ISIS SITREP #75—Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories

Good day…..the news coming out of the Iraq/Syria conflict against ISIS has slowed down….all major news is about the AUMF request that is making its way through Congress…..

I decided to punch a small hole in the propaganda being sold to the public as news…

There is NO doubt that ISIS is a brutal, inhumane and barbaric group that has committed many atrocities against mankind……and there is a wealth of factual news that can be reported….given that I question the necessity to use spurious accounts of atrocities?  Why?

Below is some of the “BREAKING” news that made it around the media,,,,and so far I have seen nothing from these people as far as an apology for spreading lies……

These stories were regurgitated ad nauseum………Please before you assist the propaganda machine check the stories for accuracy……..

Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories.

Thanx for your time and attention……


Mandatory Military Service for Congress by Chad Nelson —

As long as I am posting on war today……some ideas are better than others……

What can I say…..but this is the best idea yet!

In my youth I was a grunt in Vietnam…no I did not get drafted….I volunteered……but the days of that war if you were fortunate enough to be from a wealthy family then your chances of NOT going off to fight in Vietnam were very good.

And along that line of thinking…….our Congress makes knee jerk decisions that constantly put our troops in harms way…… (please they are individuals….so be respectful and STOP calling these people “boots on the ground”…it is demeaning.) ……..maybe it is time for them to step up and actually serve in the military before they run for office.  after all such things as foreign aid, war, weapons sales, etc are in their hands…..maybe with service they would be a bit more responsible in their decisions……

I have NO problem asking these cowards to serve their country as a military member…..maybe then our injured vets could get some justice from the government.


Mandatory Military Service for Congress by Chad Nelson —

“What did thousands of dead Americans get us?” Before granting war powers, let’s see where the last two got us –

The Pentagon is waiting for the Congress to act on Pres. Obama’s request for the use of force (AUMF)…..while they wait maybe we should see just how the previous use of force has impacted the US and the World……

You will see that the ONLY benefit is to the M-IC and the defense contractors who need war to preserve their profit margins…….

Unfortunately all the deaths and destruction has not made the world a safer place!

But what the Hell…..why not do it again?


“What did thousands of dead Americans get us?” Before granting war powers, let’s see where the last two got us –

2014 Autopsy: Dem Style

Remember the GOP autopsy after they were handed their ass in the 2012 general election…..they went about saying that they had mucked it up and that they would have more outreach to women, Hispanics, African-American, youth, on and on…..and so far they have done NOTHING but double down on the losing issues from the past… abortions, trickle down economics, voting, immigration….nothing new just the same stale policies from the pst….some of them from the ’50’s.

Now after the Dems were handed their ass in 2014 they also have set about issuing an autopsy of things they got wrong……..

Remember after the 2012 election when the Republican Party released its “autopsy” to diagnose what went wrong? Well, now, it’s the Democrats’ turn, and the consensus from the task force findings thus far is that the party needs to do a much better job at “reconnecting.”

And not just reconnecting to all voters, but specifically to certain kinds of voters. The autopsy reads, “In order to win elections, the Democratic Party must reclaim voters that we’ve lost including white Southern voters.” They also want to study “barriers” that keep people from supporting Democratic candidates, like they did last year when their party was crushed in the midterms.

Most of the autopsy is about standing on principle and reaffirming Democratic commitments to issues like voting rights and economic opportunity. In fact, one of their key recommendations is to “create a values-based narrative” for the party.

You can read the full autopsy here:

Democratic Victory Task Force Preliminary Findings by Zeke Miller

A noble plan….to reconnect with the people.  Just how will that be accomplished from a party that works more for the wealthy than the average person?

Let’s say they hold true to that autopsy report… Clinton, the front runner at this time, the right person to do that reconnection?  I mean in 2008 she was shown to not know where to put the gas in her car on the campaign trail.

The Dems need someone who can tap into the populist message….I do not think that Hillary is that person…..I just do not see her as a surrogate for local candidates.

If not Clinton….then who?

I Like Ike!

Today the GOP is about as useful as sandpaper for TP…….there was a time when they stood for good government and a prosperous country….but those days are long gone.

I know most GOP types think that Reagan was some sort of magician…..but if they are looking for a role model….they could do NO better than Ike……


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VA: Time For This “Yutz” To Go!

My regulars know that I spend a lot of time writing about the Middle East….well for good reason….it is what I went to school for….but I also post many articles about our veterans and their treatment.

This country owes EVERYTHING to our vets and we give them squat.  Oh we talk a good game and we buy cheap little trinkets and we even occasionally say thanx…..when it comes down to it…we do Not support our veterans….and when we do some little thing it is out of guilt and NO genuine concern.

But this asshat is the leader of our vets and their policies and then he goes off on a rant and a pack of lies……..

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald last year took over a department facing no small amount of scandal—and now he’s stirred up controversy of his own. It started when he was being taped by CBS while speaking with a homeless veteran in Los Angeles, the Huffington Post reports. The man said he’d been in special forces, to which the former Procter & Gamble CEO, who is a military veteran himself, said: “Special forces? What years? I was in special forces!” But he wasn’t; he spent most of his service in the 82nd Airborne Division. “I have no excuse,” McDonald tells the Huffington Post. “I was not in special forces.”

In a statement to the Military Times, McDonald notes that the comment was “inaccurate, and I apologize to anyone that was offended by my misstatement. I have great respect for those who have served our nation in special forces.” He explained the situation to the Huffington Post: “I reacted spontaneously and I reacted wrongly” to the man saying he had been in special forces. He says he had “no intent in any way to describe my record any different than it is.” The White House says it takes McDonald “at his word.” But just last week, the Military Times notes, McDonald said on Meet the Press that 60 VA employees had recently been let go over the hospital scandal; he then walked back the claim, saying just eight had been fired.

Time for this ‘yutz’ to do the right thing and resign……….our vets deserve better representation than some liar and fraud.