives of people from Florida to Texas, AccuWeather reports. “According to scientists … this is an abnormally large dust cloud,” says senior AccuWeather meteorologist Dan Kottlowski, who adds that the dust “started coming off the coast of Africa several days ago, in fact maybe over a week ago. And it’s still coming. It’s almost like a prolonged area of dust.” Expected to hit the Gulf Coast between Tuesday and Thursday, the Saharan dust should bring hazy and brownish skies during the day.

But the Washington Post predicts sunsets that “appear markedly more vibrant, with deeper, more expansive brushstrokes of orange and yellow washing across the sky.” On the downside, the dust could mix with other particles (like smoke, ozone, or more dust) and negatively affect anyone with sensitive lungs. The dusty air might also curb storm development, preventing tropical storms or hurricanes from forming—but the dust will likely be long gone when hurricane season reaches full force in August and September. For the record, Saharan dust is nothing new in the Gulf Coast this time of year. But by all accounts, this one’s a biggy. You can follow its movement at NASA.

Hurricane season is expected to take a pause over the next week as a large plume of dust from the Saharan Desert in Africa moves across the Atlantic Ocean. Waves of dust off the African continent are common during the summer, as the trade winds blow west from the desert into the Atlantic. However, this wave is very large and very strong. It is expected to travel westward into the Caribbean by this weekend. Then next week part of the Gulf Coast, including Mississippi, may see this plume of dust arrive.

Saharan Dust from Africa forecast to arrive in Mississippi

I am hoping to get some sunset shots but so far it has been cloudy and overcast…..but I shall continue to try.

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Mail-In Voting

I was going to leave this bit of lunacy alone…but it just keeps getting worse and worse…..especially the idiotic ideas coming from the small mind of Donald the Orange…

His best piece of manure has been that there would be thousands of people sitting in living rooms across the nation stuffing ballot boxes……

If you do not like that piece of political manure…then just wait a few days and the rhetoric will change….and VIOLA!

President Trump has been arguing for a while that mail-in voting is vulnerable to fraud, and he pushed a new theme on that front in not-so-subtle terms Monday. In an all-caps tweet, he warned: “RIGGED 2020 ELECTION: MILLIONS OF MAIL-IN BALLOTS WILL BE PRINTED BY FOREIGN COUNTRIES, AND OTHERS. IT WILL BE THE SCANDAL OF OUR TIMES!” Before that, he tweeted a link to a Breitbart News story in which Attorney General William Barr expresses a similar sentiment. “It absolutely opens the floodgates to fraud,” Barr said of mail-in voting during a Sunday interview on Fox News. “A foreign country could print up tens of thousands of counterfeit ballots, and (it would) be very hard for us to detect which was the right and which was the wrong ballot.”

The coronavirus has led to calls for greater access to mail-in ballots for voters, but the White House opposes the move. “You get thousands and thousands of people sitting in somebody’s living room, signing ballots all over the place,” Trump said in April, per the Hill. When reporters asked for evidence, he responded, “I think there’s a lot of evidence, but we’ll provide you with some, OK?” AFP reports that the political impact of mail-in voting is unclear, citing a new Stanford study that while the practice seems to increase overall voting, it “does not appear to increase either party’s vote share.”

Foreign nations will influence our electoral process….REALLY?

Someone needs to investigate…..

But like everything else in the Trump government…..what is bad for the people is perfectly fine for his band of thugs and thieves…..

Vice President Mike Pence and a half-dozen senior advisers to President Trump have repeatedly voted by mail, election records obtained by the AP show. That undercuts the president’s argument that the practice will lead to widespread fraud this November. More than three years after leaving it, Pence still lists the Indiana governor’s home as his official residence and votes absentee accordingly. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has permanent absentee voting status in her home state of Michigan. Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, voted absentee in Texas in 2018 and didn’t vote two years earlier when Trump’s name was on the ballot. Two other senior Trump campaign officials—chief operating officer Michael Glassner and deputy campaign manager Bill Stepien—have repeatedly voted by mail in New Jersey. And Nick Ayers, a senior campaign adviser who was the vice president’s chief of staff, has voted by mail in Georgia since 2014.

