Saudis, Butt Covered….Period!

I turn from politics to report on the Saudi/9-11 situation…….

A few days ago I wrote about a special report that details the Saudi involvement in 9/11 and the deal to try and keep the cover-up in place…..(Read on)……

15 years after the fact the attacks on 9/11 are still making the news.  But the “news” has moved from the Congress inaction on the first responders bill to the country that may be at th…

Source: Hey A/holes, Better Do What The Saudis Say! – In Saner Thought

But in case that is not enough for the inquisitive mind….then maybe this will help somewhat……

Source: Did Saudi Arabia play a role in September 11? Here’s what we know. – Vox

Obama has gone to Saudi Arabia with his ass in his hands to plead for some favors…….but what will they, the Saudis, want in return?

Easy peazy!

Following Saudi threats to destabilize the financial system if the US were to enact a Bill that would allow an investigation into Saudi Arabia’s support of September 11 terrorist attacks, many were watching closely how Obama would react. The president made it clear last night when as CNN reports, the White House threatened to veto the bipartisan bill to let families victimized by the 9/11 terrorist attacks sue Saudi Arabia while a GOP senator privately sought to block the measure.

The White House and State Department are bluntly warning lawmakers not to proceed with the legislation due to “fears” it could have dramatic ramifications for the United States and citizens living abroad to retaliatory lawsuits.

Source: Obama Succumbs To Saudi Pressure, Will Veto Sept 11 Lawsuit Bill

He may not have to use his  precious veto after all……..

The battle over the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act continues to grow today, with co-sponsor Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC) announcing that he’s going to block his own bill, to “make sure that anything we do doesn’t come to bite us.”

It’s unspoken, but the admission is the latest response to Sunday’s threats by Saudi Foreign Minister Abu Jubeir to sell $750 billion in US treasury assets in response to the law, a move which if done rapidly could do massive damage to the US dollar and the American economy in general.

The act would allow victims to sue foreign countries in US courts if those countries are involved in terror attacks on American soil, with Saudi Arabia’s government’s involvement in 9/11 likely to be a major target for such lawsuits. The Saudi leverage over the US economy seems to have derailed the law outright, with the White House also indicating a probable veto of the measure over fears it would “harm taxpayers.”

Go figure!  Did you really think that it would turn out any other way?  Only a politician would use the “taxpayer” as the scapegoat……classic DC two step.

This Saudi love-fest is getting out of hand….Obama going to Saudi like Oliver asking for more gruel is picture I cannot get out of my head.

Do you still believe there will ever be true transparency?

Democrats March Toward Cliff

Happy “Weed Day”…….for those that partake in the magic herb……..

Now onto the politics of the day……

The media has this hard on at the prospect that the GOP convention will be a contested one……they cannot get enough of the numbers and the speculation with the hope that they can somehow influence the outcome of the convention…..

But while they are jerking off gleefully they are missing the fact that the Dems could be working themselves into a frenzy like lemmings off a cliff….

As Democratic-insider “super-delegates” give Hillary Clinton a seemingly insurmountable lead for the presidential nomination, the former Secretary of State’s negative ratings continue to soar to stunning levels, hitting a net 24-point unfavorable in the new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll.

It is hard to imagine someone who is viewed unfavorably by a clear majority of voters (56 percent) and with a net-negative of 24 points winning the White House, except that most voters also don’t like the top Republican choices either. Donald Trump sports a 41-point net-negative and Sen. Ted Cruz is at minus-23 points. (By contrast, of the two trailing candidates, Sen. Bernie Sanders gets a net-positive 9 points and Gov. John Kasich a net-positive 12 points.)

Source: Democrats March Toward Cliff – Consortiumnews

I know the word on the street is that Clinton will have no problem winning the nomination…….but there is an outside chance that there could be enough drama within the Dems as with the ever nervous GOP.

Yes, Hillary Clinton Is a Neocon

Clinton did it!  She is back in the win column……to the great relief of the media.  And now we can hear her pander to the lowest denominator….she will feel your pain……she knows your needs…..she will move the country forward….(ahh-choo!  Sorry I am allergic to bullsh*t)

(Her voice is worse than finger nails on a chalk board and as irritating as the “Puppymonkeybaby” advert)

I have been saying for months now that she is a neocon….matters not that she is a Dem……her actions and policies are those of a staunch neocon.  I regret that I feel I must keep saying this….but U will continue until the voter realize the surprise package they will get with her as president.

Clinton made it clear, at least to me, in the last debate before the NY primary that she has NO other policies than those of the neocons….war, war, war……(and yes I will continue to harp on this until people start f*cking listening)

An op-ed by Robert Parry agrees with my analysis…..

If there were any doubts that Hillary Clinton favors a neoconservative foreign policy, her performance at Thursday’s debate should have laid them to rest. In every meaningful sense, she is a neocon and – if she becomes President – Americans should expect more global tensions and conflicts in pursuit of the neocons’ signature goal of “regime change” in countries that get in their way.

Beyond sharing this neocon “regime change” obsession, former Secretary of State Clinton also talks like a neocon. One of their trademark skills is to use propaganda or “perception management” to demonize their targets and to romanticize their allies, what is called “gluing white hats” on their side and “gluing black hats” on the other.

Source: Yes, Hillary Clinton Is a Neocon – Consortiumnews

If your answer is war for all situations then…….. Hil is your gal……and may God help us.

Ted Cruz Is Shaky on Foreign Policy

This may be a moot point……Cruz learned what “New York Values” can do to a candidate……he was handed his ass…..he finished 3rd in what the media called a 2 man race…..if his IQ ever hits 60 he should sell and quickly.

A friend recently told me that they were disappointed in my blog because I seem to have fixated on Trump and Clinton……I thought it over and will have to agree with my friend……so I will try to rectify my oversight.

I have said numerous times that, at least for me, foreign policy is the most important issue for this election.  We have waded into so many conflicts that it is difficult to see which are ours and which belong to other nations.

So to rectify my oversight……what is the foreign policy of Ted Cruz…at least in this election……I am sure it will change later but for now….where does he stand?

Ted Cruz has a real chance to become the Republican nominee. How is he on foreign policy? Although Ted Cruz came into the U.S. Senate in 2013 as a libertarianesque Tea Party acolyte who used the term “neo-cons” as derogatory label, he has since moved in their direction in a chameleon-like attempt to win the […]

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There!  Ted is covered!

The problem is all his stands are nothing more than a lame attempt at pandering to the lowest denominator.

Want Political Change?

In these days of high drama the big story is the two insurgent candidates that are both claiming something along the lines of political change for Washington…..

I try to start my posting day with something that can get the conversation moving…..unfortunately not always in the direction I intended….but what the Hell as long as it started…right?

I do not post often on religious stuff….to me that is a private thing and none of my business…..but there comes a time when I break that small rule of mine…..

Today I have an article that …..I just do not know what to say…..other than….you have to read it for yourself.

Robert Eggers’ period horror film “The Witch” has been one of the surprise hits of 2016. It’s even gained a second wind since its February 23 release: the first weekend of April it played on 666 screens around the country, raking in an additional USD$465,000.

The tale of a Puritan family turning on each other as they attempt to root out the supernatural evil plaguing their farm, the film won Eggers the award for best director at Sundance – and even frightened horror master Stephen King.

(never fear there is so much more….read on……)

Source: Can a burgeoning satanic movement actually effect political change?

I am speechless…..maybe you have something to add….if so…please knock your socks off…..