Closing Thought–11Jun20

De-Fund the police!

That is the slogan making the rounds during these days of civil unrest…..but is that really gonna work?

There are many naysayers to this slogan and of course they will use crimes like murder, bank robbery, rape et al as a way to belittle the very idea of de-funding police departments.

There is NO example where this would work right?

Well that statement is not accurate.

Take Camden, New Jersey…..

City Council members in Minneapolis have vowed to “dismantle” the city’s police department, which would be an unusual—but not entirely unprecedented—move. CNN looks at the experience of Camden, NJ, which disbanded and replaced its police department in 2012 amid budget woes and corruption that was deemed unfixable. It hasn’t been an entirely smooth ride for the new Camden County Police Department, which has around 400 officers, including 100 hired from the old police department, but violent crime in the city has dropped by more than 40% over the last seven years, and officers, once widely feared, now host events like block parties, pop-up barbecues, and drive-in movie nights on the street once known as “Heroin Highway.”

County official Louis Cappelli says a lot of the improvement is down to “community-oriented policing.” When the new department was launched, officers were told to focus on walking beats and introducing themselves to residents. Cappelli says the department has made de-escalation a priority in training. Community leaders including pastor Ojii BaBa Madi say that while Camden still has many problems—and the force is still far less diverse than the community it serves—the city feels safer and a “productive dialogue” with police is now possible. “Us meeting with the community in the absence of crisis really changed the game,” Lt. Zsakheim James, who served on the old and new police forces, tells the Philadelphia Inquirer. “There are people who still don’t like the police, but there is a level of trust. There are people who believe in us, and believe in their ability to hold us accountable.”

This illustrates that reform and change can make a difference….so naysayers need to find a new way to crap on a good idea.

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Spies Among Us

Time for the old professor to offer up some history….this post is about the 10 most famous spies…..

These are someone’s idea (not mine) of the most famous spies……

In and out of wartime, spies play an essential role in information gathering for their nations (and, on occasion, as double-spies for other nations). The spies listed here are the most famous in history.

1. Mata Hari Born: 1876; Died: 1917

Top 10 Famous Spies

These people are someone’s idea of the most famous spies….I disagree…..but it depends on where you stand I guess……


I like the spies for Washington during the Revolutionary War and the female spies used by the sides in the American Civil War….

First is Washington’s spies…..

In the summer of 1778 George Washington authorized the formation of a secret chain of agents known as the Culper Ring. Operating in British-occupied New York, this spy ring gathered and shared military intelligence on the British Army’s tactical operations using a coded language and a disappearing ink dubbed the ‘sympathetic stain.’ Those involved in the Culper Ring did so at great personal risk to their lives and honor–covertly traveling through occupied territory and swearing oaths of allegiance to the king–all the while passing information to Washington.

The following excerpt from Alexander Rose’s, Washington’s Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring, describes the establishment of the Culper Ring and the risks involved with eighteenth-century espionage.

Then onto the American Civil War…..

Hundreds of women served as spies during the Civil War. Here’s a look at six who risked their lives in daring and unexpected ways

A little more on these women…..

Please if you have any others to add do so….I want to add Tubman to the list……

Class Dismissed!

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“Bad Apples” Can Find Work

The term being used for those that commit abuse against the public is ‘bad apples’… is a term used to try and separate the good from the bad…..

Just a quick reference point for my readers…..killings commited by the police since 2015…..

a screenshot of a cell phone

(graph printed in the WaPo)

That is just the killings….does not include the other abuses commited by the police.

And there are those that worry that these ‘criminals’ would not be able to find gainful employment….(personally I say let them dig ditches or clean port-a-lets)……

But not to worry for if they are fired they fly under the radar and get work in another city so they can continue their abuses of the public.

Now it is not so covert….Florida has openly stated they will hire those fired for abuse of the public trust…..

A Florida police organization’s promise to hire any officers around the U.S. who are fired or who leave their jobs during the nationwide uprising over police brutality was decried by critics Tuesday as indicative of a toxic law enforcement community that rewards severe misconduct.

The Brevard County Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) posted two messages on Facebook Saturday urging officers in Buffalo, New York; Atlanta; and Minneapolis to consider finding new jobs in Florida where the union claimed they won’t have to face so-called “spineless leadership.”

Spineless Leadership?

So-called police unions are the spineless gutless traitors of the public trust.

If they were truly concerned they would be leading the dash for reforms and security for the public.

Please stop calling these cowards as a “union”…they are not concerned with the worker as they are protecting bad players from the law.

