The Economy, Stupid!

The markets have had wild swings for about a year now….but with that the profits roll on for the corporations…..the president’s lack of economic knowledge and the wild lies of something good is just making things worse.

And this past week it has come to a head (as they say)… happened in the bond markets……

An economic alarm bell has sounded in the US, sending warnings of a possible recession ahead—and sending the Dow plunging 800 points by the end of the day. Yields on 2-year and 10-year Treasury notes inverted early Wednesday, a market phenomenon that shows investors want more in return for short-term government bonds than for long-term bonds. It’s an indication that investors have lost faith in the soundness of the US economy, the AP reports. What appeared to be a slight thaw in trade relations between the US and China that had sent markets sharply higher Tuesday was quickly forgotten, with the Dow opening down 400 points. By 12:30pm ET it was down nearly 650 points; a half-hour later it had plunged 737 points, or 2.6%, reports CNBC. By end of day it was down 800, the S&P 500 was down 86, and the Nasdaq was down 242, per Marketwatch.

CNBC notes that bank stocks like Bank of America and Citigroup have been the big losers today, down 5% and 5.2% respectively, as “it gets tougher for [them] to make a profit lending money in such an environment.” The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note hit 1.622%, falling below the yield of a 2-year, which was 1.634%. The last inversion of this part of the yield curve was in December 2005, two years before a recession brought on by the financial crisis hit. An inversion like the one taking place Wednesday has preceded the last nine recessions dating back to 1955. When a recession might hit, if it does, is a little hazier. Months or even years have passed after an inversion takes place, and before economists can connect the two. Marketwatch notes Wednesday was the Dow’s worst day this year.

Here comes the “R” word…. a “recession”…..some are running worried….

Then there are the multiple lies about China and tariffs….remember when he said China would pay for the tariffs not the American people?  That was the same lie as Mexico would pay for that damn silly border wall.  Don’t forget the lie about all the billions flowing into the coffers of the nation…that was a lie as well…..

If China was gonna to pay and the pain would all be on someone else then why did Trump decide to postpone tariffs until mid-December?

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday backed off his Sept. 1 deadline for 10% tariffs on remaining Chinese imports, delaying duties on cellphones, laptops and other consumer goods, in the hopes of blunting their impact on U.S. holiday sales.

Would “impact US holiday sales”…..that should tell you everything you need to know about these pseudo-economic solutions….even if you are not a genius like our Supreme Leader Trump.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

“Lego Ergo Scribo”


Just How Cozy Is Hillary Clinton With Wall Street? –

You recall recently Bernie made a statement that Clinton was part of the “establishment” and the media world went batcrap crazy looking for what he really meant to say……

A manufactured issue….the rest of the country knew what he meant when he uttered the word……in case you are dense…..he meant that she was in the pocket of the special interests (you may define that in any manner you prefer)……..she is a member of that “establishment” just like hubby Bubba….I mean look at the favor he did for agri-business with NAFTA and Wall Street when he helped repel Glass-Steagall…….fast forward to today….how much does his Clinton Global thingy rake in annually….mostly from wealthy people…..who do you think that favors?

But do not take my word for it……there is much that explains her connection to the “establishment”…..

This post first appeared at Mother Jones. Hillary Clinton has received a lot of campaign money from the financial industry over the years, and after she left the State Department she gave several lucrative speeches to Goldman Sachs and other big banks. As Michael Hirsh puts it, this has given her a reputation for being “more than a little cozy” with Wall Street. But is she? Continue reading

Source: Just How Cozy Is Hillary Clinton With Wall Street? –

Vote from knowledge not from slogans and applause……this country has enough super wealthy people….what we need is someone that see to the Middle Class and our seniors…..”the poor get poorer and the rich get richer” should NO longer be a mantra to describe America.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Man Of The People

There are not many in Washington that I would give the time of day……my two faves are Eliz.. Warren and Bernie Sanders……I have been a fan of Sanders since his days in state politics in Vermont……he has consistently been a person of the people…..there have been others that I respected their time in DC but not many…..

Sanders has always been a proponent of the poor and the middle class……he has been vocal and demanding….few in DC would listen and even fewer would have his back when it came to the nut cutting……

He and Warren are making a dynamite one two punch…….the Left is very fortunate to have these two people as their spokesperson…….Sen. Warren let the Congress have it over the latest government funding bill…..she withheld NO punches.

