Closing Thought–19Jun20

Donald the Orange has decided to once again hold his rallies…the only way he can control the message in public…..he will return to the propaganda trail in Tulsa…..

President Trump is planning to hold his first rally of the coronavirus era on June 19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And he says he’s planning more events in Florida, Texas, and Arizona as well. Trump made the announcement as he met with a handful of African American supporters Wednesday afternoon for a roundtable discussion, the AP reports. Trump’s signature rallies often draw tens of thousands of people but have been on hiatus since March 2 because of the coronavirus pandemic. “A beautiful new venue, brand new. We’re looking forward to it,” Trump said during a White House event. “They’ve done a great job with COVID, as you know, the state of Oklahoma.” The rally will take place on Juneteenth, the commemoration of the ending of slavery in the US.

Sorry but a bad choice….unless you want to reinforce the racist accusations against the campaign…..

I have written several post explaining the importance of 19 June or Juneteenth…..https://lobotero.com/2017/06/19/juneteenth-our-other-independence-day/  or  https://lobotero.com/2018/06/19/closing-thought-19jun18/ and more  https://lobotero.com/2019/06/19/the-other-independence-day/

Trump will do something…..Out of respect? 

“Many of my African American friends and supporters have reached out to suggest that we consider changing the date out of respect for this Holiday, and in observance of this important occasion and all that it represents,” he wrote Friday night in a series of tweets. He noted that the “big deal” rally is now scheduled for next Saturday, June 20, and claimed that ticket requests have been “in excess of 200,000.” The Hill notes that his switch regarding the rally, which will be his first one in over three months due to the coronavirus pandemic, is a “rare instance of [him] giving in to criticism,” though Trump had insisted earlier that the choosing of June 19 as the original date wasn’t intentional.

Out of respect is just another lie for the slobbering supporters.

Trump was not finished embarrassing his ass…..he then asserts that no one every heard of Juneteenth……until he brought it to the news…..

“I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous,” Trump said, a reference to his decision to postpone a campaign rally from June 19 to June 20. He said a black Secret Service agent told him about the day’s significance: a celebration of the end of slavery. “It’s actually an important event, an important time. But nobody had ever heard of it.” Trump was surprised when informed his own White House has previously marked the occasion. Sen. Kamala Harris was among those ridiculing Trump’s assertion, notes USA Today.

But in case you are on of those people that never heard of the day and  would like more info and history on why this is a terrible idea……to hold a racist rally on this day that is……https://theblackwallsttimes.com/category/history

And before Tulsa there was a riot in East St. Louis about 4 years earlier……

In East St. Louis, as in other cities across the nation, white people resented every effort of African Americans to improve their social and economic conditions during the 20th century. In this instance, white residents erupted in violence in response to Black migrants coming into the city in droves — mostly from the South. During World War I, the labor market significantly expanded to meet the needs of military production. With a growing demand for industrial workers in the North, Black Southerners flocked to places like East St. Louis. In response, white business owners worked to block new migrants from gaining economic or political power.

Even though Black workers held the most menial jobs and received lower wages than their peers, white people in East St. Louis still viewed them as a threat. And they were determined to keep Black people “in their place” through acts of violence and intimidation. In May 1917, a group of white workers filed formal complaints against Black migrants in the city, blaming African Americans for taking “their” jobs in local factories.


As the lives of Afro-Americans were starting to improve the rest of society was not handling it well and riots broke out trying to put blacks back in the “place”.

And that brings us to today…and not much has really changed.

Sorry but a change in date will not make things better for this president……

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MacArthur Was A Douche

Let’s change the tune from pandemics and racism…..a little history would fit nicely in that range…..

Yes I wrote the word “douche” and I feel he is so…..I can explain but I am sure there will be those that read the title and will not give an explanation a chance (but I am use to that ignorance)…..

There are many Americans that look to MacArthur as some sort of hero ….but like Patton he was more a jerk than a hero.

Why do I say this….well it is not me but rather something others have said (I will give my thoughts later)….

