Space Force (Netflix)

I have written a lot on the US newest military service, the Space Force, I think it will be a huge siphon of cash from the taxpayer…..but that said this post is about a Netflix series entitle as it were Space Force.

But first….the real mission of the real Space Force……

Welcome Spacemen!

The series was in the works before the official announcement of the Trump’s Space Force……a series created by and starring Steve Carell with John Malkovich……

A couple of trailers for your consideration…

But this is not a review of the Netflix series but rather the name…Space Force….it is about a legal question that could arise….

This from The Hill……

The Netflix original comedy “Space Force,” which is based on the new branch of the military launched by President Trump, reportedly obtained trademark rights for the name before the government.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show secured trademark rights to “Space Force” in multiple places, including Europe, Australia and Mexico, while the Air Force owns only a pending application for registration in the United States. That means the show has more confirmed trademark rights than the U.S. military. 

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office usually grants trademarks based on a “first-to-use” system, and Netflix filed for the trademark as early as January. 

The Netflix show named after the branch debuted late last month and follows Steve Carell’s character, who works as a general developing the new Space Force. In addition to Carell, who portrayed the popular character Michael Scott in “The Office,” the series also stars actors John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, Diana Silvers and Lisa Kudrow.

While most people understand the difference between the show “Space Force” and the military Space Force, the trademark could play into merchandise confusion if clothing or a mug, for example, were to hit stores and customers were curious as to who was actually selling the goods.


In case you are interested……Very funny…..the series not the idea of a Space Force…..

We are on our way to the Moon…..and it is not for scientific research but rather as an occupying force…..something to think about when you watch Netflix series, The Space Force.

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Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)–2020

A Beginning Note–This post ought to keep the old farts busy for awhile sling insults and spreading their manure……enjoy.

The newest situation that has the lie machine working overtime is that of the Autonomous Zone in Seattle……a new way to protest….or is it?

Before let me give mt reader a little context…..

The very term makes people with a history background think about 1871 and the Paris Commune….

The Paris Commune was a popular-led democratic government that ruled Paris from March 18 to May 28, 1871. Inspired by the Marxist politics and revolutionary goals of the International Workingmen’s Organization (also known as the First International), workers of Paris united to overthrow the existing French regime which had failed to protect the city from Prussian siege, and formed the first truly democratic government in the city and in all of France. The elected council of the Commune passed socialist policies and oversaw city functions for just over two months, until the French army retook the city for the French government, slaughtering tens of thousands of working-class Parisians in order to do so.

Then there is the term Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ)…..a construct from the 1990s…..

Coined in 1990 by poet, anarcho-immediatist and Sufi scholar Hakim Bey, the term temporary autonomous zone (T.A.Z.) seeks to preserve the creativity, energy and enthusiasm of autonomous uprisings without replicating the inevitable betrayal and violence that has been the reaction to most revolutions throughout history. The answer, according to Bey, lies in refusing to wait for a revolutionary moment, and instead create spaces of freedom in the immediate present whilst avoiding direct confrontation with the state.

A T.A.Z. is a liberated area “of land, time or imagination” where one can be for something, not just against, and where new ways of being human together can be explored and experimented with. Locating itself in the cracks and fault lines in the global grid of control and alienation, a T.A.Z. is an eruption of free culture where life is experienced at maximum intensity. It should feel like an exceptional party where for a brief moment our desires are made manifest and we all become the creators of the art of everyday life.

Temporary autonomous zone

Now this brings me to the Autonomous Zone in Seattle…..or as it is called Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)……

“THIS SPACE IS NOW PROPERTY OF THE SEATTLE PEOPLE.” So read a banner draped Tuesday on the city’s East Precinct police station, part of what the Seattle Times reports is a newly installed “protest society” called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ. Most notable about the CHAZ is there are no police there, after authorities retreated Monday and boarded up the building, per the Washington Post. It’s all part of the protesters’ eventual goal to defund the police and find a way to “more compassionately organize our city,” one of the movement’s leaders tells the Times. Per and WPTV, it’s unclear how long police will stay away, or how long protesters will be allowed to stay in the six-block area. One person not thrilled about this new setup: the president.