Remember 2008….I know it is a sore subject that few want to revisit……but to solve the problem from ever happening again there was a call to break up the big banks and eliminate the “too big too fail” syndrome where the taxpayer had to cover them for their bad business practices…….Sanders is trying again to do the right thing for the country with his 12 point plan………

Sanders detailed a 12-point economic program to,

– Invest in our crumbling infrastructure with a major program to create jobs by rebuilding roads, bridges, water systems, waste water plants, airports, railroads and schools.

– Transform energy systems away from fossil fuels to create jobs while beginning to reverse global warming and make the planet habitable for future generations.

– Develop new economic models to support workers in the United States instead of giving tax breaks to corporations which ship jobs to low-wage countries overseas.

– Make it easier for workers to join unions and bargain for higher wages and benefits.

– Raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour so no one who works 40 hours a week will live in poverty.

– Provide equal pay for women workers who now make 78 percent of what male counterparts make.

– Reform trade policies that have shuttered more than 60,000 factories and cost more than 4.9 million decent-paying manufacturing jobs.

– Make college affordable and provide affordable child care to restore America’s competitive edge compared to other nations.

– Break up big banks. The six largest banks now have assets equivalent to 61 percent of our gross domestic product, over $9.8 trillion. They underwrite more than half the mortgages in the country and issue more than two-thirds of all credit cards.

– Join the rest of the industrialized world with a Medicare-for-all health care system that provides better care at less cost.

– Expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and nutrition programs.

– Reform the tax code based on wage earners’ ability to pay and eliminate loopholes that let profitable corporations stash profits overseas and pay no U.S. federal income taxes.

I have NO problem with his plan…..which is unusual for I seldom find a plan coming out of the Senate that I agree with…….Americans need to get informed and back Sanders plan…….another 2008 is only a tick away from happening again…….

Because of the collective ignorance of the American people will ensure that we will face another economic crash…..and this one may not be as easy to repair as the last…….

Keep your head in the sand and you will make it possible for more suffering of the American people……I know most could care less about their fellow Americans and that is why we are doomed to keep making the same mistake time and time again……..

McKinsey Article Lays Out How to Rethink Capitalism – US News

American capitalism is killing the American Dream… is crapping all over those who actually have to work… me anything you like….communist, socialist, anarchist….I do not much care as long as you pull your head out of your butt and take a good look at the damage capitalism is doing to the average American family.

Capitalism can work but it needs re-doing……..a task few are unwilling to sow the guts to even consider much less attempt……


McKinsey Article Lays Out How to Rethink Capitalism – US News.

While We Were Asleep

The other day while most of America was sleeping from another of trying to earn a living….the police departments in several cities were attacking the Occupy movement to evict the people that were protesting…..we all, at least those of us that were interested, have seen all the vids and photos of what happened on that early morning raids……but while we were asleep and police were doing the dirty work of the government…..another issue was playing out under the radar thanks to the raids…..

Have I peaked your curiosity?

Congress is the culprit I speak of and here is what they are attempting to do……

We Love Bailouts Bill: HR 1838 (Stivers) would repeal a section of the Dodd-Frank Act that prohibits the Federal Government from bailing out big Wall Street derivatives dealers. What are they thinking? With Merrill Lynch right now attempting to transfer a total of $75 trillion in derivatives bets from its investment arm into Bank of America, its FDIC-insured parent company, why is the GOP eager to facilitate the next giant taxpayer bailout?

Dark Markets are Good for You Bill: HR 2586 (Garrett) would allow big Wall Street derivatives dealers to continue opaque bilateral trading and allow them to avoid price transparency required by the Dodd-Frank bill. Off-book gambling in the derivatives market was a key cause of the 2008 financial crisis, and Dodd-Frank made huge steps forward, requiring the vast majority of derivatives to be traded in open forums where everyone could see what is going on in this $600 trillion dollar market. Similarly, HR 2779 (Stivers) would exempt all transactions between related affiliates from derivatives regulations, creating less, not more, transparency.

