Gentlemen–Start Your Engines

The weekend and I am in search of something different for posts….continuing my attempts at FYI.

The Olympics is approaching and there is a try to get a certain “sport” that is pressuring the committees to include it…..the sport is “pole dancing”……not just for strip clubs anymore….at least that is their belief……

Normally associated with seedy night clubs, pole dance is desperate to distance itself from of an undesirable image, and supporters believe the gymnastic and acrobatic elements of ‘Pole Sport’ warrants Olympic Games recognition.

In 2016, The International Pole Sport Federation (IPSF) submitted a request to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for Pole Sport to be officially acknowledged as a sport.

Pole Sport practitioners are working hard to challenge stereotypes, rid itself of preconceptions and promote a family friendly and competitive environment in order to gain recognition, which is something as diverse as breakdancing has provisionally achieved.

RT Sport hooked up with Nyashi Dance school in Moscow to find out why Pole Sport deserves Olympic recognition.

Gentlemen! I have wonderful news that I know you’re going to want to hear: As of early this month, the Global Association of International Sports Federation granted pole dancing “observer status,” meaning it’s officially recognized as a sport! Woohoo!

I’m sure pole-dancing women everywhere are overjoyed, because they know for a fact that it takes a shit ton of coordination, strength, and skill to spin around a pole with a single arm and hang upside down and still manage to look insanely hot.

Okay my thoughts…..the Olympics are for actually sports… me there are too many “sports” included that should be eliminated….horse dancing, sailing, circumcised (yes I know it is the wrong word) swimming…a few year back they eliminated softball but kept horse dancing….why?

What is next a “spin class” event for the Olympics….how about mountain climbing?

This could be the hot ticket if the outfits befit the idea of “pole dancing”…..talented yes…….. a sport not really.

That is my offerings for the day….I need to nurse an aching back….enjoy your Sunday and thanx for your time.

Put It In The Bank

I know that I am throwing a lot of space stuff at my readers…….one I think it is a waste of money and two some really “crazy” ideas are out there and I want my readers to know about them.

There seems to be a big push of start the process of the colonization of Mars by 2023……now the question is how do we get all those people to make the colonization possible?

There is an answer for that question…there is always an answer….no one ever says, “How the Hell do I know”……

A new study by researchers from the Dexeus Women’s Health research network in Barcelona found that frozen sperm samples survived when exposed to microgravity.

That could mean that sperm banks in space are possible, providing future space travelers with the ability to reproduce in space with sperm samples brought up from Earth.

“Some studies suggest a significant decrease in the motility of a human, fresh sperm sample,” Montserrat Boada who presented the research yesterday at an annual meeting in Vienna, Austria, said, as quoted by The Guardian. “But nothing has been reported on the possible effects of gravitational differences on frozen human gametes, in which state they could be transported from Earth to space.”

More stuff……

Make a deposit….and wait for the withdrawal.

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As Seen On E-Bay

Many years ago I was addicted to E-Bay…I would spend hours scouring the pages looking for “deals”…..found some and got screwed by some…..and then I broke with E-Bay and have never looked back……my go to site nowadays is Amazon (Go figure)

I read an article about the necessity of the return trip to the Moon to retrieve the astronauts dirty diapers from 50 years ago the first thing I thought of was “I wonder how much they will pull on E-Bay?”  How sick is that?

The article…..

Human feces can be disgusting, but it’s also teeming with life. Around 50 percent of its mass is made up of bacteria, representing some of the 1,000-plus species of microbes that live in our guts. In a piece of poop lives a whole wondrous ecosystem.

With the Apollo 11 moon landing, astronauts took that microbial life to the most extreme environment it has ever been in. Which means the human feces on the moon — along with bags of urine, food waste, vomit, and other waste that also might contain microbial life — represents a natural, though unintended, experiment.

The question the experiment will answer: How resilient is life in the face of the brutal environment of the moon? And for that matter, if microbes can survive on the moon, can they survive interstellar travel, making them capable of seeding life across the universe, including on places like Mars?

To learn more, check out the video above on our YouTube channel. Or read our feature story: Apollo astronauts left their poop on the moon. We gotta go back for that shit.

That to close out my day’s posting binge……thanx for your attention.

