7 right-wing demagogues that will be shoved down our throats in 2016 – Salon.com

Although NO one has made it official that they will be running for the GOP nomination…..there are a few that will be force fed to the American public as soon as possible……some are already in the running for the most forced candidates……

Mitt has bowed out……but from there it is wide open…..

Pleae tell me the one you think will be the most forced onto the voting public.


7 right-wing demagogues that will be shoved down our throats in 2016 – Salon.com.

14 thoughts on “7 right-wing demagogues that will be shoved down our throats in 2016 – Salon.com

  1. Right now I think Chris Christie is the most likely nominee, bad press and and all, because he’ll be the Mitt Romney of 2016 for the GOP. Someone who the far right hates (because they hate everything) but who is likely to pull in more votes than the other far right candidates.

    But I would keep an eye on Carly Fiorina too. She hasn’t publicly shown her extremists views that much yet and could be a counter to a likely (hope not) Hillary candidacy for the Dems.

    1. Larry I agree that Carly needs watching and I also think Carson, if he runs, will get lots of press simply because he is GOP and black….a combination they could exploit…

      1. No doubt Carson will got a lot of press but his “blackness” will not garner enough votes to get him nominated, especially in the conservative South

      1. Probably not….but Dems are so bad mouthed that I cannot see any of them do very well….there was a Rep that got voted out of office…not because he was doing a bad job on the contrary he voted just the way the people wanted…pro-gun, anti-abortion, seniors rights, and they voted a Repub into office that has the IQ of a turd and has done NOTHING since in office….but he is a Repub so they will keep him……it is just sad….and a bit ignorant….

  2. I think the Koch Organization has Scott Walker in their sights as their poster boy for right wing idiotology in 2016 and I fear that prospect because of their excessively deep pockets. I believe we will see a lot of “Walker For President” ads as 2016 draws closer. I mean, “Look at all he has done for (to) Wisconsin, for crap’s sake . . .Labor Unions love the guy, don’t they? Snark! Snark! Look at all he has done for Education in Wisconsin . . . just ask the University of Wisconsin! Yes, I think we will be seeing a lot of the “Walker” brand!

    1. It seems I read awhile back that he did something shady as county commish or something…..that will be exploited by Dems if it is true…..he is a pretty boy and that should play…he may even get some support in the South because we hates us some unions down here…..LOL

      1. Obviously the “People” of Wisconsin love the guy regardless of allegations of any shady stuff alleged or actual – – If a whole state can be buffaloed, then why not a whole country? Remember the candidacy and twin victories of George W. Bush? Remember how all of the world could not believe that we did that to ourselves twice? Politics is a strange beast, Chuq!

      2. I know and let’s not forget that the American people will buy into any scenario….it is NO longer about country but about the ego to the voter….

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