Swap Till You Drop Bill for Pension Funds: HR 3045 (Canseco) would permit swaps dealers to get a blanket exemption from any duty to respect the best interests of pension funds when giving any advice on a swaps deal. Just last week, we saw the largest municipal bankruptcy in United States history, in Jefferson County, Alabama, which was caused when JP Morgan Chase bribed local officials into entering a swaps deal to refinance a sewage district.

Go Back to Sleep SEC Bill: HR 2308 (Garrett) would create a series of new hurdles for the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to jump before the institution can pass a new rule or regulation. SEC is not my favorite regulator and their fines on the big Wall Street banks have not been commensurate with the crimes, but compared to the U.S. Justice Department, SEC regulators have been veritable energizer bunnies, extracting billions in concessions.

AS promised, the Repubs are trying to gut the Frank-Dodd Financial Reform Act…….and as usual they are doing the dirty work for those they really work for….Wall Street and the Banks…….

People!  The time has come for us to demand more from our government…….and these moves are no where in the best interests of the average American……speaks volumes on who really runs this government and YOU allowed it to happen…..

Should The Violence Be Eliminated?

This post is directed at the OWS protests that are flaring up around the globe….and the violence and vandalism that the mass media loves to focus on….

This opinion piece was written by Bill Berkowitz for Truthout,,,,and it asks some good questions…..

As has been now widely reported in the national and local media, after a peaceful march on Wednesday, November 2nd that shut down the Port of Oakland, a relatively small band of people occupied an abandoned building in downtown Oakland, broke windows around the downtown area, and spray-painted slogans during the early Thursday morning hours – defacing many small downtown businesses, including businesses that had been supportive of the goals of Occupy Oakland.

Every nascent movement has its fair share of mischief-makers. Sometimes police provocateurs lurk in a crowd waiting for an opportunity to disrupt a demonstration. Sometimes there are those who see no other way forward but by instigating violence; some call it heightening the contradictions.

The November 2nd General Strike shut down several city banks, garnered support from a number of other businesses and blocked the night shift at the Port of Oakland the fifth busiest port in the U.S. Some 7 to 10,000 peaceful protesters (including yours truly) – from all walks of life – participated in these marches and rallies.  Labor was broadly represented.

Many who participated were undoubtedly new to political action. Tired but euphoric, Occupy campers and thousands of protesters returned to their tent city and homes believing that the General Strike — the first in Oakland since 1946, succeeded in its mission.

Demonstrators in several cities around the country, including Philadelphia and New York, held solidarity rallies with Occupy Oakland. The early reporting in the mainstream press and on local television lauded the protesters for their numbers, their diversity and their non-violence.

It had been a good day for Occupy Oakland and the Occupy movement in general.

And then a small band of protesters sprang into action. The mayhem that ensued was unfortunate, counter-productive and stole the day.

An abandoned building in downtown was occupied, many storefront windows were shattered – including those of businesses that had supported the strike, fences were ripped down, graffiti sprayed, and the police predictably attacked. This time, unlike the police riot in late October – when the police used tear gas and rubber bullets, during which Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen was hospitalized with a critical skull fracture after he was hit with a projectile — which brought national attention to Occupy Oakland, and support from all across the country, police use of tear gas and “flash bang” grenades action would not garner sympathy from folks across the country.

Instead of headlines about the huge crowd, its’ diversity and peacefulness, the headlines on Thursday morning read: “Occupy Oakland Protesters Tear Gassed by Police” (ABC News); “Riot police fire projectiles, arrest dozens of Occupy Oakland protesters” (Los Angeles Times); “Occupy strike descends into chaos” (San Francisco Chronicle); “Peaceful Occupy protests degenerate into chaos” (AP). The Oakland Tribune, the local daily newspaper, headlined its story “Occupy Oakland, city regroup after night of confrontation.”

Movement building is both an art and science, and its ebb and flow can be shaped by unforeseen events. In the case of Occupy Oakland, it was the confluence of the initiative of a few dozen protesters, a city of political activists, a righteous cause “We are the 99%,” and a police riot that ultimately brought thousands to downtown Oakland.

Savvy organizers were able to mobilize quickly and effectively. The movement broadened from dozens in tents camped out at Frank Ogawa Plaza (renamed by the protesters Oscar Grant Plaza after the young unarmed man killed by BART police) to thousands. Teachers, public employees, office workers, the unemployed, students, seniors, and Mothers with children in strollers joined the activists that initiated Occupy Oakland. In terms of age, ethnicity and race it was a very diverse crowd.