Sick Call

Congrats to the USA Women’s soccer team which beat France 2-1 to go on to the semis against England on 02Jul19…..

My days of lounging in the garden have been curbed…..the temps here are hovering around 100 and the humidity between 80 and 90%… gives me lots of time to read….and that is dangerous for my readers they never know what will appear on IST…that is what gave me the idea for today’s posts.

Found memories from my days in the US Army…especially overseas…in my case it was Southeast Asia…..anyway……every morning after breakfast there would be a “sick call”…if you were feeling awful you would go and sit and wait to be called for an examination.

We would all sit around the lobby of our medical facility and people would come out an call out…shots and you would get up and go for your scheduled shots or they would call “x-rays” and you would get up and go with that person and on and on until they came to most popular of “sick call” ailments…..penicillin shots and all the VD suffers would stand and go to get their shot for the varied diseased picked up in the back street.

What on Earth got me thinking about those days and those memories?

Cases of some sexually transmitted diseases, including chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, are rising in the U.S. armed forces, a trend that mirrors the general population but alarms military health officials who treat affected troops.

According to a report released earlier this year by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch, incidence rates of chlamydia in service men and women more than doubled from 2013 to 2018, gonorrhea infection rates also doubled for men and rose by 33 percent for women, and diagnoses of syphilis were nearly three times the number just 10 years ago.

Defense Department officials said the increases can mean negative consequences for military readiness.

“From a military standpoint, sexually transmitted infections can have a significant impact on individual readiness, which in turn impacts unit readiness, which then leads to a decrease in force health protection,” said Maj. Dianne Frankel, an Air Force internal medicine physician, in the release.

Nearly 350,000 troops were diagnosed with a sexually transmitted illness between 2010 and 2018. According to the report, that included 212,405 cases of chlamydia, 32,987 cases of gonorrhea, 4,674 cases of syphilis, 28,295 cases of genital herpes and 71,138 cases of HPV

Interesting what can be labeled a National Security issue, right?  Who knew a case of the “Clap” could be of NatSec concerns?

Amazing things you read make memories of younger days flood back into your brain…..

“Lego Ergo Scribo”…..(I Read; Therefore I Write)

Those Segregationists

Closing Thought–28Jun19

Biden has been trying to walk back his claims of working with segregationists like Eastland of Mississippi and Thurmond of South Carolina…..

Joe Biden is sticking to his guns amid heavy criticism for his remarks about working with Southern segregationist senators. Asked Wednesday if he was planning to apologize for his comments on the “civility” involved in working with the racist Democratic senators in the ’70s and ’80s, Biden said “Apologize for what?” “There’s not a racist bone in my body,” he said, per the Hill. “I’ve been involved in civil rights my whole career. Period. Period. Period.” Biden, speaking outside a fundraiser in Maryland, said Sen. Cory Booker, one of the Democratic rivals saying he should apologize for his remarks about Sens. James Eastland and Herman Talmadge, is the one who should apologize to him, reports NBC.

At the fundraiser, Biden stressed that he and Ted Kennedy had “detested” what the Southern senators stood for, but they achieved their goal of extending the Voting Rights Act, Politico reports. “We had to put up with the likes of … Jim Eastland and Hermy Talmadge and all those segregationists and all of that,” he said. “And the fact of the matter is that we were able to do it because we were able to win—we were able to beat them on everything they stood for.” Booker told CNN Wednesday night that he was surprised by Biden’s failure to apologize. “For someone to show the lack of understanding or sensitivity to even know when they’ve made a mistake and to fall into that kind of defensive posture—that I should apologize to him is really problematic,” he said

But these days how many people understand what is a segregationist or who they were….one of the biggest was Strom Thurmond…..and here is his bio…..

Strom Thurmond was a segregationist politician who ran for president in 1948 on a platform opposed to civil rights for African Americans. He later served 48 years—an astonishing eight terms—as a U.S. Senator from South Carolina. In the later decades of his career, Thurmond obscured his views on race by claiming that he had only ever been opposed to excessive federal power.

Be Smart!

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Dem Debate–Part Two

Last night was the final 10 candidate debate…this is the night for the Dem Big Guns…..Biden, Mayor Pete, Bernie….as usual I will give the take from the media and then I shall give my take on the debate.

Night at the circus…..

