“A Paranoid Russia”

That is how the US Intel chief describes Russia…..his accusation is that Russia is pushing the US into a new Cold war……

Even though Ukraine has been in a state of ceasefire for a solid year now, the annual assessment from the US Director of National Intelligence on Russia still centered heavily on putative “Russian aggression” in Eastern Ukraine, saying the Russians are forcing the US “into another Cold War-like spiral.”

Clapper’s assessment accused the Russians of being “paranoid about NATO” and its ability to contain Russia, though the rest of his comments did not dispute the notion that NATO and US missile defense programs are aimed heavily at weakening Russia.

I believe there is an old saying…..”I would not be paranoid if everybody was not out to get me”……maybe that is what Russia is thinking…..

Historically, the US has insisted the missile defense in Europe was solely aimed at Iran, and the fact that it was all on the Russian border was coincidental. That Iran’s missiles don’t have the range to reach those parts of Europe never made this a very credible argument, but Clapper appeared to scrap it entirely, a tacit admission that they’re targeting Russia, while railing against Russia’s “paranoia” for noticing that they’re being targeted.

I know we all want to believe that the US is innocent of any attempts to make the world less safe…..but if one looks at the world and our actions would call into question those beliefs……

There is something to be said about the NATO build-up in Eastern Europe…..if one looks at the situation realistically then there is a way to see why Russia could be paranoid….I mean it is not like they have NEVER been invaded from Eastern Europe….now is there?

Russia’s aggression in Europe — its invasion of Ukraine, its military flights up the noses of NATO states, its nuclear saber rattling — has faded from the news. But it’s still very much a threat, which is why the US is planning to quadruple its military spending in Europe, something NATO’s European members have welcomed, to deter Russia.

In other words, the dynamics that brought Cold War–style military tension to Europe in 2015 are still with us. And that tension can be dangerous.

Source: The risk of an unintended war with Russia in Europe, explained in one map – Vox

An unintended war is the worse kind of war possible……the road to war is paved with good intentions (a small paraphrase)…….


11 thoughts on ““A Paranoid Russia”

  1. I’m afraid to say…….I feel closer to Russia,than the good ole US of A….:)
    Must have been the influence of their formidable literature….
    The Russian literary tradition rivals most if not all countries, and its consistent ambition to define (and even redefine) social conditions has kept even it’s oldest works relevant in the public sphere.
    So ta ta…grin

      1. I am an analyst so I look for the best synopsis…..short and sweet….my grandfather told me years ago….”never write a novel when a paragraph will do”…..

        I am now following the link…thanx for turning me on to it….chuq

  2. Putin stokes the never-extinguished fires of Russian nationalism to maintain control. Russians have historically been suspicious of outsiders. To them it is a natural response, but they fail to take into account that theirs is not the only viewpoint in the world. They have been invaded throughout their history and this has contributed to their acceptance of “strong” leadership to protect the Motherland from outsiders. They are a very complex nation, but they will always act in what they perceive to be their own best interests in areas that are geographically close to them because in their minds having those areas friendly to them reduces the risk to Russia itself.

  3. Meh. Aggressive is a funny word. In sports it is a good thing. In the limited moral color spectrum you get in geopolitics, “aggressive” is just a way to say “proactive” in the second person, that’s about it.

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