Where Have All The Christians Gone?

I do enjoy a good debate but these Righties just cannot provide on.  I recall when there was first word that ISIS was targeting Christians and the call went out of this dastardly deed and that all Christians should rise up.

I also remember when a Christian chapel was fire bombed by Jewish extremists in the Occupied Territories and there was not a word from the same people that were up in arms over the ISIS thing……

Please one of the religious types explain this for me.

But I digress…..my main point is that we are so worried about those darn rapist immigrants crossing over from Mexico that we are abandoning the Christians that we were suppose to protect (according to the religious types)……

Say What?

This from our ‘friends’ at FOX news……..

Just a few miles from the U.S.-Mexican border, the descendants of one of the oldest Christian communities in the world wait to be delivered from purgatory.

They came from Iraq and say they only want to practice their faith, free from the threat of ISIS. But for several months, 28 Chaldean Christians have had to pray behind the barbed wire fences of San Diego’s Otay Detention Facility, captives of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and facing deportation. A dozen have already been ticketed for removal.

“In Iraq, they only had three choices: convert to Islam, death by the sword or leave the country,” said Mark Arabo, head of the Minority Humanitarian Foundation. “They’ve refused to convert, escaped slavery and death – only to be imprisoned by our broken immigration system.

“These aren’t people who woke up one day and said, ‘Let me walk to America.’ They were forced out of their homes because of our inaction in the region. Because of our troop withdrawal. These are people who were sentenced to death because of our involvement in the country.”

They escaped near-certain death, but not the U.S. court system.

Are these some of the criminals and rapists that we are hearing so much about these days?

Wait I know….they really are ISIS pretending to be Christians to get into the US…….

Will the “Christian” nation (I use the term loosely) of America turn its back on these people?  It is not unlike what we have done before…..with the Montayard (sp?) in Vietnam…..interpreters in Iraq and Afghanistan…..we do not have a very good track record of helping those that helped us……

5 thoughts on “Where Have All The Christians Gone?

  1. Though I wouldn’t lay claim to being a religious scholar, I’ve made an extensive study of religions throughout history, and find the following to be the most cogent way to answer your question…

    “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried.” — Gilbert K. Chesterton

    The Christian ideals were buried by Peter, the founder of Catholicism, within days of Jesus’s death, and, to this day, there are VERY few people actually following the precepts he taught….and not a single one of them is brave enough to actually follow in his footsteps to proclaim their truth….

    They won’t find any help here. because this country isn’t Christian, and never has been…


    1. Well said, gigoid the dubious..

      People wear their religious badges with aplomb….
      Kinda like a defence mechanism…..

    2. Gandhi said it good also…..”Christianity is a great concept too bad it has never been tried” (paraphrase)….I agree with your last statement…….chuq

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