Libya’s New Strongman – The New Yorker

You know that recently Libya had their version of the Arab Spring and it resulted in the capture and death of Qaddafi….and then the ensuing battles for supremacy….this faction against that militia…..I am sure that most know the tune…….but did anyone know that the ‘leader’ of the faction that US will support has been on the payroll of the CIA for decades?

Yep, he is the inside man for the “company” inside Libya today….it was a long time coming but now the CIA has its own man as the future leader of the country of Libya…..

Interested?  Then by all means… on……..


Libya’s New Strongman – The New Yorker.

How to Get Serious About Ending the ISIS War | The Nation

Just about everyone, including myself, has an opinion on how to handle this new war on an enemy that we do not understand…..

There are as many plans of action as grains on the beach……the big problem is that few have any idea of how to start the plan to end ISIS reign of terror….we all think that it must end……but how?

Check out this piece and let the thoughts out to see daylight……..


How to Get Serious About Ending the ISIS War | The Nation.

Obama’s War Spreads Ever Wider – Bloomberg View

I would like to apologize head of time……I will be at the hospital with a fmily member most of today and have a few presses that I will post…..but sorry no original thoughts unless time allows…..thanx for your understanding…..

After 6 months of actual fighting in Iraq and Syria, the prez has sent his request for an authorization to use force…..and now the battle lines are being drawn and the debate ought to be mind numbing……

I know that most Americans just want to end the reign of tyranny of ISIS but without the use of US troops……that wish is a bit infantile since US forces have been used for the last 6 months…..but while you are debating among yourselves there is a few things that you need to keep in mind…..

This piece has some good things to consider… before you draw an opinion…..


Obama’s War Spreads Ever Wider – Bloomberg View.