On June 17, 1932, 17,000 United States military veterans of World War I and 25,000 of their friends and family gathered in Washington, D.C. to demand early payment of their service certificate war bonuses.  Although the bonuses were not due to be paid until 1945, the Great Depression had hit the United States and these veterans were floundering financially.  General Douglas MacArthur, chief of staff of the Army, personally led US troops to forcibly drive away his fellow veterans, even though future 5 star general and president, Maj. Dwight Eisenhower (serving as an aide to MacArthur) counseled him not to have anything to do with the eviction.  Maj. George Patton, future General and World War II hero, personally led a cavalry charge against the protesting veterans, including a man that had saved Patton’s life during World War I.  The use of military force against unarmed US war veterans is just one of 10 arguably shameful or stupid things we are listing here to demonstrate why some people think that Douglas MacArthur was a jerk, not a hero. 

10. Return to Philippines.

Although the Japanese could have been defeated sooner had the US followed a different strategy, MacArthur insisted on retaking the Philippines first to satisfy his own ego and make good on his “I shall return” boast.  What an ego!  Perhaps “We shall return” would have been more tactful.

10 Reasons People Have Called General Douglas MacArthur a “Jerk”

Much like the president today MacArthur was a narcissist…..his ego was the only thing that matter even more so than the nation he served…….

Douglas MacArthur appears to have had an extraordinarily successful military career. He attained the rank of five-star general and was the Field Marshal of the Philippine Army. MacArthur also won a variety of awards including the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross (three times), Silver Star (seven times), and the Purple Heart (twice) among other medals. However, MacArthur has not fared too well in the annals of history as a growing number of people believe he was an extremely overrated commander.

In fact, certain polls rate him among the worst American commanders alongside luminaries such as the treacherous Benedict Arnold and incompetent Ambrose Burnside. According to his critics, MacArthur was arrogant and insubordinate; he also has the unique distinction of quarreling with three presidents.

This Insider’s Guide to General McArthur Reveals Whether He Was Really an American Hero or Overrated Narcissist

Yes he was overrated then and is still overrated……https://time.com/5724009/douglas-macarthur-is-one-of-americas-most-famous-generals-hes-also-the-most-overrated/

I first disliked him after learning that he lead the troops to attack protesting veterans that were demanding the benefits that the government had promised.

The more you learn the more you will see what a d/bag he truly was……

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Charleston Five Years On

It has been 5 long years since the massacre in Charleston and the cowards in the Senate are still dragging their feet…..

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is under fire Wednesday—the five-year anniversary of the Charleston, South Carolina church massacre—for his refusal to act on legislation, sitting on his desk for over a year, that would close the loophole that allowed a white supremacist to obtain the gun used to shoot nine black congregants at the historical place of worship.

Due to a clerical error, the gunman’s background check to buy the weapon took longer than three days, which meant the seller was able to sell him the gun. Had a background check been completed, the gunman’s criminal record would have shown he was unable to purchase the weapon. Legislation to close the so-called “Charleston Loophole,” extending the wait time to 10 days, passed the Democrat-controlled House in February 2019.

But, as the Charleston Post and Courier noted Tuesday, the measure “has languished in the Republican-controlled Senate.” 

“It’s been 5 years since the shooting at Emanuel AME Church and well over a year since the House passed my bill to help close the #CharlestonLoophole that allowed the gunman to obtain his weapon,” tweeted House Majority Whip James Clyburn, a Democrat from South Carolina.


This is what always happens when bills enter the process….political cowards and lobbyists prevent good bills from seeing the light of day…..and McConnell’s Senate is the worse.

There are some common sense laws that could lessen the deaths….I said lessen not eliminate for that is a whole another post in itself…..

Nearly 40,000 people were killed by firearms in the United States in 2018, but curbing these numbers has been a statistically tricky—and politically fraught—problem. Now, a study that tracked individual gun laws over time suggests states can reduce gun deaths significantly by doing three things: limiting children’s access to guns, restricting concealed-carry permits, and restricting “stand your ground” policies.

