Mississippi Flag (Again)

I got some news yesterday at the eye doctor….after 4 hours of test and waiting…..I gotta go under the knife in July…..a bit of dread on my part.

Now for some positive news from Mississippi……

My state made the news….well my city made the news when they voted to stop flying the state flag on government buildings……of course I had to write about this……https://lobotero.com/2020/06/22/that-flag-thing-again/

Over the past few years there has been a move to replace the flag from the Reconstruction years……and it appears that there is a good chance there could be some success…..

Mississippi lawmakers who want to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the state’s flag appear to have enough votes in the state Legislature to make the change, a senior state lawmaker said Friday.

State Rep. Robert Johnson III, the Democratic leader of the state House of Representatives, told NBC News that all the needed votes “appear to be there.”

A vote on the measure is likely on Saturday.

Mississippi is the last state in the nation whose flag features the Confederate emblem.

“Supporters of a flag change worked through the night to secure the remaining votes necessary for a successful vote to change the state flag,” Johnson said. “The votes to make that change are there in the House and appear to be there in the Senate. There very well may be a first step taken today in the House by passing a rules suspension to take up a bill to remove the current state flag.”


This is the statement released by the Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann…….

“I rise before you today to discuss the flag of our State.

This discussion is not prompted by fear of loss of economic development, although virtually every economic developer in our State has indicated opportunities and employment of our citizens will be adversely affected.  Further, it is not prompted by the impending loss of student athletes’ ability to compete for championships, although that has occurred.  Further, I recognize many of our citizens are proud of their individual ancestors, some of whom fought in battle 150 years ago.  I am one of those citizens.  

While important, these issues are not controlling.

What is compelling to me is the future of our children and grandchildren.  They will learn together, they will work together, and they will worship together.  Those who wish to fly our flag should not be typecast in any fashion.  Similarly, those who are offended by our flag are sincere in their beliefs.  The physical acknowledgements of our history are our guideposts and buoys which helps us to avoid reefs in the future.  Destruction of history fails to change it and, over time, opens us to repeat it.

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We will see if the Good Old Boys Network kicks in and turns back to progress….or will Mississippi finally be on the right side of history.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

You Write Like

Ever wonder if you have a similar writing style as some of the all time greats?

My friend Pete has found a site that lets you compare your style to the greats…..give a try and let me know what you find…..chuq


I spotted something doing the rounds on Twitter today, and thought it looked like fun for writers.

A free App analyses any section of the text you have written in a story, and tells you the closest connection to a famous writer with a similar style.

I chose this small section of my writing from Part Three of my new serial, ‘The Fear’

There had never been any celebration of birthdays or Christmas in the house. After all, my birthday was also the day of mother Paula’s death. And Christmas was just a reminder of how much she had loved that season. However, I was coming up to a significant birthday, according to a telephone conversation I overheard. Standing outside the door of father’s study one morning, waiting to accompany him to the workshop, I heard him talking to the family solicitor, Mr Dean.

Analysed very quickly, the App decided…

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Need A Job?

Since I try to help out with some FYI stuff on weekends I thought this one would be helpful for those news grads that want out of Mom’s basement.

Would you like to travel and see exotic places and meet interesting people?

If so then I have a job for you.

Join the CIA team.

“It only takes one new piece … of foreign intelligence … and everything can change in an instant,” a CIA officer tells a classroom full of apparent recruits in the opening sequence of a new advert released by the agency on Monday.

“Start a career at the CIA and do more for your country than you ever dreamed possible,” the officer concludes the pitch reminiscent of Hollywood films.

The online recruitment campaign was conceived before social distancing measures were needed during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Central Intelligence Agency spokeswoman Nicole de Haay said. The agency has typically sought out future spies by targeting college students through “traditional” methods such as job fairs, she said.


Please I am not talking about the ever popular “Deep State”….here I am talking about having a job that will be satisfying and provide a service to your nation.

Let Johnny Rivers play you into your day…..

Be Well…Be Safe…..

“lego ergo scribo”