Professor’s Class Diary: Update to The Update

A few weeks back I had a meeting with the Dean about the possibility of me teaching another class… our meeting I gave him a couple of ideas and he said that he would take it to the next meeting and let me know what had been decided…….

I have gotten a call back for another meeting and the Dean said that in discussions with others they had shown an interest in my teaching again…..they said that they would push for me to teach a 4 week class on National Security in the Summer session with the possibility of a 6 week class in the Fall on an overview of Terrorism…..

He emphasized that the classes would be contingent on enrollment if they were approved……

We talked about my last class and how I had gotten all the participation (apparently he was impressed with the massive class participation)…..I told him it was not that hard….the teacher has to present the material in a fashion that entices the students to ask questions and then formulate conclusions……

We left with a handshake and a question in my mind as to what these people would eventually decide… be honest I really did not want to teach a class on National Security….too many ways to cover and too little taken away by the student….especially in a 4 week course……but if it gets a bigger picture for me….I guess so much the better……

While I was in the process of writing this update I was called by his Lord Dean and informed that it was a go for me to teach a 4 week course in the Summer session on National Security…..

Now I must set about making a dry utterly boring subject into a course that will inform and educate the students……now there is a task worthy of my mind…..

4 thoughts on “Professor’s Class Diary: Update to The Update

  1. Though I am certain you’ll do a good job, what I would really like to see is a course on National Security that begins with a discussion of the entire myth of security, on all levels. The combined terms of “National” and “Security” is, in reality, an oxymoron, with no actual meaning, or anything in reality one can point to & say, ‘That;s national security’. Both the need for us to be governed, and the concept of security, are mythical, as far as reality goes…

    Begin there, and we might see some actual intelligent discourse on the matter.

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. Just an idea!
    The comon practice is to look at national security from a national, in this case USA, position.

    Why not start from an international point of view.

    What the US often tries to convince Americans of that it is done because of National Security.

    Outide the US however it is called a total disregard of International Law and Treaties
    Or a total disregard of Human Rights.
    Or support of tyrans, dictatorial systems.
    Or earsdropping on everybody and everyone inside and outside the US.

    In name of National Security the USA has even disregarded many of their own citizens rights, human rights.

    The land of the free, I tend to differ.

    1. Like I said before….I will approach this from a historical perspective to show how we got here from the very beginning of our interference….chuq

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