The study isn’t without its flaws, but the basic findings make sense to Elinore Kaufman, a surgeon and public health policy analyst at the University of Pennsylvania. “Stand your ground laws encourage individuals to try to solve problems with bullets,” she says, as do right-to-carry laws. But laws that limit access to guns for children, she says, could help prevent firearm suicides by making it harder for everyone—not just children—to access guns in the first place.


Like I have said there are NO easy answers…..but something needs to be done for the violence and the deaths are getting way past acceptable.

I guess baby steps is better than no steps….

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GOP Answer To Police Violence

I have given all the stated solutions for the problems the police are having these days….from Trump and from the Dems…..and now the GOP has finally released their plan…..

For comparisons this is my previous post…..https://lobotero.com/2020/06/17/trump-on-police-reform/

Now the GOP ideas…..

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will unveil the Senate GOP’s police reform bill on Wednesday morning.

CNN has obtained a copy of the proposed legislation, read it here:
All plans are good ideas….the problem is can any of it be actually enacted?
A typical delaying tactic is the appointing of commissions/investigations….these are used to delay the implementation of reforms with the hope they will wither and die on the vine of political games…..GOP/Dems are both experts at using this game ending tactic.
But don’t believe me….others see it as well….

“Now is not the time to think small or respond with superficial, bureaucratic proposals,” Sanders said on the Senate floor, referring to the bill introduced Wednesday by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.). “Now is not the time for more studies. Now is the time to hold racist and corrupt police officers and police departments accountable for their actions.”

The Republican bill—which was immediately criticized as insufficient by civil rights groups—includes a narrow set of proposals to incentivize police departments to offer de-escalation training, establish a “museum curriculum to educate law enforcement personnel about the history of racism,” and restrict the use of chokeholds by officers.

Most of these sound more like reform over change….and reform is NEVER permanent.
I do not see a lot of hope for de-militarizing the police and that is where problems exist.

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US Troops Positive News

Let me start by saying that there is lots about Trump’s presidency that I do not now or would ever support….however his decision on the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is a positive aspect of his rule.

And now he, Trump, has threatened to bring troops home from Germany and some are going bonkers at the thought of no troops in Germany…..but I do believe that he deserves recognition for attempting to fulfill a campaign promise……

This week, President Trump called for a modest reduction of American troops in Germany, reducing them from 34,500 to 25,000 (a great start that will hopefully lead to further reductions there). The Republican neocon caucus responded exactly as you would expect. You’d think the Berlin Wall was still in place and two million Russians were about to invade Germany. Utter nonsense.

With the Cold War now 30 years moribund, the hysteria over removing troops is ludicrous. Meanwhile the very real threat of bankruptcy and menacing debt grows each day. Just this year, the United States will add $4 trillion to the national debt. Can the Germans afford to defend themselves? Without question. Germany actually balances its annual budget every year.

Trump Deserves Credit for Bringing the Troops Home

In Afghanistan the question has been asked…..will we ever get to zero troops deployed in Afghanistan?

This is the agreement between the US and whoever it is we were negotiating with at the time…..

Click to access Agreement-For-Bringing-Peace-to-Afghanistan-02.29.20.pdf

Now a few thoughts on this question…..

The agreement itself suggests that it will not. To understand why requires examining the agreement in a bit more detail. The text of the document contains three main parts. In the first part, the United States agreed to a number of terms. Chief among these is to draw down its military forces to a total of 8,600 troops within 135 days (which has nearly happened) and, subject to the Taliban meeting its obligations, to withdraw all of its remaining forces within another nine and a half months. Washington also agreed to facilitate a prisoner exchange between the Afghan government and the Taliban (which has been happening, albeit slowly). In the second part, the Taliban agreed not to allow any of its members or other groups—explicitly including al-Qaeda—to use Afghanistan to threaten U.S. security or for recruiting, training and fundraising activities designed to do so. The third part of the agreement includes a requirement for the United States to seek endorsement from the United Nations for the deal, which Washington has already done. And it includes these two sentences:


I agree…we have way too much invested in Afghanistan to leave it completely….but I have been mistaken in the past and hopefully I am once again.

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