In most election years, voting by mail is an unremarkable event. But Trump has railed against state efforts to expand access to mail-in voting as an alternative to waiting in lines at polling places during a pandemic. He has argued without evidence that mail-in voting will lead to fraud and warned Monday that foreign countries could print ballots. That, some experts say, is a double standard that amounts to voter suppression. “These are people who are taking advantage of—which is perfectly legal—their right to vote absentee,” said Trevor Potter of the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center. “But they don’t want other people to do the same thing.” Trump himself voted by mail in the Florida primary this year. And Attorney General William Barr, who has also raised concern about the practice, voted absentee in Virginia in 2012 and 2019, the Washington Post reported. Tim Murtaugh of the Trump campaign defended the Trump aides who have voted by mail.

If you still support this maniac in the White House then you are a hateful tool that we would be better off without.

Trying to rig an election without having to plan it behind closed doors……time to change the dirty laundry in DC….it is starting to draw flies.

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Still Steaming After All These Days

Donald the Orange is still steaming over the anemic response to his rally in Tulsa…..

The limp dick response was a perfect metaphor for the Trump presidency……but days after the fact he is still pissing and moaning……….

President Trump’s weekend rally in Tulsa did not go as planned, with a post-mortem in Politico going so far as to use the word “debacle” to describe it. Much of the negative attention is focused on campaign chief Brad Parscale, who boasted beforehand of more than 1 million requests for tickets, a far cry from the official turnout estimate of 6,200 at the downtown arena on Saturday. A sample of the fallout:

  • ‘Fox & Friends’: The usually supportive Trump show didn’t have much good to say about the rally Monday, notes Mediaite. “I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to put 20,000 people in a room with masks optional,” said co-host Steve Doocy, referring to the arena’s capacity. In fairness, added Brian Kilmeade, “as experienced as anyone is, no one has ever been through a campaign with a pandemic and civil unrest, two things out of control of Democrats and Republicans.”
  • Parscale: CNN reports that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are angry at Parscale for raising expectations too high, though the couple denies it publicly. The story quotes another adviser, anonymously, who says of Parscale and his team: “They gave adversaries and media a gift. It was overconfidence.”
  • TikTok stunt: As has been widely reported, users of TikTok have claimed credit for making bogus ticket reservations, but the true impact of that stunt is “complicated,” per an analysis in the Washington Post. It notes that both the Trump campaign and critics of Trump think the TikTok impact has been exaggerated. From the latter camp: “You’re giving way too much credit to people on social media and not nearly enough blame on Trump’s failure of a campaign for this one,” declared writer Parker Malloy. Parscale, for his part, blamed the low turnout on the media for “apocalyptic” coverage and local police for overreacting to protests and keeping supporters away.
  • Now what? Plans for future “mega-rallies” are now up in the air, according to the Politico analysis. An alternative might be smaller rallies at outdoor venues such as airports or amphitheaters. Lost in all this was that the rally was supposed to be “the kickoff in a sustained effort to sow doubt about (Joe) Biden’s capacity to be president.”
  • Trump: The New York Times has a behind-the-scenes account of rally day. One snippet: “The president, who had been warned aboard Air Force One that the crowds at the arena were smaller than expected, was stunned, and he yelled at aides backstage while looking at the endless rows of empty blue seats in the upper bowl of the stadium, according to four people familiar with what took place.” The Trump team was still dissecting the causes for the turnout, but they acknowledged (anonymously) that coronavirus fears and slipping poll numbers were at play, according to the story.

Another Trumpite will bite the dust…..

“Brad really shit the bed Saturday night. You have to remember, execution is 95% of presidential politics,” the Republican said.

Parscale may not be the only advisor to be ousted.

His face says it all…a metaphor for his presidency…..

(photo by Patrick Semansky)

(Poor baby….Daddy got crapped on)

For me it is a great day when Americans shun an idiot….and in closing how about  Eric Clapton/Sheryl Crow rendition of Don Williams hit…Tulsa Time…..

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It All Began In Minneapolis

This round of protesting over the death of a black person at the hands of the police….these protests turned violence laced with destruction and arson…..and once again the talk is about reform of the police departments and their attitudes toward the minority communities….

