The Horror! A Plus Size Model

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about what happen to real women…..I admit it….I am an old fart and enjoy girl watching……but these days women seem to think they need NO curves and are a caricature of a stick person…….

I ask again what is so damn wrong with having curves?

There is debate going on about a “plus size” model……..

Sports Illustrated’s vaunted Swimsuit Issue hits newsstands Monday, and there’s a whole lot of buzz being generated about one of the bikini-clad models who appears in it: Ashley Graham, who happens to be a size 16. She marks the first inclusion of a plus-size model in the edition, though it’s important to note that Graham isn’t part of the editorial but stars in an ad for swimwear brand swimsuitsforall (whose website features plenty more shots). As Marissa Payne puts it at the Washington Post, “Hey, small steps lead to big steps sometimes.”

“I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too,” the 27-year-old tells Us Weekly, which reports Graham is no stranger to big-name magazines: She’s appeared in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Latina. A 2013 Forbes article sheds some light on what a moneymaker the issue has become. Launched in 1964, it brings in $1 billion (yes, billion) in revenue generated by everything from ad sales to sales of a namesake calendar.

Okay sports fans…..tell me what is so “plus” about this young lady?

Sorry she is far more sexy than some twig that has the same measurements from top to bottom……that has to stand up twice to make a shadow….or that if turn sideways and sticks out her tongue then she looks like a zipper……

Am I wrong?

4 thoughts on “The Horror! A Plus Size Model

  1. That woman is NOT plus, she is PERFECT! More of that would make Sports Illustrated a tad bit better. Click the link for another beauty called plus size, that is perfect

  2. Hell, I’m finally back to a size 16 again and it took work but I’m not sexy….well not so much anymore. I’ve gone from an hour glass figure to a wizen apple doll but my “sweetie” still thinks I’m “vulumptious” (his word) enough to play grab ass once in awhile, so who’s complainng. That model is a knock out and no one should say otherwise. Sticks are lovely, beautiful, elegant, and wear clothes superbly but the rest of us plumpy, lumpy, over the hill, dolls; quite often look better without them off. hee hee hee. dru

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