To Control The Pain

I try to help out and be an FYI blog on the weekends….and what better subject than pain….for we all have some sort of pain.

I have given my readers my story and struggle with pain…..sadly it was posted on my op-ed blog that gets very little traffic….so to catch up those visitors that are interested…..

I have been keeping up with the research being carried out using psychedelics to control pain and to help with several mental disorders.

I have also written about this research as well…..and for those that would like to know…..

The latest article I read was about the use of an old “reliable” drug from the 60’s…..the drug that made Timothy Leary famous and vice versa…..LSD.

According to new research, tiny doses of the psychedelic drug LSD could be an effective painkiller — perhaps as powerful, the scientists found, as conventional opioids like morphine.

“This study in healthy volunteers shows that a low dose of LSD produces an analgesic effect in the absence of a psychedelic effect, as assessed with a cold pressure tests,” said lead researcher Jan Ramaekers, a professor of psychoparmacology and behavioral toxicology at Maastricht University, in a press release. “The magnitude of the analgesic effect appears comparable to analgesic effects of opioids in the same pain model.”

As described in research published this week in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, Ramaekers and his colleagues gave either placebos or “microdoses” of LSD — between five and 20 micrograms, compared to the 100 micrograms or more you might find in a recreational dose — to 24 volunteers.

Then they administered something called a “cold pressor test,” in which the subjects were asked to submerge a hand in a tub of water that had been chilled to near-freezing.

Of course all this matters not for NO one gives a crap about those sufferers from massive pain because it is political correct to buck the research.

Please read my story and then the research….all that is promising….but I fear that all us pain sufferers will just have to bite the bullet because we have this push to scale back pain medication.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend……please do not drink and drive.

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Another Covid-19 Treatment

I try to keep my readers up-to-date on the news around the Covid-19….some of it good….most not so… 5.7 million cases and 177,000 deaths… I said not so good……

Well we all know that social distancing works and masks help stem the flow of germs…..and Donald the Orange has offered several ways to help prevent even cure this virus……first was some drug that was used to treat Malaria….then we had the drinking of bleach….next was the UV light thing…..then followed up by extract of the Oleander plant…….and now we have yet another treatment to be approved by Trump’s FDA……

President Trump plans to announce the FDA’s approval of a COVID-19 treatment Sunday night—but whether it’s big news or hot air remains open to debate, the Washington Post reports. The treatment is blood plasma from recovered COVID-19 victims. More than 70,000 patients have already received it, and there’s evidence it lowers death rates. But the Trump administration’s praise of the treatment—including the phrase “major therapeutic breakthrough”—is getting a dose of cold water from medical experts. FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said Sunday on CBSFace the Nation that the antibody-rich product is “probably beneficial” for people with COVID-19 but is already “widely available,” so FDA approval will make an “incremental” difference.

A New York City specialist went so far as to tell USA Todaythat plasma “has not yet been shown to be effective in COVID-19.” On the bright side, STAT reports that plasma is being widely tested and got a moderate thumbs-up from the Mayo Clinic, which saw a small but noticeable impact on COVID-19 death rates. But that study’s lack of a placebo group made the results less clear. There’s also intense political pressure on the FDA amid a fiery federal election. “The deep state, or whoever, over at the FDA is making it very difficult for drug companies to get people in order to test the vaccines and therapeutics,” Trump tweeted Saturday. “Obviously, they are hoping to delay the answer until after November 3rd. Must focus on speed, and saving lives!”

A miracle waiting to appear?

This could prevent deaths of those that have contracted the virus….but we are still looking for that magic vaccine to prevent people from actually contracting the virus.

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Screw Service People!

Closing Thought–21Aug20

The Congress and Trump have just approved the new massive Defense Budget…..with the help of Democrats I might add…..and now with all the cash for new weapons and such the attack will be on the miltary health care…..

Shortly after both chambers of Congress approved a $740 billion Defense Department budget for fiscal year 2021, Pentagon officials are reportedly pushing for more than $2 billion in cuts to military healthcare over the next five years, potentially threatening the coverage of millions of personnel and their families amid a global pandemic.