Ten more Democrats vying to take on President Trump clashed in a fiesty debate in Miami Thursday night. The second night of Democratic debates included frontrunner Joe Biden and fellow high-polling candidates Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg. Andrew Yang, Kirsten Gillibrand, Marianne Williamson, John Hickenlooper, Eric Swalwell, and Michael Bennett were also onstage, looking for a chance to raise their profiles. More:

  • Sanders acknowledged that his plan to expand government services would result in tax hikes for the middle class, but he said people would still be better off, the Washington Post reports. “Yes, they will pay more in taxes but less in health care,” he said.
  • Biden got an early shot in at Trump, the Hill reports. Less than five minutes in, the former vice president said: “Donald Trump thinks Wall Street built America. Ordinary middle-class Americans built America.”
  • Hickenlooper clashed with Sanders on socialism, arguing that the label could doom Democrats to defeat. “The bottom line is, if we don’t clearly define that we are not socialists, the Republicans are going to come at us every way they can and call us socialists,” he said.
  • The 38-year-old Swalwell made the 76-year-old Biden’s age an issue, saying Biden was right 32 years ago when he said it was “time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans,” the AP reports. As Sanders and other candidates chimed in, Harris interjected: “Hey guys. You wanna know what America does not want to witness, a food fight. They want to know how they’re going to put food on the table.”
  • As happened Wednesday night, the candidates were asked if they supported abolishing private health care in favor of a government-run program. Sanders and Harris were the only ones to raise their hands. Sanders spoke passionately about his Medicare for all plan, but didn’t answer a question on how much it would cost.
  • Some candidates brought up their own stories when talking about health care: Biden spoke of the death of his first wife, baby daughter, and adult son, while Buttigieg discussed the death of his father earlier this year.
  • In another show-of-hands question, all 10 candidates supporting providing health care to undocumented immigrants, the Guardian reports. Buttigieg argued that immigrants, even undocumented ones, pay taxes and are part of society. Trump tweeted: “How about taking care of American Citizens first!? That’s the end of that race!”
  • On immigration, Biden said he would invest in Central America, while Sanders said he would repeal “every damn thing” Trump has done on immigration, the AP reports. Harris said that on her first day in office, she would help people brought to the US illegally become citizens. Asked if they would make crossing the border illegally a civil offense, not a criminal one, Bennett was the only candidate not to raise his hand.
  • Yang and Bennett were among those to speak about the threat from Russia and China. Russia is “our greatest geopolitical threat because they’ve been hacking our democracy successfully,” Yang said.
  • On racism, Buttigieg said he couldn’t go into detail about the recent police shooting of a black man in South Bend, Indiana, where he is mayor, but he said systemic racism was the problem.
  • In one of the debate’s biggest moments, Harris—saying “As the only African-American on stage, I would like to speak”—targeted Biden’s record on racial issues, saying it was hurtful to hear him talk about working with segregationist lawmakers, the Guardian reports. She also brought up his opposition to busing to end school segregation.
  • On abortion rights, Sanders promised: “My litmus test is I will never nominate any justice to the Supreme Court unless it is 100% that he or she will defend Roe v. Wade.”
  • Asked about climate change, Biden promised to fund billions in scientific research to deal with the crisis, adding that he has dealmaking experience that other candidates lack, reports the Post.
  • Asked for one or two-word answers on what their first priority would be, most candidates completely ignored the world limit. Gillibrand spoke of a “family bill of rights,” Sanders called for a “political revolution,” while Williamson said she would call New Zealand’s prime minister to say that America is now the best place in the world to bring up a child.
  • The candidates agreed on the need for gun control but not on specific measures, the AP reports. “Keep your pistols, keep your rifles, keep your shotguns,” said Swalwell, calling for an assault weapon buyback. “But we can take the most dangerous weapons from the most dangerous people.”
  • Biden said that when he was in government, he helped bring 100,000 troops, including his son, back from Iraq. Sanders reminded viewers that, unlike him, Biden voted to authorize military action.
  • In closing remarks, Biden said: “It’s important to restore the soul of this nation. The president has ripped it out.” Gillibrand said: “Women in America are on fire, but our rights are under attack. I will take on the fights no one else will.” Hickenlooper criticized socialism again, while Harris promised to lead with dignity and honesty. politics isn’t theoretical for me. Sanders vowed to take on Wall Street and Buttigieg said: “I’m in a marriage that exists by a single vote on the Supreme Court, I fought in Iraq.”

