The Obama Doctrine: The Audacity of Ignorance

I know I have been sort of hard on the foreign policies of the GOP elite and their little bobble-heads that they call candidates….I admit it…..not one of them has a foreign policy that smells of anything but more WAR.

Likewise I have been pretty hard on Clinton and Sanders for their world views….to me they are NO better than the neocon bullsh*t of the GOP…..

And then there will be some cross-eyed person that will think that I in some way approve of the Obama doctrine around the world….well those people would be mistaken and mistaken badly.

I think Obama has leaned too heavily on his paid sponsors in the M-IC and that he has done nothing to try and make this a safer world for our children……I feel that he has waddled into a international ignorance that he cannot escape and his legacy will show this……

Think what it must be like to be one of America’s allies. You enjoy some trade, watch Beyoncé and Brad Pitt at the movies, and visit Disneyland on holiday. But then there’s America again at your cubicle, asking again that you join some coalition, get some troops into another wacky American overseas intervention for freedom, […]

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Sadly, I see NO change in our foreign policy anytime soon….especially with this crop of candidates……

9 thoughts on “The Obama Doctrine: The Audacity of Ignorance

  1. Hey! you forgot Madonna…grin
    Made it to Cyprus just before the fake suicide bomber landed at Larnaca.
    No,there will be no change re:USA foreign policy and the world will just get messier…
    All I know is that after talking awhile to a Lebanese woman, she said she loathes the USA ..
    As for the Greek Cypriot he loathes the E.U…
    I loathe both but nothing will change..
    Best to give up and go and dig the garden…
    Have a quiet weekend chuq..

      1. Indeed we did… but, I don’t think chuq ‘forgot’ Madonna so much as paid her her due by omitting her from the list….


  2. Part of the article is saying it:
    “Washington lives and works in a bubble, of its own making, of its own ignorance.

    Inside that bubble, American goals are deemed, de facto, to be world goals, and coalitions should form like crystals around them.
    America alone is the arbiter of what “genocides” need or need not be stopped, and at what point the United States should start something, and then back away, and then perhaps return.

    The American foreign policy establishment never seems to notice that for all the genocides that need stopping, all the evil dictators that need toppling, and regimes that need changing, few if any nations seem to share America’s zeal for military intervention.

    Few countries seem so committed to bypassing other tools of foreign policy (e.g. diplomacy and trade) and jumping to the literal attack.
    In fact, few countries seem to want to put skin into the game, to use Obama’s expression, perhaps in large part because it is not their game.”

    1. It is that American Exceptionalism thing…..we can do no wrong….our views will not change until people the errors of our ways….and we will not….sad.

  3. “Likewise I have been pretty hard on Clinton and Sanders for their world views….to me they are NO better than the neocon bullsh*t of the GOP”

    You might see a difference, but you’d have to get the magnifying glass/crystal ball out first. Then again, the GOP itself is war-crazier now than it was just 4 years ago. I think the Democrats may still be playing “catch-up”. (Damn scary thought.) But one thing is for certain, anyone who even questions the unquestioned dominance of the MISC is going to be vilified as an “anti-American pussy”. Anything stronger will probably result in a small plane “crash”, or sudden heart attack….or a pillow over the face.

    Obama re-started the Iraq War and expanded it into Syria. He’s failed to end the war in Afghanistan. He had an air-war in Libya. He’s expanded & normalized flying-death-robots & “extra-judicial” killings. He’s got unnoticed air wars (and covert ops?) in Pakistan, Yemen & who knows where else? He also continues the mass surveillance of all Americans….and damn near everyone on the planet. Oh, and Gitmo is still open!

    That’s a damn long list for just 7 years! And yet, he’s openly called an “anti-American pussy” for not being hawkish enough! That’s setting the bar pretty fucking high.

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