Closing Thought–29May19

The news is dire….whether you worry about that damn silly “caravan” or the resurrection of ISIS or those abortions or what the president had to say in his immature megalomaniac way or maybe it is the drama of the day today it was Iran well at least before noon……but there is an old worry that is at high risk and NO one cares……

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons may have pushed 122 countries to sign the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons treaty, but a top UN security expert says “the risks of nuclear war are particularly high now, and the risks of the use of nuclear weapons … are higher now than at any time since World War II.” Renata Dwan, director of the UN Institute for Disarmament Research, told reporters from Geneva on Tuesday that the “urgent” issue should be getting more attention, reports Reuters. She noted every state with nuclear weapons has nuclear modernization programs in progress. Dwan also described new technologies and new types of war transforming the arms control landscape amid heavy competition between the US and China.

“How we act on that risk and the management of that risk seems to me a pretty significant and urgent question that isn’t reflected fully in the [UN] Security Council,” Dwan said. So far, the nuclear ban treaty has been ratified by 23 UN member states—most don’t have nuclear weapons—of the 50 needed for it to take effect, per the Hill. The US, Russia, and China, strongly oppose the ban with Defense One describing much uncertainty, and sometimes secrecy, among them. Indeed, a recent PAX report found $116 billion in active contracts between governments and the private sector to design, build, and maintain nuclear arsenals—a figure likely understated, per the Intercept, which reports America’s nuclear modernization program is expected to cost $1.2 trillion by 2050.

Nukes have been a problem since the first one was dropped and then the race to see who could have the most…….and it is still a problem that needs addressing but there seems to be NO taste for arms control in this White House…..

Nukes are still aimed at our heart…as ours are targeted at theirs…time for some leadership on arms control…..

Just My Thought to end my day of serious posting…….when I read stuff like this I think of the guy riding the bomb down in Dr. Strangelove……

Combat Training For Blacks?

I read a news report and thought that it was a historical piece from the 60s and 70s…..

OMG! I remember back in those days the word on the streets were that blacks were hoarding guns and were waiting for the word to start the revolution.

Well the word never came. And the paranoid whites wait for the time when the prophecy will come true.

Now back to the news report…….

NBC news reported “Russian documents reveal desire to sow racial discord and violence in the US.” The claim is that these documents are communications between associates of Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is described as a “Kremlin linked oligarch indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller.” The documents were obtained by the Dossier Center, a London based investigative project funded by exiled Russian opposition leader Mikhail Khodorkovsky. NBC News admitted they have not independently verified the documents.

These communications, which NBC says are light on detail, suggest a plan to recruit African Americans and transport them to camps in Africa “for combat prep and training in sabotage.”

The plan, entitled “Development Strategy of a Pan-African State on U.S. Territory,” proposed to recruit poor and disenfranchised African Americans “who have experience in organized crime groups” and members of “radical black movements for participation in civil disobedience actions.”

As usual this is short on specifics……I ask what did it serve to report on something with few facts?
Was this merely a news report to fuel the anti-black sentiment?  Was this a serious news story?
But there is this….maybe this is where the Russians got the idea……uber conserv commentator Ann Coulter thinks blacks should arm themselves…..

Did you ever think you’d live to see the day when you could make a Venn diagram for ultraconservative commentator Ann Coulter and historic Black leader Malcolm X? Well, if you’re reading this, you’ve lived to see that day.

In an interview on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News program last week, Coulter said that, in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, African-Americans should begin arming themselves.

Here’s the full context of the conversation:

I cannot see where this report on NBC was necessary…what was the purpose?

Maybe to generate hate of one sort or another?

In “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media,” published in 1988, Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky exposed the techniques that the commercial media used to promote and defend the economic, social and political agendas of the ruling elites. These techniques included portraying victims as either worthy or unworthy of sympathy. A Catholic priest such as Jerzy Popiełuszko, for example, murdered by the communist regime in Poland in 1984, was deified, but four Catholic missionaries who were raped and murdered in 1980 in El Salvador by U.S.-backed death squads were slandered as fellow travelers of the “Marxist” rebel movement. The techniques also included both narrowing the debate in a way that buttressed the elite consensus and intentionally failing to challenge the intentions of the ruling elites or the actual structures of power.