All the focus on the PDs and politicians to step up and do the right thing…..and Minnesota took a step backwards…..

Legislators in Minnesota—the state where George Floyd was killed—huddled all night over police reform and walked away empty-handed, the New York Times reports. Democrats called for major changes to police oversight and Republicans more “common-sense reforms,” leading the two chambers to adjourn at around 6am Saturday without a deal. “I am deeply disappointed Senate Republicans chose to leave before finishing our work,” said Susan Kent, Senate minority leader for the Democrats, per the Star-Tribune. Paul Gazelka, the state Senate’s Republican leader, said “if they’re not interested in” his latest offer, “I don’t think personally that they’ll ever be interested in something that we can agree to.”

Democrats wanted Minnesota to beef up deadly-force laws, allow convicted felons to vote, and let the state’s attorney general (a Democrat) oversee the prosecution of police killings. Republicans called for milder measures, like prohibiting chokeholds in most police encounters and requiring police to stop officers from using excessive force. Democrats called those half-measures that haven’t helped elsewhere, then made a counter-offer at midnight that didn’t include voting felons and AG investigations. But the Democrat-led House and Republican Senate still couldn’t reconcile. “Minnesotans expect us, like they do in their jobs, to finish when the work is done,” said Gov. Tim Walz, who added that this “is at the center of what we should be doing.”

My question is…if reforms cannot get a foothold in the place this round began is there any hope for real reform….anywhere?

With all the chaos and protests and NYPD Commission finds they acted properly…

The New York Police Department (NYPD) commissioner on Monday defended the officers who drove into protesters against police brutality late last month, saying they did not violate the department’s use-of-force policy.

Commissioner Dermot Shea testified in an online public hearing on the police response to the George Floyd protests, saying the officers shown in videos to be lurching into a crowd were complying with department standards.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is investigating the police response, asked the commissioner about May 30 videos that showed two police cruisers driving into a crowd in Brooklyn.

So it is perfectly alright to run down peaceful protesters with a vehicle in NYC, right?

Do you see the problem now?

Politicians are doing what they always do….Lots of talking loud and proud and saying nothing…..and inaction prevails.

Black Lives Matter, corporations

What started in Minneapolis should never be allowed to cease…..if government will not listen then take it to the streets…..and stay there until these “fat cats” grow ears.

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Another Taxpayer Bailout

This pandemic has seen the loss of revenue (profit) for many firms and the Congress has put together several stim plans to help business weather this viral storm……

The latest industry to get lots of taxpayer money is Military-Industrial Complex……

The Pentagon has begun to bail out U.S. companies that have seen large parts of their business dry up amid the coronavirus pandemic, in a bid to make sure they can still build weapons. 

On Wednesday, officials announced that five mid-tier defense companies had received a total of $135 million to “help sustain defense-critical workforce capabilities in body armor, aircraft manufacturing, and shipbuilding,” according to a Defense Department statement.“These actions will help to retain critical workforce capabilities throughout the disruption caused by COVID-19 and to restore some jobs lost because of the pandemic,” Lt. Col. Mike Andrews, a Defense Department spokesman, said in the statement

How will this effect the industry and the DoD?

First of all we cannot afford the weapon systems that the DoD is drooling over…..will the Pentagon be capable of choosing what system to get over another?

The Pentagon cannot afford all of the new weapons it wants to buy and will be forced to choose winners and losers, absent an influx of cash, a new assessment from data and analytics firm Govini.

More cash is unlikely, experts say, regardless of whether President Trump wins a second term or is defeated by his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Moreover, they predict the Pentagon will face increased competition for dollars as the United States tries to dig itself out of a recession brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, which has left more than 30 million American without jobs.

“I don’t see a Biden administration making big, big cuts to defense,” said Robert Work, a deputy defense secretary during the Obama administration who is now chairman of Govini, an artificial intelligence-driven analysis firm. “But what I see a potential Biden administration doing is defining the priorities within defense in a different way.”

I say if it does not protect the homeland from imminent attack then it should be scrapped until better days are here again.  After all that is what families have to do in these days of dwindling funds…if it is not essential then it can wait.


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