Politico reported Sunday that the proposed $2.2 billion cut to the military healthcare system is part of a “sweeping effort” by Defense Secretary Mark Esper to “eliminate inefficiencies within the Pentagon’s coffers.”

“Ever notice that it’s never a cut to things used to send kids to war?” asked Josh Moon of the Alabama Political Reporter. “It’s always—always—a cut to the promises we make to get them to volunteer for us. What a disgrace.”

According to Politico, “Esper and his deputies have argued that America’s private health system can pick up the slack” for any servicemembers who lose coverage.

“Roughly 9.5 million active-duty personnel, military retirees, and their dependents rely on the military health system, which is the military’s sprawling government-run healthcare framework that operates hundreds of facilities around the world,” Politico noted. “The military health system also provides care through TRICARE, which enables military personnel and their families to obtain civilian healthcare outside of military networks.”

This is one of the “entitlements” that is promised to the serving military and their families

Recently I read about the poor condition of military hospitals…..

Incredible waste is, of course, natural to Washington, particularly in the trillion dollar national security budget—which includes nuclear bombs, intelligence, and veterans’ costs. Three years ago, when I suggested “16 Ways to Cut Defense Spending,” one of the cost savings I wrote about was duplicative hospital costs, this from a system of separate Army, Navy, and Air Force medical services. They should be combined into a single system, but imagine the screaming about lost jobs.

The system was designed after World War I, when wounded could not be easily transported from one part of America to another and long before helicopters and super highways. It is part of the Tricare network, which takes nearly $50 billion yearly out of the Pentagon budget. It includes 55 hospitals and 373 clinics and gives free treatment to military retirees and their families for the rest of their lives. Then there is also the Veterans Administration hospital network with 152 medical centers and almost 800 outpatient clinics.

Why Military Hospitals Are Unhealthy and Inefficient

This is unacceptable…we ask so much from our troops and their families then we should hold good our promises to them…whatever that may be.

This is shameful on so many levels and no American seems willing to speak up…..

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Yet Another Bogus Remedy!

Closing Thought–19Aug20

This pandemic has be ravaging this country for damn near half a year……and in that time we have seen and heard all sorts of “secret” remedies…mostly spoken by our leader…..from something like a hydro…….and UV light and drinking bleach….as the virus continues to run rampant through our society Donald the Orange has yet another unproven remedy that he wants to put out there……


You’ve heard of hydroxychloroquine. Now another unproven coronavirus remedy is generating headlines—oleandrin, the extract of the oleander plant. A report by Jonathan Swan of Axios says that a strong ally of the president, MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, arranged an Oval Office meeting between Trump and an exec with a company called Phoenix, which makes the extract. “He was enthusiastic,” Linden tells CNN of Trump, “as he is on everything that’s going to help people.” HUD Secretary Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, is another advocate, according to both outlets. The Axios report says Trump has “expressed enthusiasm” for the FDA to green-light the drug as a treatment or at least as a dietary supplement, though the president himself didn’t seem overly familiar with the subject when asked about it Monday.

“Is it something people are talking about very strongly?” he asked the reporter who raised the question. “We’ll look at it, we’ll look at it, we’re looking at a lot of different things. I will say the FDA has been great. … I have heard that name mentioned, we’ll find out.” No peer-reviewed studies are out on oleandrin, though a non-peer-reviewed one suggested it had some benefit in curbing the virus. The Phoenix exec, Andrew Whitney, promises that a peer-reviewed lab study is coming soon. Lindell, for the record, recently acquired a financial stake in the company. The Washington Post also reported on the Whitney-Trump meeting, and the story quotes a skeptical, unnamed official: “If people were left to their own devices, this would be the next hydroxychloroquine.”

I know everybody is looking for that magic dose that will protect and help us return to the time before masks…..but for God’s sake do NOT take any of these so-called remedies until you talk it over with your doctor.

Being pouty over having to wear a mask or social distance is NO reason to become STUPID!


Learn Stuff!

