Is There A Possibility For A Middle East Peace Plan?

This is a little background that I wrote for my friends over at Ace News Room…..

With all the trouble in the “Holy Land” there seems to be a less likely attempt to solve these problems now than in any time in the recent past… is a shame…..both parties share a common ancestor and a common love of the land of their ancestors….it would seem that a peaceful settlement of differences would be beneficial to both parties……if so, then why is it so damn hard?

Some questions are more difficult than they appear……

And that my friends is the $64 billion question of the ages….. There has been so many attempts and so many plans in the past…all of which have failed for some reason or another….…

Source: Is There A Possibility For A Middle East Peace Plan?

One would get the idea that NO one involved really wants this situation to end peacefully…..

16 thoughts on “Is There A Possibility For A Middle East Peace Plan?

  1. There might be a “Peace Plan” somewhere along the line … something for diplomats to crow about … but there will never be peace in the Middle East because peace is not in their DNA. There will be no peace in the Middle East until the World-Wide Caliphate is firmly and securely in place and the last Infidel has converted or been — neutralized.

    1. It has nothing to do with this caliphate thing…it has to do what is right….but then we have never done what is right.

      1. But the new will eventually get to the point where the old is now because as the scriptures tell us, there is nothing new under the sun. This evolution, this cycle is universal law. It is changeless.

    1. Do you really want me to do a history lesson? LOL It will depend on what you want to call peace….like all empires or nations there is always times of turbulence…

      1. No, not a history lesson. But between the ancient empires, chieftains and then politicians – I can’t think of a peaceful period.

      2. I know I have a tendency to insert a historical perspective into almost anything….there was a period of peace co-existence until the Mongols invaded and once they were repelled others started to flex some muscle…but you are correct like today there has always been regional uprisings and hard feelings…..Mongols got their ass handed to them in 1260, I believe….chuq

  2. I’m afraid if I begin on whether or not peace is possible, I’d be here quite a while. Instead, I will merely take a moment to say this; all humans, and, I mean ALL humans, have the exact same DNA, so, if one is to believe the people of the Middle East are violent by nature, one can ONLY admit to their own violent nature. Unless, of course, they are under the impression their DNA is somehow ‘different’ than any other human’s….

    “Peace” is a subjective judgment. It is possible for individuals to find peace, for it exists within each of us, right alongside the violence of our other emotions and subjective judgments of reality. For humanity as a whole to achieve a peaceful culture, then the individuals who make it up must all work at it together. Otherwise, it is merely a dream….

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I think peace is possible…but then like you say…our collective DNA does not want it….something about accumulation of stuff….that is our true nature. chuq

      1. Aye, well, I see what you call acquisitiveness as an inherent tendency to regard our ego-driven desires as more important than almost any other consideration… including, unfortunately, survival.

        Yes, we are naturally violent creatures, who sadly also have the ability to be more than JUST violent, but, choose mostly to ignore that side of our nature, as it takes work… hard work. It’s much easier to give in to base desire than it is to assert one’s will toward peace….


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