2016 GOP: Yet Another One Bites The Dust

The blood letting in New Hampshire continues….they are dropping like flies in the GOP…..first after the vote was Christie and now we have one less (again)….Carly Fiorina……the report of her leaving is on Twitter for BBC……

Carly Fiorina

That brings the total body count still active to 6 or 7….who knows for sure?

Still working on confirmation…….just thought my readers would like to be up on Breaking News……

Confirmed by Financial Times…..

Say good-bye to Carly……gone and soon forgotten…..

5 thoughts on “2016 GOP: Yet Another One Bites The Dust

  1. Careful! Next thing you know, you’re going to be reporting the death of Gordon Lightfoot…if you remember that one. Gordon’s been declared dead twice by the media now. (2010+ 2015) It’s far better to be a couple days late and 100% accurate, than be the first but only 50% accurate. Remember, this need for speed is how bullshit multiplies like Tribles. (see: WMD and 570 million other stories since 2000)

    Sure, whether it’s technically alive or not, Carly Figarella’s campaign is dead. But the reality is that it wasn’t even a late-term abortion! It was a first-term abortion, pulled out of the mothers womb and put on a table. It was NOT fully formed. It was just a tiny blob of tissue with no heart whatsoever and…sure as shit….no brain! And nobody was willing to buy it for parts. 🙂

    Ah, who’s kidding who? It was an RU486 job at most! I’m surprised this nag even made it to the Starting Gate, never mind New Hampshire. I think my dice-roll prediction sheet had her getting to Iowa, but leaving on a horse-trailer headed to the glue factory.

    1. She cannot make it as senator, governor and now prez…she is toast…..but she will try again…the bitch is looking for power and nothing will stop her short of death….chuq

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