“Domestic Terrorists have taken over Seattle, run by Radical Left Democrats,” Trump tweeted Wednesday night. “LAW & ORDER!” He also accused “Radical Left Governor @JayInslee and the Mayor of Seattle” of “being taunted and played at a level that our great Country has never seen before,” adding, “Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game. These ugly Anarchists must be stooped [sic] IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!” “‘Stoop’ tweeting,” Inslee responded, referencing Trump’s typo. “A man who is totally incapable of governing should stay out of Washington state’s business.” As for Mayor Jenny Durkan: “Make us all safe,” she posted. “Go back to your bunker.” More here and here on the CHAZ.

More on the similarities between Seattle and Paris of 1871……

Reports from CHAZ, described by The Stranger as “exceedingly chill,” make it sound like a mix of Occupy Wall Street and a college independent cooperative dorm. The cordoned-off area includes apartments, businesses, and the precinct, with protesters free to gather away from any police. According to news reports and accounts from observers, there is a “No Cop Co-Op” with free food, vegan pizza, LaCroix (and White Claw), a hot dog stand (not free), a medical center, a Mutual Aid Books table, a garden, and a giant Black Lives Matter mural.


There are 30 demands coming out of CHAZ….read them here…..

There are some untruths (go figure) coming out about CHAZ……

Local reporters confirm that there are some CHAZ residents walking around with firearms (Washington is an open-carry state) but that they claim they are providing safety for CHAZ and other protesters accept their presence in the area. Seattle police walked back a previous claim that some businesses were being extorted to be able to operate in the area, with Best clarifying that they have not actually had any formal reports of extortion occurring.

Amazing nothing has changed in a hundred and fifty years…..the only answer for power brokers is to send in troops when the people want a better life.

It is easier to stomp down protests than to find answers to societal problems…..Trumpy is a true authoritarian at heart.

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That Wine

Weekends are time for me to relax and have a nice wine and some cheese and nuts on the patio…..something that can be done without the worry of the virus finding a home in my body.

Are you a wine drinker?

I am….I prefer French and Spanish wines…although I have found few Argentine wines lovely and even one from New Zealand….but sadly I do not appreciate German or Austrian wines….they just do not pair well for me.

Ever tried a Austrian wine called Zweigelt?

Did you like it?

Did you know that it is wine perfected by a rabid Nazi?

Yep a Nazi viticulturalist came up with this wine…..

Whether or not we want to admit it, we are consuming a lot of alcohol while in quarantine. Nielsen, the market research firm, estimated that online sales jumped 243% during the prime stock-up weeks of the pandemic, with wine sales alone increasing by 66%. After a year of declining alcohol consumption, responses to Covid-19 have effectively undone last year’s teetotalist trends and made alcohol easier to get. Wine shops and restaurants have begun liquidating their inventories, increasing the number of weird, natural, and rare options for wine drinkers to explore at home. Many of these come from unusual places like the Czech Republic, Mexico, or Croatia, containing unusual grapes like malvasia, rebula, or blaufränkisch. And if you’ve been enjoying an Austrian wine called “zweigelt,” you’ve got a lot to learn about a wine with a history you may not want to hear.

Zweigelt is a red grape used in wine that typically bears its name; it tastes like Pinot Noir, but with a bit more boldness and only a fraction of the Sideways-attributed success. The export value of Austrian wine has increased tremendously in the last few years, with a nearly 20% volume increase in the United States in 2018 alone. Accessible to every level of red wine drinker, a bottle of zweigelt typically costs between $14 and $30 and pairs well with a vast range of foods. It is Austria’s second most important wine after Grüner Veltliner. Of the 35 organic wineries officially certified by Sustainable Austria, 32 of them grow zweigelt. The sharp, blue-colored grapes grow easily and in spades, making it readily available for bottling.

There you have FYI….. a history lesson and a food post all in one…..enjoy.

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