Save Us From All the SAVE Acts – Hit & Run :

THe government and the Congress is always saving the American public from one thing or another…..poverty, terrorists, drugs and so on…..

How many SAVE bills have the Congress soapboxed on since 2010…..I am glad you asked!


Save Us From All the SAVE Acts – Hit & Run :

The Eternal Recurrence of Interventionism by Shane Smith —

When I lecture I have students ask me….”why does the US continue to intervene where they might not be wanted?”

My easy answer is ….”think profits”.

But we do seem to have a propensity to stick our noses where they might not be wanted…….but why?

A good article that offers up some reasons for our endless interventionism.


The Eternal Recurrence of Interventionism by Shane Smith —

Oh Goody! Another Conflict For Us To Use!

Let’s take a break from the Super Bowl which I am sure that you are “totally stoked” about the outcome……and a break from snowstorms…..after all it is WINTER!

Will you were eating your “wangs” and making yourself hoarse……reality has caught up with fantasy……I am talking about the Ukrainian misunderstanding……

It seems the US cannot stay out of this situation….at all…….

With fighting between government forces and pro-Russia rebels in Ukraine intensifying once again, the US government is taking a fresh look at arming Kiev’s forces, despite the risk of Russian retaliation. Assistance so far has been limited to “non-lethal” items like body armor, but after recent setbacks for government forces, administration officials are moving closer to agreeing with NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe Philip Breedlove that Ukrainian forces should be supplied with defensive arms and equipment like anti-armor missiles and armored Humvees, the New York Times reports.

An independent report from eight former senior US officials to be released today calls for sending $3 billion in equipment to Ukraine. “The West needs to bolster deterrence in Ukraine by raising the risks and costs to Russia of any renewed major offensive,” they write. “That requires providing direct military assistance—in far larger amounts than provided to date and including lethal defensive arms.” NATO says that over the last four months, the Moscow-backed rebels—who recently rejected a peace deal—have captured nearly 200 square miles of additional territory in eastern Ukraine. The latest peace talks fell apart on Saturday as more than 1,000 people fled fighting around the town of Debaltseve, while Kiev said 13 more of its soldiers had been killed, the AP reports.

Oh goody!  Another internal dispute that we feel obligated to stick our noses into…..makes few happy…..with the exception of the Military-Industrial Complex…..after all to them it is profit first and damn the consequences!