This is something that I have been saying for 40+ years……I wish my readers would educate themselves…..I do not care if you agree with me or not….just learn what is what….

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

Those Chemical Attacks

Everything that has happened in Syria in the last decade is the rest of those dastardly chemical attacks….the US build up and the US attacks to punish this dastardly affront to civilization….the attacks of which I wrote in 2018……

Now a MIT rocket scientist writes about those attacks….

 “The evidence is overwhelming that the gas attacks were staged,” Award-winning scientist and MIT professor emeritus Theodore Postol told The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté in a newly published interview.

The interview with the noted MIT rocket scientist comes after Fox’s Tucker Carlson featured rare mainstream coverage of the bombshell leaked OPCW report on his show Thursday night.

The “smoking gun” memo refutes key events surrounding the April 2018 alleged chemical gas attack in Douma, Syria – which resulted at the time in massive US and allied airstrikes on Damascus, including the launch of over one hundred Tomahawk cruise missiles.

As we summarized previously of the leaked chemical weapons engineer report from the world’s chief international chemical weapons watchdog group:

The document, whose authenticity the OPCW has confirmed, contends that the official story which was used to justify an air strike by the US, UK and France about poison gas being dropped on civilians from Syrian government helicopters is scientifically implausible, saying “In summary, observations at the scene of the two locations, together with subsequent analysis, suggest that there is a higher probability that both cylinders were manually placed at those two locations rather than being delivered from aircraft.” 

Watch the interview below:

MIT Rocket Scientist: Leaked Document Shows Syrian Chemical Attacks Were Staged

I bring up this history because they are at it again……this from 23May19……

Most people are not aware of just how involved the MSM is in the selling of military action……it is the best propaganda tool the government has at its disposal.

The MSM is not a neutral purveyor of the news of the day……it is nothing more than propaganda on a daily basis to condition the American public to accept whatever issue the government feels is important.

So you want example…..okay…Israel!  Military involvement! Pick an issue…any issue…..if it is a major story of the day then it is spun to get the reaction that is wanted……and the American people walk along as if in a trance and accept whatever they, MSM, is spinning.

A Haven For Warmongers

I have been preaching a message of antiwar for 40+ years, since 1972 and I will admit it has been a long hard road because most Americans could care less since it does not apply to them at all.

The problem is we should send people to Washington that will do all they can to keep Americans out of harms way in the many small wars raging at any given time.

US foreign policy should be…Do No Harm!

But these days DC has become a haven for warmongers and their handlers…..the situation with Iran illustrates this point…..

The current crisis atmosphere in U.S.-Iranian relations, in which the risk of open warfare appears greater than it has been in years, is solely, unequivocally due to the policies and actions of the Trump administration. To point this out does not mean that actions of the Iranian regime have not come to be part of the crisis atmosphere as well. It instead means that such an atmosphere would never have existed in the first place if the administration had not turned its obsession with Iran into the relentless campaign of stoking hostility and tension that has become one of the single most prominent threads of the administration’s foreign policy.

A recent letter from Congress illustrates how deep the warmongers are entrenched in DC….

Nearly 400 Congress members from both chambers — roughly 75 percent of all federal US lawmakers — have signed an open letter calling on President Trump to escalate the war in Syria, in the name of countering Iran, Russia, and Lebanese Hezbollah.

Top Democratic Party leaders have joined hawkish Republicans in a bipartisan demand that the far-right president “address threats in Syria” and “demonstrate American leadership in resolving the prolonged conflict.”

After reading that article….I came upon a couple points….”augment our support for Israel”…so our troops are there to protect Israel?  Then to confront Hezbollah…why?  Hezbollah is NO threat to the US…oh wait sorry…it is that Israel thing again.
400 Congresspeople signed this letter……who pays their salary?  Apparently not the people they will send to fight their goddamn stupid wars.
We need people in Congress that do not want this country embroiled in conflict after conflict with no end in sight.
Vote to end continuous war…..
Learn Stuff!