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Go For The Water Supply

There has been a wealth of movies and TV programs that has used some sort of attack on our water supply….there was even one that was about the placing of LSD in the supply and making all of us into Hippies and lay-abouts.

Funny thing is that there is a proposal for scientist to put an psychoactive drug in the water supply…..

Yep you read that right!

Right now it is only a proposal for the UK (Pete pay attention…LOL)……

A team of U.K. scientists has a provocative plan to prevent suicides: lace drinking water supplies with the psychoactive drug lithium, which is often prescribed as a mood stabilizer.

At first bluff, it sounds like a profound medical overreach. But Vice reports that the idea has recently picked up some steam within scientific circles.

It’s also worth noting that some water already naturally contains low amounts of lithium. And in research published last week in The British Journal of Psychiatry, scientists from a cohort of U.K. universities identified a link that naturally-present lithium and lower suicide rates.

I have written about the different uses for psychedelics these days….medical research has found a new respect for the “cool” stuff of the 60s…(about damn time)…..

Next thing we know….we will all be sitting or laying around singing “Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In”

Don’t remember that far back?

Far Out Man!

Peace Out!

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The Eyes Have It

About four months ago I started having troubling with my right eye and it progressively got worse and then the pandemic hit and I had to postpone my visit to the eye doctor.

Finally my area started letting people go for medical appointments as long as a mask is worn….so I went to my eye doctor and did the tests….I knew I had cataracts but they had not been too bad…..well the news was not good…..there are three kinds of cataracts and I have all three kinds especially one that acts quickly….and that is why my sight was not so good in my right eye.

My doctor moved as quickly as he could…after hours of testing and waiting I was schedule for eye surgery on 15July2020…..and again on 29July2020…..

I was jittery because everything I do involves my eyes….reading, research and writing…..and someone digging around in my eyes was not something I was looking forward to having done.

But thanx to the tranquilizer that was given did the trick.  I was awake and knew what was being done to my eyes but I was relaxed and calm…..and the operations took on;y about 15 minutes per eye……it took longer in prep than the actual surgery.

Both surgeries have been completed and my doctor tells me that everything is healing better than he had anticipated.

My eyes are still a bit sensitive to sunlight and must wear those shades…..


Plus I no longer need my glasses to see…..I do however need some reading glasses but that is the cheaper way out.

I would like to thank all my followers for their kind wishes and their understanding…..I appreciate your patronage.

Hopefully after my last follow-up on 10 August I will be good to go…..and I can return to my usual research, reading and writing… it is now I am a bit limited as to what I can do.

Thanx everyone

Be Well….Be Safe

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Closing Thought–07Jul20

I have written about how some educational institutions are trying to re-write history with the books they use to each courses.

But I never thought that I would see something that has come so far in several centuries that racism would be taught…..medicine of all things.


That crap was in a book published in 2017 to be used by medical students.

Yeah racism is NOT a problem in this country (sarcasm in case one misses it)

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Hydro….Or Is It Dex…..?

Our president has spouted lots of manure and spread the the good things the drug can do……but read it for yourself…..

The drug that Donald the Orange thinks is the bee’s knees is hydroxychloroquine….but he may be the only person that thinks it is adequate for the treatment of Covid-19….but the FDA does not really agree with the president…..

Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine no longer have the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s blessing for use against coronavirus infections when given outside of a clinical trial.

In March, the agency authorized using the malaria drugs for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 who couldn’t participate in clinical trials. But the legal criteria for issuing an emergency use authorization are no longer met, the agency said in a statement June 15.

The FDA has canceled emergency use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

There is a drug that shows promise but only on patients that are already on a ventilator…..

Researchers running the largest randomized, controlled trial of coronavirus treatments are heralding a “major breakthrough”: the first drug shown to reduce deaths from COVID-19. Dexamethasone isn’t new. Rather, it’s a generic steroid widely used to reduce inflammation. But it’s “the only drug that’s so far shown to reduce mortality [for COVID-19]—and it reduces it significantly,” says Oxford University’s Peter Horby, co-leader of the “Recovery” trial, per the Guardian. Around 2,100 hospitalized patients received 6mg of dexamethasone once a day for 10 days, while about 4,300 patients receive the usual care. Dexamethasone didn’t appear to benefit patients whose treatment excluded respiratory intervention. But it was found to reduce deaths by one-third in ventilated patients (saving one person in eight) and by one-fifth in patients receiving oxygen only (saving one in 25).

