Ashton Carter—Neo-Cons Rejoice!

First, let me say that I believe that Chuck Hagel would have been one of the best Sec of Defense but he was too much a person of the 60′;s and saw war for what it really is……a program not about right or wrong but rather about the true God of Americans….MONEY.

Move on!  Yes dear!

The new Sec of Defense will be grilled by the Congress in days to come and he should win support of a GOP lead Congress….why?  He is a neo-con and will lead us into more and more conflicts……

The president’s nominee to be the next Pentagon chief says he would consider changing the current plans for withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of next year if security conditions worsen.

In written comments to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Ashton Carter responded “yes” when asked if he would consider recommending changes to the current pace and size of the drawdown plan to address security concerns. He also said he is aware of reports that Islamic State militants may try to expand into Afghanistan, and said he will work with coalition partners to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Carter’s comments were included in his answers to a committee questionnaire that was obtained by The Associated Press. They come as Afghan leaders express concerns about the U.S. troop withdrawal and worry that local forces may not be ready to secure the country on their own.

Like it or not…..we are in for a decade, possibly more, of troops being sent to do the job that diplomacy cannot do……Ashton Carter will be the best man for that job.  And look for constant intervention in global affairs.

The M-IC is jerking off at the idea of this person taking the reins of the Pentagon……they can smell the profits from their offices.

Paul Ryan’s sorry invention: The GOP’s self-appointed poverty warrior coins “envy economics” –

You want a good chuckle today?

Remember back when Ryan was the VP candidate?  He called people that need help as “TAKERS”…..remember?

Anyway he is the GOP’s point man on the “income equality” issue…..and he has some good, humorous stuff here…..damn!  the GOP has it’s moments….unfortunately….this is NOT one of them.


Paul Ryan’s sorry invention: The GOP’s self-appointed poverty warrior coins “envy economics” –

The Strict Abortion Ban That Abortion Foes Fear | Mother Jones

We have a new Congress but the same types of people that will run the country…..I weep for our future.  I was duly surprised to hear that the GOP lead Congress would offer up an abortion bill……Okay that is a lie….I do enjoy being a smart ass……

The new bill is so much crap that even some anti-abortion people will oppose it……read it and enjoy……


The Strict Abortion Ban That Abortion Foes Fear | Mother Jones.

News From The Middle East

After the ghastly execution of the Jordanian pilot by ISIS…..Jordan has retaliated…….

Jordanian officials have announced that they will carry out a “revenge as huge as the loss of the Jordanians” after the execution of pilot Moaz al-Kasaesbeh, who was captured by ISIS in December.

And they did just that…..hung 2 convicted terrorists….

US is hoping that Jordan will be resolved to carry the fight to ISIS……

But in other news…it seems that the UAE is not as committed as we once thought…..even with the notoriety that they got with the female pilot fighting ISIS…..

Did I miss something?  Please read this and tell me what you see in this article…..


United Arab Emirates, Key U.S. Ally in ISIS Effort, Disengaged in December –

Do You Bow To Social Convention?

We Americans seem to always breakdown and box to social convention…….

SO……Did you do what was expected of you and bow to social convention and go pay to see the movie based on the runaway best seller, 50 Shades Of Grey?

I really do not care….but I had to have something that would be the  opening for this post……

Of course there were going to be product tie-ins to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie premiering Valentine’s weekend—and of course those products were going to veer into adults-only territory, considering the steaminess of EL James’ book trilogy on which the film is based. But the sex-toy industry is really banking on the movie to drive sales, which in turn is spurring retailers to order plenty of inventory and redesign current products to fit the Fifty Shades theme, the New York Times reports. “I would say that every single person has jumped on the bandwagon in terms of making toys around Fifty Shades,” says Sara Ramirez, a publisher at porn trade publication XBIZ. Even mainstream retailers like Target are on board, though one Oklahoma consumer complained that Fifty Shades merchandise was being sold next to kids’ dental care products, Consumerist reports.

The sale of blindfolds, whips, and other fetish-inspired items is already big business: A conservative estimate by IBISWorld puts 2013 sales of sex toys in the US at $613 million (Ramirez estimates it’s really between $1 billion and $2 billion). Experts cited by the Times note that erotic products sold like nuts after Fifty Shades came out as an e-book in 2011; IBISWorld says the debut prompted a 7.5% jump in sex toys, books, and videos in 2013. But while some companies have boosted supply orders, others are preparing more cautiously, saying they don’t want to be stuck with extra vibrators and feather-adorned handcuffs—or oversell sexual nirvana to their customers. “Using Kegel balls is not too much fun, it’s actually hard work to do it right,” the CEO of a sex-toy manufacturer tells the Times. (Whatever toys you may use, be careful when trying out this position.)

Ahhhhh…….Americans and blind consumerism……ain’t it great?