Becoming One Of The Mole People

I finish up my weekend posting with a subject that I have discussed in the past with one of my more loyal readers…… (name withheld to protect the innocent)……..what to do when the “end of days” is upon us…..where to go or where to live…..

Don’t mind relocating to Limestone, Maine, in order to live through a nuclear blast? Dave and Sue Prentiss have just the place for you. They’re selling their 17-acre property—a former missile launch site from US Army program Project Nike—complete with three missile silos, two of which are still accessible, reports the Bangor Daily News. They bought the site in 1985 because the former missile assembly and testing building was ideal for Dave’s car-restoration business. They then added a two-bedroom home and turned the former 100-person barracks into a three-bedroom apartment. But they’re now ready to part ways and say 10,000 square feet of underground space—storage for missiles that were removed after the site was shut down in the 1960s—would be great for living or doing some hydroponic gardening.

It would also prove useful if North Korea or zombies ever attack. “Some of the people who buy these do talk about zombies and others are survivalists,” says Edward Peden of Kansas real estate company 20th Century Castles; he has sold 60 missile sites and lives on one himself. He tells Fox News the Nike sites’ “very heavy and durable concrete” makes them “some of the best to resist a nuclear blast.” Peden says the property is worth $300,000 to $500,000, but there’s added “historic significance” as it’s one of roughly 150 old Nike sites. While the Prentisses are looking to downsize, Dave says he’ll miss having military members previously stationed at the base swing by to tell him about it. “It’s been great, a cool place to live,” he says. “It’s been heaven.”

Something to consider if you are truly concerned about the approaching “zombie apocalypse”……buy a good sword and move underground……

I recall a B-rated scifi flick back in the day called “The Mole People”….we will become our own worst nightmare?