Western Sahara: An independence struggle frozen in time and forgotten by the world

My readers know that I have special fondness for the people of Western Sahara…..I try to help spread the word of their plight in aq desire for a complete homeland……this is an excellent post on the conflict occurring in Western Sahara…..take some time to appreciate their struggle…..chuq


The Sahrawi people of the Western Sahara are split off from the rest of civilization by a 2,700km wall stretching across the desert: a stark physical reminder of an independence struggle which remains unresolved after 40 years. In the four decades since Moroccan troops entered and occupied the remote territory in 1975, the resulting conflict and struggle for independence has barely been reported, and has largely been overlooked by the international community.

This ‘media invisibility’ is in stark contrast to coverage of other situations where a population has been divided: such as the Cold War separation of East and West Germany, and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Even on the rare occasions when the territory does make the news, there is often a lack of background context to the dispute, which dates back to the end of the colonial era.

What is today known as Western Sahara, was…

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8 thoughts on “Western Sahara: An independence struggle frozen in time and forgotten by the world

  1. The Sahrawis have the right to self-determination; everyone does. They have built a state-in-exil that many sovereign states dream to have and have so many natural resources that have condemned them to this eternal suffering. They will not fail… although they have every right to exercise their right, even it would cost them expensive. Their situation could not get any worse either, could it??? There seems to be no lower than where they have been standing for all these years!
    #ReferendumNow #GivePeaceAChance

    I can’t imagine of any wall being missing, but this specific one, does not even separate countries, as you noted, but families, one nation! What kind of a nation? Occupied and refugees! In contains 7.000.000 mines, if not more… Who could ever miss it? Unless, by “affected people” you mean the Moroccan regime and Mohamed VI’s bank accounts… removethewall.org

    1. First, I need to apologize for the delay in my response….you were sent to my Spam before I found your comment….sorry….

      Thanx for your comment…..I for one think that Western Sahara needs to be one country and Morocco needs to butt out and let the people decide their future….

      I hope to see you often and I appreciate your participation…..chuq

  2. Aha! Another burgeoning market for the oligarch’s dealers of death… Since both sides of the issue seem to be committed to stubbornness (gee, that’s a new one!….), the next step is armed conflict…. Krupp. Winchester, Enfield, Kaleshnikoff… I’ll bet they’re all licking their chops over it…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. There has already been an armed conflict….the Polisario took on Morocco and the world worked a ceasefire and screwed the indigenous people in the deal….chuq

      1. You may regard the ceasefire as a temporary pause in the fighting…. Any bets?…. I’m a bit short this month, could use the income…. I seriously doubt an entire new market will be allowed to go fallow…


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