“Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”

Ah!  Fond memories of my youth……”Sgt. Pepper’s” album….back in the day many believed that the title meant the use of the drug LSD….maybe because so many were experimenting with the drug in real life.

Ask anyone who used the “good stuff” not the crap they pass off today and you will hear about creativity and expanded thought…..of course some will prefer to believe the stories of people diving out windows thinking they could fly….well my experience was NOTHING along those lines…..the only “bad trip” of the people I knew was a guy who dropped acid and then took a shower and he started to cry because he thought he was melting…..he did no harm to myself or anyone else……

The reason I bring this up is because there is a study from the UK about the use of LSD and the brain……

After taking the first-ever look at how the brain functions on LSD, Imperial College, London researchers sound nearly as enthusiastic about the drug as Timothy Leary. The team scanned the brains of 20 volunteers on the drug and discovered that not only did it increase connectivity between parts of the brain that usually perform specialized functions, many of those areas became involved in visual processing, leading to complex, dreamlike hallucinations and other visual effects, CNET reports. The researchers, whose study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists, say the more “unified” brain they witnessed could explain why LSD users describe feeling more at one with the universe, and sometimes report increased well-being even long after the trip is over.

“This is to neuroscience what the Higgs boson was to particle physics,” senior researcher David Nutt, once the British government’s drug adviser, tells the Guardian. He says scientists have “waited 50 years for this moment,” but “enormous hurdles” have made it difficult to research LSD since the drug was banned in the ’60s. “For the first time we can really see what’s happening in the brain during the psychedelic state, and can better understand why LSD had such a profound impact on self-awareness in users and on music and art,” he says. “This could have great implications for psychiatry, and helping patients overcome conditions such as depression.”

Turn On and Tune In!

What Do Terrorists Want?

After the last attack the world has once again gone off the deep end…..everybody, those with a soul, want an end to this reign of terror……the problem is that too many are seeking revenge and not actually looking at a way to curb this situation……we all can understand the anger and the desire to get even…..

But to defeat a thing one must know a thing……kneejerk reactions and rhetoric do nothing but make the matters worse……I found a pretty good piece on what terrorists want (pressed below)……..

After the terrorist violence in Brussels many people, including Barack Obama, said we should not change our way of life and live in fear because that is what terrorists want. Maybe, but is that all they want? It seems that something important is left out of the story. In the classical model of terrorism, instilling fear […]

Source: What Do Terrorists Want? – Antiwar.com Original by — Antiwar.com

We can defeat this cancer on humanity…..but it will take rational thought and not emotional reactions……but we must remember that a terrorist is only as strong as the fear he/she creates…..if so the media and some bloggers are making them stronger by the day.

We can do this!

American crossroads: Reagan, Trump and the devil down south

Last night was the big Dem debate…..and it was what I expected….total crap!  If you are looking for more than that….buy a newspaper!

After the Civil Rights thing the Dems lost the South to the Repubs……ever since those days the GOP has used a wide variety of dog whistle slogans and campaigns to be sure that the South stays in their column……with each election the covert bigotry gets worse and worse…..the people change but the song remains the same.

How the Republican party’s dog-whistle appeal to racism, refined by Richard Nixon and perfected by Ronald Reagan, led inexorably to Donald Trump

Source: American crossroads: Reagan, Trump and the devil down south | US news | The Guardian

All this rhetoric smacks of racist overtones…..whether intentional or not……and this type of thinking plays well….especially in the South….please NO one tell me I am wrong….all you have to do is take a trip South and see for yourself……regardless of what you think….reality will surprise you.

Would a Clinton Win Mean More Wars?

NO surprise I am not a Clinton fan…..to me she is just another neocon in Dem clothing…..meaning she will press the US into more and more war…..

This article by Robert Parry confirms my fears…..

Savvy neocons see Hillary Clinton as their Trojan Horse to be pulled into the White House by Democratic voters, raising the question: would a Clinton-45 presidency mean more wars, asks Robert Parry.

The Democratic Party establishment seems determined to drag Hillary Clinton’s listless campaign across the finish line of her race with Bernie Sanders and then count on Republican divisions to give her a path to the White House. But – if she gets there – the world should hold its breath.

If Clinton becomes President, she will be surrounded by a neocon-dominated American foreign policy establishment that will press her to resume its “regime change” strategies in the Middle East and escalate its new and dangerous Cold War against Russia.

Source: Would a Clinton Win Mean More Wars? – Consortiumnews

Den voters are falling for her con job and we will live to regret electing her president.

To answer the question posited in the title……YES IT DOES!