Plus the narrative that the police use to explain what has happened is steadily disproved…..

Minneapolis police initially told the public that George Floyd died after a “medical incident during a police interaction.” The Buffalo, New York, department said a protester “tripped and fell.” Philadelphia police alleged that a college student who suffered a serious head wound had assaulted an officer.

All three claims were quickly disproved by videos seen widely on the internet and television, fueling mistrust and embarrassing agencies that made misleading or incomplete statements that painted their actions in a far more favorable light.

Police departments deny lying but acknowledge sometimes making mistakes when releasing information in fast-moving, complicated situations. The videos, they say, do not always capture officers’ perspectives.

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Play To The Cameras

Since all these protests began politicians have been running to the nearest camera and doing their best acting as if they are appalled.

Personally, I think they are sickening….most just want to look good on CSPAN so it can be used later for a campaign ad…..most of these gutless wonders are not concerned at all for their positions in society are secure.

But these cowards are not alone….the CEOs seeing the direction the tear gas is blowing are also acting all pious and concerned.

In response to the historic multi-racial protests against the murder of George Floyd and other police killings, the top executives of major US corporations have issued hypocritical statements criticizing “racism and injustice” in America.

“The pain of the last week reminds us how far our country has to go to give every person the freedom to live with dignity and peace,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared, pledging to give $10 million to “groups working on racial justice.”

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos posted on his Instagram account that “the pain and emotional trauma caused by the racism and violence we are witnessing toward the black community has a long reach.”

Jumping on the bandwagon to secure more profit….

And then there is the new bill offered up by the House Dems….

The group of Democrats included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Karen Bass and senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.

At the press conference, Bass, Pelosi, Schumer and other sponsors of the bill repeatedly cited the nationwide mass demonstrations against the murder of Floyd and touted their bill as a “transformational” and “bold” attack on police violence and systemic racism. But their statements and the token character of the reforms included in the bill make clear that the measure is nothing of the kind.

Rather, it is a political maneuver designed to provide cover for Democratic governors and mayors who have overseen brutal police attacks on protesters, not to mention the pro-police record of the Obama administration. It is also aimed at containing and dissipating social protests by workers and youth against not only racism and the fascistic Trump administration, but also the social inequality, repression and poverty that are embedded in the capitalist system and magnified by the coronavirus pandemic.

I continue to say that this is just for show….yes it is something that could possibly help but the Dems know it will go nowhere and the only thing it accomplishes is to make Dems appear as if they care.

It is a charade at best.


How many years have they had to do something about the problems that the death of Floyd brought to light?

And then ask….what has been accomplished in all that time?

Do Not Settle!

Learn Stuff!

Keep the pressure on the Congress!

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Trump Foreign Policy: The Good And The Bad

I have said on numerous occasions that there are some parts of the Trump foreign policy that I do support….and then there are others that I will NEVER support….

First the good in his foreign policy…..

Trump is bringing the troops home from Afghanistan and wants all out by election day…..

Senior military officials are set to brief President Trump in the coming days on options for pulling all American troops out of Afghanistan, with one possible timeline for withdrawing forces before the presidential election, according to officials with knowledge of the plans.

The proposal for a complete withdrawal by November reflects an understanding among military commanders that such a timeline may be Mr. Trump’s preferred option.

I can support bringing our troops home for a much deserved rest…..

Then Trump has to open his mouth and take any support I may have for him away…..

President Donald Trump’s May 6 veto of a Senate resolution that would have required him to seek congressional approval for any further military confrontations with Iran demonstrates that, despite his occasional feints toward scaling back foreign intervention, Trump is as much a warmonger as anyone else in Washington. Worse still, his explanation for his veto indicates that he believes presidents have unlimited authority to launch wars, contrary to clear constitutional language.

“The question of whether United States forces should be engaged in armed conflict against Iran should only be made following a full briefing to Congress and the American public of the issues at stake, a public debate in Congress, and a congressional vote as contemplated by the Constitution,” reads the resolution. It directs Trump to remove U.S. troops from any hostilities with Iran within 30 days and not to order any further attacks “unless explicitly authorized by a declaration of war or a specific authorization for use of military force.” It does, however, reserve to Trump the right to respond to an “imminent attack.”

Trump: I Can and Will Start Wars Whenever I Please

These are the contradictions that makes me to dislike and never support Trump in any fashion….it is a shame for he could have done so much about war and yet he continues to be at the beck and call of the M-IC….

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