Twenty-Five Years Later: A Look Back at ‘The Other Good War’ « Blog

Time for a short recent history lesson…..I do this because Americans have a terribly short memory when it comes to history…….we need reminding from time to time…..and the time is now……..

Twenty five years ago this month was the first Gulf War……another conflict for the good of the region……take a look back and you decide what is good and what is not……

Keep in mind…..the same reason for our current “Good War” is being fought was used in the first one…….it only ended after the fiasco of the “Highway of death”….don’t know….LOOK IT UP!


Twenty-Five Years Later: A Look Back at ‘The Other Good War’ « Blog.


9 thoughts on “Twenty-Five Years Later: A Look Back at ‘The Other Good War’ « Blog

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Not a thing is accomplished by war …. misery, displacement, instability, violence, death, destruction! And humanity never learns! Lessons that aren’t learned are doomed to be repeated! Oh, the pockets of some get lined with $$$$$ ….. forgot!

    1. The Writer Joh Reed when asked what causes war, he had one word…..PROFITS!

      Thanx for the re-blog……we need to remember how all this got started…..chuq

      1. I remember exactly what I was doing when it all started. I was getting ready for bed, and all this started happening in real time …. reported on prime time. I was still in Puerto Rico. I wondered “what has just started, what demon has been let loose?”

        And it’s been 25 years …… still stuck in the same sand, how many lives later? Sad!

      2. I had CNN on the tube and the war started and I just shook my head…….I thought it would be a mistake in the long run….it took 12 years but my hunch was correct….sad to say……

  2. Thanks for the history lesson. We need more wake ups. These years have gone by so quickly and our following generations have no idea how the actions of the US years ago are still haunting us. I fear the same mistakes will be made continually.

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