That is what the media has to say about the night in Miami…but let’s look a bit deeper….

Most analysts agree that the subdued Biden, whose commanding lead in the polls ensured he would be a target, did not have a great night. Beyond the exchange with Harris, he was criticized by Bernie Sanders for his vote authorizing military action in Iraq, and may have irked Democratic voters by declaring that the NRA was “not the enemy.” “Biden was not dominant at any point, though he spent much of the debate trying to placate progressives who will be vital in the primary,” writes Niall Stanage at the Hill.

Something that was missing in the first night was on and in force…attacks on Trump……he and his policies were attacked on almost minute by minute…..

My take on the “debate”…..Americans need a winner…..last night was Harris won the night hands down…..she did what needed doing to break into the top 5 to stay…..her responses were measured and calculated….especially against Biden.

Bernie was Bernie.

Biden looked his age….and to me out of touch trying to retain that middle ground spot.

The real losers of the debate was everyone on that stage that was not named Harris…..and in the long run the American voter.

This was NOT a debate!

When a candidate gets 60 seconds to attack complex issues like health care for all is silly and this whole thing should be abandoned and abandoned soon.

Swalwell, Sen. Michael Bennet, former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, entrepreneur Andrew Yang, and self-help author Marianne Williamson, largely failed to get the breakout moments they may have been hoping for. Yang had the least speaking time of any candidate, with just under three minutes, reports the New York Times. Williamson was, however, the most-searched for candidate on Google during the debate after lines like “I’m going to harness love for political purposes” went viral, Politico reports

The night that all political junkies were waiting for and came away still wanting.

Let The Spin Begin!

Look for the drop outs to start soon. (Post to come)

Learn Stuff!


Where’s Jimmy?

Many of the fights Dems are having these days were policies that Jimmy championed and never could get a deal through Congress.

This Jimmy is President Jimmy Carter…..the GOP’s favorite to blame everything bad on that is until the election of Obama and then he got their ire.

Carter was the last time I voted for a winner in a presidential election…..I liked many of his policies….his ideas on jobs, mortgages, foreign policy and so on…..then there were some ideas that are still being tried to get those elected and never come to be……

¶An end to the practice of appointing some ambassadors for political reasons or as a reward for campaign contributions.

¶Calling a meeting this fall of Congressional leaders and others to discuss the development of a more effective “bipartisan” foreign policy.

¶Making the term of the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board “coterminous” with that of the President to encourage greater harmony between the board’s monetary policies and the White House’s economic strategy.

¶Making the office of Attorney General a “nonpolitical” appointment for a term of six years, presumably isolated in considerable degree from White House pressures. This is probably a long‐range project.

¶The proposal of a national “sunshine” law to open more Government and legislative processes to public scrutiny and observation.

Does any of those policies sound a bit familiar?

But take a look at the issues that faced Carter and how he did……

Many of his policies like the environment and foreign policy….could have prevented the crap we face today……just my opinion.  I felt so strongly about Crater’s proposals that I voted for him in 1980….of course we both lost out to mad man Reagan.

I agree that the Carter presidency was a failed revolution in American foreign policy……

US President Jimmy Carter took office in 1977, armed with a set of liberal ideals and aspirations that he believed would revolutionise American foreign policy. Carter had strong convictions that it was timely to initiate overhauling reforms in the country’s foreign policy by advancing human rights globally and pursuing a policy of arms restraint. During the onset of his regime, many administrations in the global landscape were dictatorships that committed human rights violations and were hungry for advanced armaments the US could offer. Carter meant to resolve this situation by infusing humanitarian concerns into the US foreign policy and implementing reprisals against governments that engaged in human rights abuses. Another ideal Carter romanticised about was disarmament, reduction of arms sales overseas (especially to none NATO nations), and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Going as far as making the sales of arms to foreign nations something that was done on an ad hoc basis. Carter believed that the time had come for the United States to move past Cold-War tensions and alter the US’s approach to containment in spite of Soviet determination to proliferate communist ideology on a global scale. As noble as they were, in practice Carter’s ideals crumbled due to his double-mindedness and want to compromise to please multiple parties. His liberal policies such as advancing human rights, democracy and education globally crumbled against an embedded strategic realpolitik policy set of deeply embedded policy packages, such as the Nixon administration’s policy of arming the Shah. This caused Carter to cave to the pressure of grander Cold War containment policy, which underpinned US foreign policy during the Cold War.

