A Sunday Thought

The big news for the last week has been the votes on abortion in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi…..speaking for Mississippi a Federal judge has crapped on the religious right’s parade…..

A federal judge on Friday issued a strongly worded preliminary injunction blocking Mississippi’s “heartbeat” abortion law, that would have banned abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, when a fetal heartbeat is detected.

U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves’ order will combine the lawsuit against Mississippi’s fetal heartbeat ban with an ongoing one against the state’s previous 15-week abortion ban.

“Here we go again,” Reeves wrote. “Mississippi has passed another law banning abortions prior to viability. The latest interpretation (Mississippi’s new law) bans abortions in Mississippi after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is as early as 6 weeks.”

The Center for Reproductive Rights had filed a lawsuit challenging Mississippi’s latest abortion ban, which was set to become law July 1.


I am sure that Mississippi is not alone and there will be many more challenges to these outrageous “laws”…….

Before I go any further (there is more to be said) I need to let my feelings be known…..

I am against abortion….but I have nothing to say about it for I cannot give birth……NO man should have control over a woman’s decisions or her body…..

That said……these newest “laws” are what is known as the “heart beat laws”…….but are these laws a con job?

Within the last few years, six U.S. states — Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, and North Dakota — have passed so-called “heartbeat bills,” a term that’s become shorthand for a proposed ban on abortions beginning six weeks into a pregnancy, or the point at which a “fetal heartbeat” can be detected. Four more states have similar bills pending. Anti-abortion activists have doubled down on “heartbeat” messaging — in a recent news release regarding the ACLU’s legal challenge of the Ohio bill, the state’s leading anti-abortion group, Ohio Right to Life, used the term eight times in 300 words.

But obstetricians say the term “fetal heartbeat” is misleading, and that this scientific misunderstanding, among countless others, may contribute to negative public opinion toward abortion.


Not to worry this issue does not let facts get in the way of the con.

I understand that this is an emotional issue……but what part of it moves the country forward?  This is not a political issue and does not belong in the discourse of the nation.  When this issue builds a new bridge then I may alter my thinking but until then I shall keep my opinion.

I even wrote my thoughts on the question awhile a go…….https://lobotero.com/2019/05/17/what-part-of-this-moves-the-country-forward/

8 thoughts on “A Sunday Thought

  1. My own position is very basic, and has remained the same all my adult life. Only women should decide what to do with their bodies. If men could get pregnant, abortion would be available in corner shops, and would certainly never be subject to any laws at all.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. If these laws contradict ROE in any way , won’t they be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court or lower federal courts ? So I wonder why they are wasting their time . Will certainly lose dem and ind voters considering voting republican to vote for dems or not vote at all. Foolish for reps to lose votes over this issue. I do have a problem with the idea of abortion as mere birth control but take the position that this personal matter is none of my business. 60,000,000 abortions since ROE is a mind blowing statistic. What curse will be leveled upon us ? Seems left is pro open borders immigration but against “immigration” from the womb of citizens, a bizarre irony indeed. .

    1. Courts are no longer “neutral” they are extensions to political agenda…ergo the theater around Merrick and Kavanaugh…..abortion has nothing to do with immigration……and that is just as amusing as being pro-life and supporting war…..

      1. “immigration from the womb” was meant to be a mere poetic expression and nothing to do with current crisis. I think supporting the Vietnam War was not pro life as we killed over a million for no sensible reason and will curse LBJ from beyond my grave. But an effort like WW II and other stands against evil would certainly be pro life. I would go further to say any military effort to protect the Constitution and Judaeo/Christian values or our allies is pro life. Unfortunately you are right about the courts not being neutral. We can only hope that judges check themselves and not have a political agenda but only a Constitutional agenda. I have been reading that Kavanaugh has been siding with the liberal half of the court on occasions.

      2. I have not seen a war that is to protect the Constitution…..NO war can be pro-life…..he is the Federalists fav so I think he is more “conserv” than half way….chuq

  3. I think the lower courts will rule against the six state laws you mentioned and they Supreme Court will not vote to hear the cases, meaning the lower court band will stay in place. That means the orders from Lower courts banning the laws will stand. Those six laws are too restrictive and they will not stand.

    The court may agree to hear some other new state law and come up with new ruled and guides that differ somewhat from Row, possibly restricting abortions in the third trimester more than Roe does.

    Polls show the majority of citizens favor limits in the third trimester and limits once the fetus is capable of life outside on its own.

    My opinion is that the decision whether or not to abort should be made in the first trimester. At least by the end of the second.

    I would support unlimited and unrestricted abortions the first three months.
    The last three months only to protect the health on the mother.
    No opinion on the rules during the second trimester.

    1. Polls are nothing…we are talking about a political agenda has nothing to do with the voter……sad that this was the only reason a couple of the judges got on the courts….they will rule but will it be a good rule or a political rule? chuq

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