“Intelligent people know that the empire is on the downhill”

When I am commenting on the state of the US I have had a few readers that say that the empire built on war is on the downhill slide…..that the US has been empire building since the end of WW2…..

After almost 30 years in the CIA, Ray McGovern became a truth-teller. He sits down with Salon for a long debriefing

What a lost pleasure it is in our indispensable nation to be in the presence of someone who thinks, acts and speaks out of conscience and conviction. Even better, these were precisely McGovern’s topics that day three years back: The necessity of careful thought, of honoring one’s inner voice, of acting out of an idea of what is right without regard to success or failure, the win-or-lose of life. One way or another, these themes run through everything he has to say, I have since discovered. At an inner-city church in Washington, McGovern teaches a course he calls “The Morality of Whistleblowing.”

Source: “Intelligent people know that the empire is on the downhill”: A veteran CIA agent spills the goods on the Deep State and our foreign policy nightmares – Salon.com

By sticking to the old school techniques from 50 years ago has made it possible for this state to die a slow death……new plans and new thinking is sadly needed or this prediction will arrive sooner than later…..

6 thoughts on ““Intelligent people know that the empire is on the downhill”

  1. Then every major nation is on the downhill, war is human history. But as history will prove – every major empire through the centuries took a quick nose dive when it was at it’s peak. Study the Roman Empire to see my point.

  2. If we stay on our current course we are sure to encounter the same kind of depressed economic conditions that Great Britain was going through when I was a younger man. The decline of empire is never a positive thing for the ordinary citizens of the empire that is falling (Or has fallen.).

  3. Back in the 90’s sometime, I saw an article that stated, of the approximately 104 specific events in society that were listed in the book, 1984, such as soma, mind-control drugs and food, societal watchdogs everywhere, etc…. the hallmarks of a totalitarian state, in other words… of those, 103 had already come to pass in society….

    We’ve been warned, throughout mankind’s history, but, nobody cares to listen… THAT will be our undoing…. Stupid is as stupid does…. and we keep doing it as only we can….

    gigoid, the dubious

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