Walls Are The “New” Thing?

Today is going to be my post dump day….you see I always have drafts waiting in the wings in case I need them…..and I noticed I had twenty five drafts hanging around waiting for the best moment to post them…..and today is that moment….I need to clear out my drafts to make room for new ones…..

This one is an amusing article I read about a “wall” and since it is a big topic in the Right wing bobble-head sphere I wanted to let my readers know what was happening on the “wall front”……

We will begin with my typical insertion…a historical perspective……..Back in the days of the Mongol invasion China thought it would stop them in their tracks…..then there were the South Africans that build walls to keep the Black population at bay…..today the Israelis are building a wall to keep Palestinians out of their hair and easily controlled…..and now let us not forget the bold idea, that caught on in some circles, offered up by Trump of building a wall to keep people out of our Southern borders……then there is Macedonia that is building a wall to stop immigrants…….that was a quick synopsis of the news of “wall builders”……but it does not end there……oh no……

The Iraqi government has a brilliant plan…….

A spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has confirmed the construction of a security wall around the capital, Baghdad, after the premier apparently dismissed the idea.

Saad al-Hadithi said on Sunday that the wall is being built but stressed that it is “not politically motivated” or aimed at “achieving demographic change.”

Baghdad Operations Command said on February 3 that preparatory work for a security barrier had started without providing further details.

Iraqi Interior Ministry’s spokesman, police Brig. Gen. Saad Maan said the “wall” would include an increased number of checkpoints around Baghdad in an attempt to prevent Daesh Takfiris from smuggling car bombs in.

“It’s not a wall exactly…We have reduced the number of attacks inside Baghdad, but we are working to prevent them completely,” he said.


Okay what does this accomplish?

Let me see….the Iraqi government is mostly Shia and Shia militias and they do not have the best track record among the other demographics…..

There’s a slow-motion crisis brewing in Iraq — one dramatized by recent events that, over the long term, could make any victory over ISIS illusory.

This isn’t an isolated problem. Since Shia militias recaptured most of Diyala from ISIS in 2015, they have dominated the province, with minimal oversight from the Iraqi state. As a result, the ultra-sectarian groups have been free to attack Sunni civilians with impunity, making Diyala a dangerous place for Sunnis (a minority by national standards). Analysts disagree about whether it’s an organized campaign of ethnic cleansing, but the effect has been quite clear: Diyala has been depopulated of Sunnis.

Source: The US uses Iraq’s Shia militias to fight ISIS. They just got accused of ethnic cleansing. – Vox

So when the people say that it is not about demographics or ethnicity is that just hot air blown up our butts?

But are they right?

Source: Baghdad Fence: A security measure or a new barrier? – Al Jazeera English

Walls do keep people out….but it also keeps people in…..and at times it could be like shooting ducks in a barrel……walls give a false sense of security….what goes up….can come down……

It may be a popular talking point but is it a viable solution?

2 thoughts on “Walls Are The “New” Thing?

  1. Well, one would think we humans could learn, given our big brains… But, I will merely note, the first example you noted, of the Great Wall in China, didn’t work, did it? Ghengis pretty much ignored it when he conquered that half of the world…..

    People, for some reason, think a wall is a barrier of some kind, but, that is just another illusion…. Reality cannot be kept away by a stupid wall; it’s just there because we THINK it works….

    It never has; it never will. Walls are too easily dismissed, for they only exist in the mind, for those who understand reality….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I asked one d/bag how many pandemics has a wall stopped…..of course he went off on a diatribe about “illegals”….love these people they make it so easy to beat them at their game….chuq

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