Jimmy Carter’s Liberalism: A Failed Revolution of U.S. Foreign Policy?

Another reason that I still like Carter is that he like Truman did not try to profit off their presidency……Harry Truman was Carter’s favorite President. Carter told The Guardian in 2011 that he admired Truman for not trying to profit off his presidency.

A man of principles….something seriously lacking in our present day politicians.  The only time they show a spine is when they have nothing to lose for their stance…like re-election.

We need a “man” of principles again.

Afghanistan–Exit Stage Right

I have been writing about our intervention of Afghanistan since 2005……I understand the 2001 attacks…it was to punish those that killed many Americans…..but to remain 17 more years was just lunacy…..

There have been talks with the Taleban lately trying to find a way out of Afghanistan for American troops…..and it looks like these talks may have been successful at least according to Pompeo…..

During a surprise visit to Kabul, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that the US is prepared to remove its troops from Afghanistan, ending 18+ years of military presence in the country.

Pompeo says that the US has “made clear to the Taliban” that they are prepared for such a pullout, but said the two sides still have not agreed on a timeline for the exact withdrawal.

This echoes what the Taliban was saying last week, ahead of the Doha talks, which oddly US officials contested at the time. The Doha talks are meant to shore up an exact date for the US exit.

This has been the broad framework of a deal reported for months, that the US would leave and the Taliban would keep ISIS and al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan. Other aspects of the final deal, including a permanent ceasefire and reconciliation between the Taliban and the US-backed government, are expected to come later.


Wait!  Is this an exit strategy?

In talking up how ready he was for an Iran war, Trump dismissed questions about what his exit strategy would be, declaring “I don’t need exit strategies” to a gathering of reporters. He did not elaborate on what that actually meant.

Is that just for Iran?

What a dynamite diplomatic ploy dazzle them with confusion and baffle them with Twitter.

Closing Thought–27Jun19

More sad news to report…..2 more American soldiers have died in Afghanistan in a firefight with the Taleban…..

Two US soldiers were reported killed Wednesday in a firefight in Afghanistan. This brings the number of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan this year to nine.

Details are somewhat conflicting, with the two soldiers, part of a Special Forces team, killed by small arms fire in a fight with the Taliban. US officials claimed the fight was in southern Uruzgan Province, while the Taliban said it was in eastern Wardak Province.

It isn’t clear why the two sides offered different accounts of where the fight happened, and it’s worth noting that the two provinces in question don’t even border one another. Early reports suggested that the Taliban had ambushed the US troops.

With 9 US troops killed in only the first half of 2019, their casualties are tracking a multi-year high. 13 were killed in 2018, and 11 more were killed in 2017. Though this is below the highs of early in the war’s first decade, the tolls have been rising over the past couple of years.

This reflects the Trump Administration’s decision to escalate the war in 2017. The war continues to rage,


For more information about these deaths we go to the Stars and Stripes……

Enough is enough… is time for war to be put to bed as a foreign policy technique……it is an election in about 18 months and what better time to make the cessation of war a prime policy for the candidates?

When will the American start to care about the deaths our presidents have ordered?

As the old song says….”Give Peace A Chance”……

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

“Lego Ergo Scribo” (I think therefore I write)

Dem Debate–Part One

My humble thoughts as well as a few MSM thoughts……

Last night was the first part of the first Dem debate of the 2020 election season….first what the MSM had to say….

