Buck “Trump” Rogers And The Space Corps

Yep Saturday begins with more news about the proposed Space Corps/Force…….I watch this situation for it will come back to bite us in the ass…..it will add more funds to an already stretched military budget…..how will this play out?

Let me begin with the chance of “Space Pirates”……

It wasn’t exactly the Gettysburg Address, but a speech Ted Cruz made at a recent Senate panel meeting certainly caught the internet’s attention. “Since the ancient Greeks first put to sea, nations have recognized the necessity of naval forces and maintaining a superior capability to protect waterborne travel and commerce from bad actors,” the Texan said Tuesday before the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation and Space. Then came his main point: Outer space is a potentially dangerous place, and a powerful Space Force—President Trump’s proposed new military branch—is an utter necessity. “Pirates threaten the open seas, and the same is possible in space,” Cruz warned, per the BBC.

But I have been reporting on this situation for at least a year now……so is it a possibility?

The Trump administration’s proposal for the United States Space Force will not produce the agile and innovative organization that advocates hope it will. Instead, it will create an organization that is expensive, top-heavy, and bureaucratic. Space force advocates have ignored this problem in their enthusiasm to create a new institution but, with the proposal now before Congress, it can no longer be evaded.

The proposal envisions the space force operating like the other military services, but it will be too small to be viable. In trying to produce the number of senior military officers needed to staff all the high-level functions expected of an independent military service, it would end up with one general for every 270 servicemembers — five times the rate of the rest of the department — and no enlisted troops. The entire force would be officers, a problem compounded when we consider the reserve components associated with the proposed new service.

The first installment has been requested for our new Space Force….$15million…..

A House defense spending bill would provide $15 million to study plans for a Space Force rather than funding the establishment of the military branch as President Trump requested.

The bill would allocate $15 million to “study and refine plans for the potential establishment of a Space Force as a branch of the Armed Forces,” according to draft bill text released Tuesday by House Democrats.

The text adds that “nothing in this provision shall be construed to authorize the establishment of a Space Force.”


It appears that Congress, the House to be more accurate, is NOT on board with this Space adventurism…..

The House Appropriations Committee says it will not support DoD’s $72.4 million request to establish a Space Force headquarters, and wants the Pentagon to study alternative options.

The committee is scheduled to mark up the defense bill on Tuesday.

The draft report accompanying the committee’s proposed fiscal year 2020 defense spending bill notes that the decision to not back the $72 million request should not be read as a complete rejection of the idea of establishing a Space Force.

“The Committee recommendation does not fully fund the request to establish the proposed Space Force,” says the draft report obtained by SpaceNews. “The Committee makes this decision without prejudice and includes funds for the Department to examine and refine alternative organizational options that will streamline the management and decision-making process and minimize overhead cost and bureaucracy.”

House appropriators deny Space Force funding, call on DoD to study alternatives

Finally the House is not rubber stamping Trump’s military agendas….but I do think it would be different if it were a GOP controlled House.

Then the Senate has heard from…..

The Trump administration’s effort to create a new military service for space cleared a critical hurdle as the Senate Armed Services Committee on May 22 voted to approve the establishment of the U.S. Space Force in its markup of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020.

The committee voted 25-2 to advance the legislation to the Senate floor, possibly the week of June 10. A summary of the markup was released on Thursday.

The SASC vote to authorize a Space Force is not surprising from a Republican-controlled Senate. But it was not seen as guaranteed given the skepticism voiced by committee members during a hearing April 11 with Pentagon officials. Several senators questioned the rationale and cost of standing up a new military bureaucracy to handle functions that the Air Force already does.

Senate Armed Services OKs Space Force with conditions

Enough mind numbing crap for a Saturday…..Have a day, my friends.

6 thoughts on “Buck “Trump” Rogers And The Space Corps

  1. The Pearl Harbor of the next war between the superpowers will be knocking out the other guy’s satellites. Without satellites all communication halts, air land and sea movement crippled and missile delivery systems neutralized. Then the other side can dictate the terms and the immobilized nation will surrender unconditionally or be incinerated with no ability to defend or respond. . An invasion need not take place as the loser will be extorted economically and become a submissive colony. You better believe we need Space Force. Keerist they laughed at Billy Mitchell too. Then there is the matter of cyber hacking to shut everything down just like what’s happening to Baltimore.

    1. A Space Force is redundant….we have a cyber agency….we have NASA….we have the Air Force…..besides there is a “Space Treaty” that parts of the force would violate…..chuq

      1. If these agencies are attuned to the threats I described and fully funded and expanding/evolving then I agree that redundancy is not needed and a waste of focus.

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