This could have a huge impact on death rates, as half of all COVID-19 patients who require ventilators later die, per the BBC. “This is a result that shows that if patients who have COVID-19 and are on ventilators or are on oxygen are given dexamethasone, it will save lives, and it will do so at a remarkably low cost,” says trial co-leader Martin Landray, also of Oxford, per Reuters. The cost of the drugs used in the trial was a little over $6 per patient, per the BBC. And dexamethasone is “easily obtainable anywhere in the world,” reports the Guardian. Landray says hospitalized patients at the greatest risk from the disease should be treated with dexamethasone immediately. In a separate study, the Recovery team found hydroxychloroquine, the drug touted and allegedly taken by President Trump, didn’t benefit patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

There is a drug that can help with symptoms once the infection is detected…..

US regulators on Friday allowed emergency use of an experimental drug that appears to help some coronavirus patients recover faster. It is the first drug shown to help fight COVID-19, which has killed more than 230,000 people worldwide. President Trump announced the news at the White House alongside Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn, who said the drug would be available for patients hospitalized with COVID-19, the AP reports. The FDA acted after preliminary results from a government-sponsored study showed that Gilead Sciences’s remdesivir shortened the time to recovery by 31%, or about four days on average, for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The study of 1,063 patients is the largest and most strict test of the drug and included a comparison group that received just usual care so remdesivir’s effects could be rigorously evaluated.

Those given the drug left the hospital in 11 days on average, versus 15 days for the comparison group. The drug also might be reducing deaths, though that’s not certain so far. Dr. Anthony Fauci said the drug would become a new standard of care for severely ill COVID-19 patients. The drug has not been tested on people with a milder illness, and it’s currently given through an IV in a hospital. The FDA invoked its emergency powers to speed experimental drugs to patients. In normal times, the FDA requires “substantial evidence” of a drug’s safety and effectiveness, usually through one or more large patient studies. But during public health emergencies the agency can waive those standards, simply requiring that a drug’s potential benefits outweigh its risks. Gilead has said it would donate its current stock of the drug and is ramping up production. No drugs are approved now for treating the coronavirus, and remdesivir will still need formal approval.

There is the drug news during the time of a pandemic…..

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Remember That Vaccine?

This should have been posted 3 weeks ago but the events on the ground became more important for a time…..

Good news for the treatment of the virus and especially for the markets….a company, Moderna, and the peasants danced…….

Who will benefit the most from this new “miracle drug”?

Moderna for one……

Moderna’s stocks skyrocketed 30 percent after the media touted the company’s announcement that eight participants in its coronavirus vaccine trial had elicited neutralizing antibodies after receiving the mRNA vaccine as a cure for the pandemic. The Dow shot up over 900 points in the resulting stock market frenzy, and Moderna’s stock rose to a peak of $87 per share before it settled at above $80 on closing. The company’s value swelled to $29 billion despite not having had any products in the markets to date.

Over the weekend, CNN Business reported that Moderna’s chief financial officer, Lorence Kim, “exercised 241,000 options for $3 million on Monday. He then immediately sold them for $19.8 million, creating a profit of $16.8 million.” In a similar maneuver, Moderna’s chief medical officer, Tal Zaks, spent $1.5 million on options, then immediately sold the shares back for $9.77 million, netting a profit of $8.2 million.

While we wait for the Moderna to make as much ill-gotten gains from economic news…there are treatments being used to fight this pandemic….

Aggressive public health measures to stem the tidal wave of coronavirus infections have left people isolated, unemployed and wondering when it will all end. Life probably won’t go completely back to normal until vaccines against the virus are available, experts warn.