The first of two 10-candidate Democratic debates kicked off in Miami at 9pm Eastern Wednesday—and Elizabeth Warren got off to a strong start. The Washington Post reports that the senator was able to go straight to her stump speech when she got the first question of the night, about whether her plans to overhaul the economy are too risky. She argued that “structural change” is necessary. “When you’ve got a government, when you’ve got an economy that does great for those with money, but isn’t doing great for everyone else, that is corruption, pure and simple,” she said. More:

  • The AP reports that the first clash of the night was between Beto O’Rourke and Bill de Blasio. The New York City mayor interrupted O’Rourke when the Texan was explaining why he didn’t want to fully replace private health insurance with a government-run plan, saying “Private insurance is not working.” Warren and de Blasio were the only ones to raise their hands when the candidates were asked if they wanted to abolish private insurance.
  • Jay Inslee was one of the first candidates to slam President Trump, reports the Hill. The Washington governor targeted the president view’s on wind power. “Donald Trump is simply wrong. He says they cause cancer. I say they cause jobs.”
  • Another flashpoint was immigration. Julian Castro said a heartbreaking photo of a drowned migrant father and daughter should “piss us all off” and “spur us to action.” He also clashed with O’Rourke, accusing him of having not done “his homework” on the issue.
  • When asked about equal pay for men and women, Tulsi Gabbard talked about her military service in the National Guard instead, saying her service gave her national security expertise, the Guardian reports.
  • Trump, who said he would watch the debate on Air Force One, weighed in with a one-word tweet: “BORING!” He later attacked NBC for having a “horrible technical breakdown” that delayed the second half of the debate. “Truly unprofessional and only worthy of a FAKE NEWS Organization, which they are!” he tweeted.
  • On gun control, Warren said she would “double down” on research to find out “what really works.” Cory Booker, asked his gun buy back plan, said he lived in a neighborhood where he hears gunshots. “It’s not about policy, this is personal,” he said. De Blasio spoke about raising a black son and keeping him safe from police.
  • Booker was the only candidate who didn’t raise his hand when asked if support Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, the AP reports. Asked to explain why, he said that as president, he would do his best “to secure this country.” Gabbard slammed Trump and his “chickenhawk Cabinet” for leading the country “to the brink of war with Iran.”
  • When the candidates were asked about what the biggest geo-political threat to the US was, Gabbard said it was the threat of nuclear war. John Delaney said it was China and nuclear weapons, and Inslee said it was Trump, USA Today reports.
  • Asked about the climate crisis, Inslee said he would be the only candidate to make it his No. 1 priority. Tim Ryan, asked about carbon mitigation, spoke about “real politics” instead, saying the party is seen as out of touch with working people.
  • Each candidate had a 45-second closing statement, and many of them focused on their personal stories. “Never in a million years did I think I’d stand on a stage like this,” Warren said. “When I was a child I didn’t have money to go to college, but I got my chance through community college.”

My take… was pretty boring  big ideas that can never be passed as long as our system remains in deadlock.  Second, too many candidates and so little time to speak there is NO way they could pass on their thoughts in 10 minutes or less.

Americans always gotta have a winner…..this debate it was Corey Booker not because of his ideas but rather he got the most exposure….and the loser?  Beto….he speaks Spanish…..not a game changer….plus he looks like a bad debater…..he had better tighten up.

My choice remains the same….. Tulsi Gabbard….she got so little time to put forth her agenda…..but she did have a moment….. “This president and his chickenhawk cabinet have taken us to the brink of war with Iran,” said Gabbard, who focused heavily on her military service. After Tim Ryan said the Taliban had flown planes into buildings, she fired back: “The Taliban didn’t attack us on 9/11. Al-Qaeda did.”

Then Ryan took a cheap shot at Tulsi in the spin after the debate…..called her meeting with Assad into question…that was just a cheap shot in retaliation for her correcting him.  That shot took him off my list of candidates…if he gets butt hurt over the correction what will he do when there is a crisis he must handle?

Tulsi does not get a fighting chance because of her antiwar stance….she gets no ‘love’ from the MSM that is in the business of promoting our many wars

The biggest idea that the MSM will focus on was from Jay Inslee when he said the the biggest threat to America was Donald Trump.  The most profound statement of the night…..but not enough to catapult him into the top tier (sorry).

Applause does not equate in votes.  Deep down the American people care little about immigration or climate change…I say this because when I talk with people not one has mentioned anything but what this election means to them personally…sorry but the country is not part of the equation…..big ideas are useless the election of 2016 should have illustrated this one fact.

It is obvious who the MSM (MSNBC) favored in this first debate…Warren, Booker and Castro….so much for objectivity.  Let’s see who they chose in Part Two.

That is the way it was last night at the Democratic Debate….and on to Thursday Night and the big guns.