What Do We Teach Our Children?

It is not secret that I feel that our children are being short changed…..especially on education…..I feel this country could do so much more for the future of the children but we decide that useless reforms will to enough….it has proven time and time again that it is not enough……will never be enough.

Sorry about the soapbox…..I read things that happen in our “magical” society that makes me fear for our existence……

Remember when you were young and someone did you wrong and you wanted to get even?  What were your plans to do so? Did you ever consider….. murder….I mean real murder not some play-time bullsh*t?

These kids took youthful “revenge” to a whole new level…….is this what our children will learn in a charter school?

Authorities in Anchorage, Alaska, say they’ve uncovered a surprising murder plot—dreamed up by three first-graders. In a letter sent to parents on March 22, Principal Shanna Mall of Winterberry Charter School explains three students planned to use silica gel packets “to poison and kill another student,” per KTUU. Silica gel, used in packaging to prevent moisture, is non-toxic, but students believed the packets were dangerous because they were marked “do not consume,” per the Alaska Dispatch News. A rep for the Anchorage Police Department tells KTVA that the students brought the packets to school “with the intent of putting them in another student’s lunch,” but one or two students overheard the plot and came forward before it could be carried out.

A school resource officer spoke with both the students and their guardians, the rep adds. No charges were filed, but “all three students received significant consequences,” says Mall. Each has been suspended and could still be expelled, says a rep for the Anchorage School District. She adds the children’s ages are among the “most surprising” details of the incident. “Given such a young age, it’s not clear if they knew what they were doing, if it was just a threat or something more serious,” she says, noting “there are a lot of conversations to get an understanding of what actually happened, how the students were feeling.” School psychologists are involved. (Fourth-graders allegedly wanted to kill their teacher with hand sanitizer.)

Charter schools students?  What do they teach in this band-aid for a good education?

A horrific story but……To close with a little humor……

Professor’s Class Diary: Update to The Update

A few weeks back I had a meeting with the Dean about the possibility of me teaching another class…..at our meeting I gave him a couple of ideas and he said that he would take it to the next meeting and let me know what had been decided…….

I have gotten a call back for another meeting and the Dean said that in discussions with others they had shown an interest in my teaching again…..they said that they would push for me to teach a 4 week class on National Security in the Summer session with the possibility of a 6 week class in the Fall on an overview of Terrorism…..

He emphasized that the classes would be contingent on enrollment if they were approved……

We talked about my last class and how I had gotten all the participation (apparently he was impressed with the massive class participation)…..I told him it was not that hard….the teacher has to present the material in a fashion that entices the students to ask questions and then formulate conclusions……

We left with a handshake and a question in my mind as to what these people would eventually decide…..to be honest I really did not want to teach a class on National Security….too many ways to cover and too little taken away by the student….especially in a 4 week course……but if it gets a bigger picture for me….I guess so much the better……

While I was in the process of writing this update I was called by his Lord Dean and informed that it was a go for me to teach a 4 week course in the Summer session on National Security…..

Now I must set about making a dry utterly boring subject into a course that will inform and educate the students……now there is a task worthy of my mind…..

Where Will The Money Go?

It was barely noticed that the Congress did the 2017 Federal budget….we did not notice because of the train wreck that few can look away that is the 2016 election….

The Budget is passed and now I would like to show you where your tax dollars will go.

We can bitch and moan about all those “freeloaders” riding the government skirt tail but look at the pie chart and tell me where all the money will go.

And this is where your money goes…..a Brick!

Source: F-35 Is Expensive Disaster – Money Could Be Spent on Infrastructure Fixes

The Obama Doctrine: The Audacity of Ignorance

I know I have been sort of hard on the foreign policies of the GOP elite and their little bobble-heads that they call candidates….I admit it…..not one of them has a foreign policy that smells of anything but more WAR.

Likewise I have been pretty hard on Clinton and Sanders for their world views….to me they are NO better than the neocon bullsh*t of the GOP…..

And then there will be some cross-eyed person that will think that I in some way approve of the Obama doctrine around the world….well those people would be mistaken and mistaken badly.

I think Obama has leaned too heavily on his paid sponsors in the M-IC and that he has done nothing to try and make this a safer world for our children……I feel that he has waddled into a international ignorance that he cannot escape and his legacy will show this……

Think what it must be like to be one of America’s allies. You enjoy some trade, watch Beyoncé and Brad Pitt at the movies, and visit Disneyland on holiday. But then there’s America again at your cubicle, asking again that you join some coalition, get some troops into another wacky American overseas intervention for freedom, […]

Source: The Obama Doctrine: The Audacity of Ignorance – Antiwar.com Original by — Antiwar.com

Sadly, I see NO change in our foreign policy anytime soon….especially with this crop of candidates……

Is There A Possibility For A Middle East Peace Plan?

This is a little background that I wrote for my friends over at Ace News Room…..

With all the trouble in the “Holy Land” there seems to be a less likely attempt to solve these problems now than in any time in the recent past…..it is a shame…..both parties share a common ancestor and a common love of the land of their ancestors….it would seem that a peaceful settlement of differences would be beneficial to both parties……if so, then why is it so damn hard?

Some questions are more difficult than they appear……

And that my friends is the $64 billion question of the ages….. There has been so many attempts and so many plans in the past…all of which have failed for some reason or another….…

Source: Is There A Possibility For A Middle East Peace Plan?

One would get the idea that NO one involved really wants this situation to end peacefully…..