Growing a movement often depends on how it is perceived. If it is dynamic, creative and achieves some of its goals, more people will join. Even small victories will bring more people and more energy to the movement.

Randy Gould, the Kansas City, Missouri-based editor of Scission (formerly The Oread Daily), who has been involved with his local Occupy movement and closely following national developments, offered this perspective:

“Most every Occupy Site in the country has people arguing about this today. Many opinions are being expressed. Keep in mind that the whole Occupy Movement is one big populist shindig.  It may vary from place to place, but the ‘Occupations’ are full of people from all over the political spectrum.

“Some see this ‘broadness’ as a really good thing.  Some, like me, question it. Combine a so-called leaderless movement with no common political orientation and what do you get? Who is to say, who represents what, who is to do what, what tactic is correct, which slogan to shout, what sign to hold up?

“At some point the Occupy movement has to decide what it wants to be and whose interest it wants to represent … or it will implode. For how long can you have anarchists, Marxists, Ron Paul supporters, right wing libertarians, dogmatic pacifists, liberals, feel good people, angry people, people who intend to defend themselves and more, capitalists, petty bourgeois, workers, unemployed, business owners, professionals, anti-racists, racists, and all that and more in an ‘ain’t we got fun’ atmosphere?

“How can you expect to enforce discipline while pretending not to enforce discipline?  How can you honestly complain about some group or another ‘using’ and ‘abusing’ your ‘movement,’ when you invite every one in and make decisions in General Assemblies that change from day to day?

“You want a really broad based movement? You got one. You want to say it isn’t about [a specific] set of politics, it isn’t right or left?; You got it. You want the 99 %; well you got em.

“And you got all that comes with it.”

Gould added, “In the end, let me reiterate one point. That building did not have to be seized last night. That and the violence that followed did steal the thunder from an impressive day. That is too bad.”

In the coming months, the Occupy Movement will face all sorts of challenges. Obviously the weather is one of them. Police action against encampments could occur more frequently. Its survival will in part depend on the strength and breadth of its supporters.

It will also depend on the ability of the Occupy Movements to continue to craft and define itself as an inclusive movement with appeal beyond the usual protesters. As is evident in the challenges of the Oakland General Strike, this also means being able to create a community where random vandalism and acts of violence are not tolerated and are clearly labeled as not of the Occupy movement.

I posted this in The Daily Agitator and wanted to get everyone’s in-put…..My thought is that anyone committing violence or vandalism is crapping on the movement as a whole….it should not be tolerated!

Anarchists Everywhere!

College of Political Knowledge

OWS has been going on for a month and until recently they could not buy media coverage but all that has changed….there are too many people protesting in NYC and across the nation and globe for the media to ignore any longer…..I have watched and listen to conservative shows and one term seems to be very popular with them…..Anarchism or Anarchists.  I detest the use of a derogatory term because you have nothing else to say.      Let me say, if a person is dressed on black or wears clothing with a circle and an “A”…..does NOT make them an anarchist!  If you take nothing else away from this…take that!

They report that these people, at least some of them, are issue less or not knowing or that they are just seconds away from violence or…..anarchy!  According to them…they are everywhere!

Sorry, this is one of those subjects that I cannot overlook……every protest that turns ugly is because of the damn anarchist…they are everywhere!

Anarchy does NOT mean violence….it is a form of socialism…basically it means the simple absence of publicly recognized government or enforced political authority.  It became associated with violence thanks to the media.  In 1886, May 1 to be exact,Chicago was one of the world’s leading centers of labor activism. The burning issue of the time was the fight for the 8-hour work day. On May Day, the workers of Chicago went out on a one-day general strike.  The next day, thousands gathered in Haymarket Square to protest the police violence at the McCormick plant. At the end of the rally, the police moved in. Suddenly, a bomb exploded.  And from that moment on, any violence at a protest has been because of the anarchists.  I am NOT saying that anarchists are not violent just that all violence is not the fault of anarchists.

