Just How Cozy Is Hillary Clinton With Wall Street? – BillMoyers.com

You recall recently Bernie made a statement that Clinton was part of the “establishment” and the media world went batcrap crazy looking for what he really meant to say……

A manufactured issue….the rest of the country knew what he meant when he uttered the word……in case you are dense…..he meant that she was in the pocket of the special interests (you may define that in any manner you prefer)……..she is a member of that “establishment” just like hubby Bubba….I mean look at the favor he did for agri-business with NAFTA and Wall Street when he helped repel Glass-Steagall…….fast forward to today….how much does his Clinton Global thingy rake in annually….mostly from wealthy people…..who do you think that favors?

But do not take my word for it……there is much that explains her connection to the “establishment”…..

This post first appeared at Mother Jones. Hillary Clinton has received a lot of campaign money from the financial industry over the years, and after she left the State Department she gave several lucrative speeches to Goldman Sachs and other big banks. As Michael Hirsh puts it, this has given her a reputation for being “more than a little cozy” with Wall Street. But is she? Continue reading

Source: Just How Cozy Is Hillary Clinton With Wall Street? – BillMoyers.com

Vote from knowledge not from slogans and applause……this country has enough super wealthy people….what we need is someone that see to the Middle Class and our seniors…..”the poor get poorer and the rich get richer” should NO longer be a mantra to describe America.


3 thoughts on “Just How Cozy Is Hillary Clinton With Wall Street? – BillMoyers.com

  1. For me, the most interesting part of this election is to observe how much actual control the corporate interests who pull the strings are able to assert. If they have their way, she will certainly get elected… If there is some weakening of that influence, we may see Sanders win the vote. It will then be more than a little interesting to see if he lives long enough to serve any of his term….

    Just my own little set of predictive assertions…. The only issue being decided in the election is WHICH corporate influence will control the winner…. Much of what we see today in the world-wide picture is merely the deitrus left over for public consumption of the behind-the-scenes jockeying for dominance being waged by the biggest corporate conglomerates of the world. It may, or may not, ever be settled, but, no matter who wins that game, we all lose….

    Unless, of course, it all becomes public knowledge, in which case, it’s a whole new ball game….

    gigoid, the precognitively dubious


      1. Definitely adds some weight to my predictions, doesn’t it?…. Nice to know my reasoning is shared by others, who have a bigger audience…


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