You “Cannot Fix Stupid”!

I close my day of posting with a situation from last week… illustrates the depths of ignorance…….it falls firmly in the category or “Can’t Fix Stupid!”

Most of us humans are always looking for a sign that God is listening and helping…..religions have sent missionaries all over the world to indoctrinate….ooops…… Sorry that should be teach the word of God to others…..but recently I saw a piece that tells of a massive airdrop of Bibles over a war torn country……and just how pathetic this attempt was…..

“We want peace in the Middle East,” said Mormon Church social media director Sam Woodfield. “And what better way to accomplish this than through religion and the heart and soul of our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

The Church (LDS) spent over $85 million dollars on ‘Operation Bible Drop.’ This cost included the Bibles, transportation, parachutes for each package, and permits to use the airspace. Each of the 6,000 packages included 100 Bibles with hopes that they would be distributed in villages and cities across Syria.

$85 million…..could that be a tax break for a charitable action?

“We have a great foothold in Africa and the Middle East is our next stage of expansion,” said Woodfield. “In a time of war and despair, it’s the best time to suck people into religion. We have a saying; ‘The more desperate, the more vulnerable people become for hope.’ Their God failed them, so there isn’t a better time to promote our true and only powerful God.”

It is the same GOD you moron….

Some have suggested that the money could have been better used to feed and clothe a million refugees for a year. Instead, they got books in a language that a majority of the population can’t read.

“Complete waste of money and is insulting,” said the director of the non-profit humanitarian organization, World Peace Now, Tim Seager. “The conversion rate on their plan is going to be zero percent. The whole thing is puzzling. The locals told us they were puzzled too, but said the books are good to burn at night for warmth, so that’s one positive thing to come from this. They were just very expensive fire pit logs.”

There were also reports of people getting injured after stacks of Bibles fell on people’s heads. The drop also caused stampedes when civilians thought a bombing air raid was beginning. When the dust had settled, 12 people died and thousands were injured in the ‘Bible Drop’ campaign.

Gives a whole new definition of “being hit over the head by the word of God”.

This was a pathetic show of ignorance….but what could I expect from the stupidity that arises from arrogance.

Is it possible that with the ceasefire holding in Syria that the Bibles killed more people than any action on this day?

 The Fallacy of Troop Worship

Anyone that reads my blog knows that I am a staunch critic of the way this country treats our veterans…….we asked them to do their best and when they do we turn our backs on them the first chance we get……

Every candidate and every politician has nothing but support for the vets…..but most of it is hollow words with absolutely NOTHING of substance done on their behalf.

Then there is the “Support The Troops” movement….it raises lots of money and does little to nothing to assist the veterans in getting what the country owes them.

There is a pervasive idea in today’s American society that regardless of political philosophy or party affiliation, one must never criticize the members of the United States military. Conventional wisdom holds that we must appreciate the sacrifice soldiers have made to “fight for our freedom,” and even if one is against the war, they must always “support the troops.” This line of thinking is not coming solely from the pro-war crowd; many of those who consider themselves antiwar (or at least oppose a specific war or conflict) have the utmost regard for those who fight in them. But is this canonization of those who take up arms in the name of the United States government truly just? Or is it a falsehood based on propaganda, emotion, and a lack of critical thinking?

Source: No Thank You for Your Service: The Fallacy of Troop Worship – Original by —

Our veterans deserve so much more than this country is willing to give them……a cute little flag or a “special” sticker does NOTHING to repay them for their service.

We have a tendency to wrap our faux support for the troops in some obscure BS about patriotism…….

A U.S. ranger who served in Afghanistan and a Marine who was in Iraq put light on the dangerous myth that America has built around its “warriors.” Now, in acts of civil disobedience, they are determined to right the wrongs of war.

Source: Chris Hedges: The Lie of Patriotism – Chris Hedges – Truthdig

Patriotism is another one of those slogans that generates applause…..but very little else.

As a Viet vet I can tell you first hand just how unfeeling this country can be.

I see it all happening once again.

Why Israel needs a two-state solution

I spend a lot of time with my Middle East sources and have seen an up-tick in the news that Israel may be shining up to the idea of a two state solution to the conflict they now find themselves in….

Now there is a need for this solution and here is why…..(it is written by an Israeli)……..

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s view of Islamic State terror as a clash of civilizations paints Israel as the “good guy,” absolving it of resolving the conflict with the Palestinians.

Source: Why Israel needs a two-state solution – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Finally Israel is being called to account for their barbaric actions and it is all thanks to social media that gets the news out as it happens.

I am leery of anything that Israel does or says….they have shined up to this solution many times only to crap on it the first chance they get.  I think that this may well be one of those times…..yet again.

To say that I do not trust anything Israel says or promises is putting it mildly.

But I guess I will have to wait and see if maybe this time Israel may be serious….(not holding my breath)……

The ten stages of fascism

These days with all the protests and rhetoric and total emotional bullsh*t that is flying around the US…..there are two words that are passed around liberally….socialism and fascism .  Let’s start with the later…….would you know the signs that fascism is making its presence known?

If not then let Naomi Wolf help your understanding…….all 10 of the indicators…….

1. Invoke a Terrifying Internal and External Enemy Create a faceless threat that can be anywhere, anytime and anyone 2. Create a Gulag Install a prison system that exists outside of the rule of

Source: The ten stages of fascism – Adbusters | Journal of the mental environment

The more one looks at the election rhetoric the more a special odor is blowing in the wind…..


A Media Unmoored from Facts – Consortiumnews

I am an outspoken critic of our dynamite mainstream media…..especially when it comes to international stuff…..they do not report on anything that cannot be turned into a multi day speculation tour of journalists.  And I am not alone….there are many people asking the same questions.

The media is no longer dedicated to the news but rather the entertainment value of stories…..thus the American public is more uninformed than the rest of the world.

Mainstream U.S. journalism has completely lost its way, especially in dealing with foreign policy issues where bias now overwhelms any commitment to facts, a dangerous development, writes Robert Parry.

Source: A Media Unmoored from Facts – Consortiumnews