Why would I say all this?  There are many forms of anarchy…there is council communism, syndicalism, and even a form known as anarcho-capitalism……I mention the last form of anarchism because it is it that has given us the economic problems that we now face and that we now need to eliminate….

Basically, the anarcho-capitalist wants to eliminate all government regulations and the government programs such as welfare in essence, Libertarian thought……they do not like being called an “anarcho-capitalist”……..the regulation part was achieved by Clinton and his gang of bandits when they with the assistance of Repubs repealed the Glass/Steagall Act…..which in effect serious limited the regulations on the financial sector and we know where that has lead us……I wish people would stop holding Clinton up as some sort of hero…..him and his buds at the DLC put the final nail in the economy……give blame where blame is due…..

Anarchists crashed the economy…….anarchists created the atmosphere that has lead to the protests, OWS……… point is that not all anarchists are the bomb throwing stereotypes that the media would have you believe…..I realize it is difficult for the media to be unbiased….but at least they could get it right once and awhile…..


Daily Agitator

OWS is a super hit across the country……the 99%ers are out in force keeping the message of greed and corporate run government on the lips of Americans…..the movement has done an excellent job of keeping most instigators marginalized and under control….the movement is the American people….and yet the Dems seem to be hold back in giving their support….why is that?

I know my readers have heard me bitch and moan about the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) and some may be asking just what the Hell I am referring to when I write.  Well let me help….

Their official statement of mission…….

The DLC has long been at the forefront of the reform movement, from welfare reform and fiscal responsibility to national service and charter schools. Today, our nation faces new challenges to turn the economy around and pave the way for future economic growth: creating jobs, expanding trade, and restoring economic confidence; holding down health care costs and making our people and our business climate healthier; generating the energy jobs and innovations of tomorrow; reforming our education system to compete in the global economy; and reforming government to restore fiscal responsibility and deliver results.

While other organizations continue to focus on political messaging, the central mission of the new DLC will be to develop and fight for ideas that can happen and reforms that will work. We will develop practical, far-reaching ideas that address the tough challenges and hard choices that others prefer to ignore. We will work closely with our allies in Congress and the administration to make sure the president’s agenda succeeds. We’re in business to push the envelope and get the job done.

A lovely piece of bovine fecal matter!

Bill Clinton and his gang were closely allied with the DLC and look what we got from them……NAFTA, which made it profitable to move jobs elsewhere and the repeal of Glass/Steagall, which made the recent economic collapse complete…….just two of their many accomplishments that has screwed the American people….and a big Thanx to the corporate puppets hiding in Dem clothing…..

But the most recent DLC crony to come out of the closet is Harold Ford, Jr, an ex-congressman from Tennessee and a political anlyst for MSNBC….during a recent interview he gave us a look into the workings of the DLC……when asked about the Occupy movement he said…..did I mention that he is tied to Bank of America?

Ford dismissed the movement and told Obama and the Democratic Party to “look beyond Occupy.” In Ford’s world, a tax holiday bailout for super rich corporations like his own is in the “best interest of the country”:

FORD: But the posture and the language and the rhetoric has been just too overheated. And to, to Mr. Welch’s point, you can’t, you can’t incentivize the type of things that he–that they incentivized in this bill. Two, you have huge balance sheets on the part of corporate America, meaning they’re making money. You got to incentivize them, as the president has asked, to use that money to stimulate job creation. There’s a way to do it, if you have some certainty around regulations and taxes. And two, you’ve got 1.2, maybe 1.3 trillion sitting overseas. Allow that money to come back. But–

MITCHELL: With Occupy Wall Street, how does he take that posture?

FORD: He’s the president, Andrea. He’s the president.

MITCHELL: He’s caught between two polar opposites.

FORD: We Democrats can’t criticize Republicans for catering to the tea party and not be–and not say to our Democratic Party you got to look beyond Occupy and be willing to do what’s in the best interest of the country.

Now you see why I am so critical about this organization….they do NOT have the country’s best interests at heart….they are nothing move than an extension of corporate America.   I was a huge critic of NAFTA and of the repeal of Glass/Steagall and they have done NOTHING to be less despicable in my eyes….

Ford and his gang are trying very hard to divide the OWS …if they are successful then all is lost…….it worked for Nixon and it will work again…..but only if we let them…..DON’T!