ISIS Is Winning The Social Media War

We have all heard of the horrendous vids that ISIS posts on social media of their executions……and then there is their Twitter and Facebook attacks….it seems at times that the Us is just not capable of countering their social media barrage…..but could that soon change?

The Obama administration has a plan to fight back against ISIS propaganda, and it involves what the New York Times calls a “tiny State Department agency.” The Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, created in 2011, has always been tasked with coordinating “countermessaging” against extremists, but now it will be expanded, thanks to ISIS. “We’re getting beaten on volume,” a department official says. But “these guys aren’t BuzzFeed; they’re not invincible in social media.” ISIS and its supporters are responsible for up to 90,000 social media messages per day, and the group has been successful in attracting people to its cause and raising money. Administration officials will outline the counterattack plan during three days of meetings starting today.

In addition to expanding the CSCC, the administration wants to coordinate all US countermessaging attempts—larger departments, including the Pentagon, Homeland Security, and intelligence agencies, also have their own efforts underway—as well as countermessaging from a variety of sources, including foreign allies, nongovernment agencies, and top Muslim academics, community leaders, and religious scholars. Currently, CSCC employs specialists fluent in Arabic and other languages to craft narratives that oppose messages and misinformation from extremists (so far mainly al-Qaeda) and post those messages on the Internet, including on websites used to recruit jihadists. For example, one post showed a picture of three American men who traveled to Somalia to become Islamist militants only to be killed, along with the message: “They came for jihad but were murdered by al-Shabab.”

I like the idea of attacking them where they recruit….I am just not sure that the US is ruthless enough to do what is necessary to counter their, ISIS, message……

What do you guys think?

Let The Training Begin!

Flash!  Turkey has finally agreed to start training Syrian rebels for their program in opposition to Assad.  The problem is that Turkey is going to be picky on who they train…..why?  They still have a massive amount of angst with the Kurds, who are fighting for a homeland and in opposition to the Turkish government.

Now word has come down that the training will begin of about 1200 rebels…….

Pentagon officials updated the press on their vetting process for training the “new” Syria rebel faction that they’re planning to create, saying they’ve identified “about 1,200″ fighters for it.

1200?  Seriously?  First of all as a Viet vet….1200 trained soldiers will be about as worthless as tits on a bull….okay 1200 well trained troops can make a small difference but who will their enemies be?

Politicians like McCain have been pushing for this from the beginning……it is an excellent talking point or placing blame but there is NOTHING said that points to a successful program.  Another problem is that too many are trying to be well versed in the Middle East, they even visit the area, but a visit does not constitute knowledge….US ambassador to Syria Ford does not see this new program as successful…….

It’s also well short of what former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, once an outspoken support of the program, envisioned. He’s now very critical of the plan, and says too many of the moderate rebels are willing to work with al-Qaeda.

Ford says that the new rebel faction is going to be too small to be relevant, saying that even if they got 10,000 new fighters a year, it wasn’t clear they’d be able to accomplish anything.

Enough said?

(Video) Wesley Clark: Our friends and allies funded ISIS to destroy Hezbollah

Yep….another press of a piece I ran across yesterday while sitting in the hospital…..with a little luck I will return to normal posting by tomorrow…….this is killing me since I am an opinionated SOB……thanx for your patience.

We have heard from all sides about who created and funded ISIS so they could get to where they are today….I have heard all sorts of theories….it was CIA…..or maybe Saudis…..and then there is even a group of mental midgets that claim that Obama created the hated group….

But this is a fascinating interview of Gen. Wesley Clark….personally, I liked Clark in the 2008 election run……but that is unimportant right now…..keep in mind that Clark is a former commander of NATO and that gives him some insights that others may not have……

Watch this interview and tell me what you think of it……


(Video) Wesley Clark: Our friends and allies funded ISIS to destroy Hezbollah.

War in Afghanistan Escalating – Hit & Run :

Still shuttling back and forth to the hospital…..all is well but I may be slack in posting….please bear with me……this should be over in a day or so and I will return to my usual obnoxious self……thanx for your understanding…..

In December we got the news….the US involvement in Afghanistan was over……with the exception of those troops left behind to “train” the Afghan Army.

And then a miracle happened…….a free blessing from heaven……..

This should be a quiet time for US troops in Afghanistan: Not only is the US winding down its mission, but winter traditionally brings a lull in activity. But all that goes out the window when an al-Qaeda laptop turns up. The New York Times reports that the intelligence gleaned from the laptop has “helped fuel a significant increase in night raids” by US special ops forces and Afghan commandos in recent months. That includes some high-profile strikes like this one earlier in the week. The laptop belonged to an al-Qaeda leader named Abu Bara al-Kuwaiti, who was killed in a raid near the Afghan-Pakistan border in October. The newspaper quotes military officials who say the intelligence it contains is on par with info discovered in Osama bin Laden’s possession when he was killed. As for that reduced US military presence: “The official war for the Americans—the part of the war that you could go see—that’s over,” a former Afghan security official tells the Times. “It’s only the secret war that’s still going. But it’s going hard.”

All that intel will make getting out of Afghanistan all that more difficult…..after all we “must” act on intel…if not us….then who?

So will it be home for the holidays or there for the duration?


War in Afghanistan Escalating – Hit & Run :