Researchers are working hard on that front. At least six vaccines are currently being tested in people, says Esther Krofah, chief executive of the FasterCures center at the Milken Institute in Washington, D.C.  “We expect about two dozen more to enter clinical trials by this summer and early fall. That is a huge number,” Krofah said at an April 17 briefing. Dozens more are in earlier stages of testing.

In unpublished, preliminary results of a test of one vaccine, inoculated people made as many antibodies against the coronavirus as people who have recovered from COVID-19 (SN: 5/18/20). The mRNA-based vaccine induces human cells to make one of the virus’s proteins, which the immune system then builds antibodies to attack. That study was small, only eight people, but a second phase of safety testing has begun.

As we wait for a vaccine, here’s a snapshot of potential COVID-19 treatments

And the Covid-19 saga continues….just like the profits for the health industry.

Speaking of profits…….the bill for his treatment….

Flor, 70, who came so close to death in the spring that a night-shift nurse held a phone to his ear while his wife and kids said their final goodbyes, is recovering nicely these days at his home in West Seattle. But he says his heart almost failed a second time when he got the bill from his health care odyssey the other day.

“I opened it and said ‘holy [bleep]!’ “ Flor says.

The total tab for his bout with the coronavirus: $1.1 million. $1,122,501.04, to be exact. All in one bill that’s more like a book because it runs to 181 pages.

Be Well….Be Safe….Be Informed….

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Medicine At Sea

During the time of medical emergency…..the whole world should be of one mind…..those that can should send help to the less fortunate… that of Cuba (here I do not care about their politics it is about the assistance for medical emergencies…..if you want to lambast Cuba then go elsewhere to do so….thanx)

Cuba has sent doctors and nurses to 15 nations as a help for the fight against Covid-19…..

One of Cuba’s flagship programs has been state-employed medical workers. The Cuban health system has always been the pride of the communist regime and highly praised by official propaganda, becoming almost a myth at the international level. For two years, the Trump administration has tried to eliminate that “good image” of Cuban doctors, labeling the doctors and nurses as exploited workers and agents of communist indoctrination, which made countries like Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia, when their administrations became more conservative, decide to do without them in order to replace them with others more friendly to Washington. 

But the coronavirus pandemic has brought about a change in the image of the Cuban regime and, through an exercise in medical diplomacy, many are the countries that have changed their discourse with the island, and now are grateful for the help given. At least 15 countries have received Cuban doctors from Havana, including Italy and the small principality of Andorra.  The Generalitat of Catalonia has also requested the help of Cuban doctors, pending the decision of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health, which have to evaluate whether it responds to a real need.

Cuba even offered to help Mississippi after Katrina and their offer was ignored….I think that was a mistake.

The US could be doing this very thing…..for we have two ships, medical ships, Mercy and Comfort…..are large naval vessels that are outfitted to go anywhere and dole out medical assistance….and yet we have all but moth balled these ships.

The white-hulled, 894-foot-long ships were designed with expansive surgical, laboratory and intensive-care facilities and 12 operating rooms. When deployed, about 70 civilian mariners operate each ship, and the embarked MTF’s size is dictated by the mission and beds planned, usually for 250 to 500 patients. Each ship can support a 1,000-bed capacity by double-bunking beds if needed.

But neither ship came close to reaching capacity, prompting scathing headlines and social media criticism that the deployments were unnecessary and politically driven. Both New York’s and California’s governors had requested the hospital ships, and officials praised the ships’ early medical support. Stay-at-home orders resulted in fewer trauma cases and infected patients sent to the ships. “Mercy and its highly-trained medical personnel… was critical to our ability to respond in the first stages of the pandemic,” Mark Ghilarducci, director of California’s office of emergency services, said in a statement.

Beyond Mercy: Navy’s COVID-19 Hospital Ship Missions and the Future of Medicine at Sea

These ships should be staffed and on stand-by to give assistance when it is needed… it should be equipped with the most up to date equipment and drugs that may be needed…..

The US could do more to repair the crappy foreign policy by having these ships available for humanitarian missions.

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