2016 GOP: Another One Bites The Dust

Last night was the ever important New Hampshire primary (at least for the media)……the big winners were Sanders, Trump and Kasich…….and the also ran are looking at their campaigns and their chances of going the distance….will there be another blood letting after the result are in?

Yep there will be a continuation of the GOP massacre following votes……we have lost some pretty horrid candidates after Iowa and now there is yet another victim after New Hampshire…….Chris Christie……

Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie has dropped out of the presidential race, reports Fox Business.

Despite a strategy that heavily focused money and resources on New Hampshire, Christie ended up in a disappointing sixth place Tuesday. Christie announced shortly after Tuesday’s loss that he was retreating to New Jersey and would be reevaluating his campaign.

Another major hurdle to Christie’s prospects was that he was very unlikely to make Saturday’s CBS debate. Polling at seventh place nationwide and sixth in the next primary state of South Carolina, Christie faced an uphill battle with no clear path to victory.

The news was released by FOX….now would that be a credible source?

Marco Rubio is got to be relieved that his nemesis is gone…..maybe now he can go about his robotic campaign without being attacked by Christie…..

Wave good-bye to the Bully of the Bridge…..I wish I could say you will be missed…..but personally I just don’t care……

4 thoughts on “2016 GOP: Another One Bites The Dust

  1. Careful…this could just be more premature ejaculation! He might just be going to Jersey to eat his feelings for a couple days and then come out fighting even nastier in the next debate.

    Why would a career asshole like Boutros Boutros-Christie EVER pass up another chance to belittle and humiliate a helpless (robotic) punching bag?? I sure as hell wouldn’t and I’m not even HALF the asshole Christie is!

    1. Trump will probably pick up the mantle of trashing Rubio….I mean he is getting lots of practice with Cruz…..he cannot help himself…LOL chuq

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