ISIS Coalition SITREP #74

Good day……Let’s get right to it…….

Item 1–Egypt has joined the Coalition….but seems to be focused on the group outside the Levant…….

Egypt says it has launched airstrikes against ISIS targets in Libya after the extremist group released a grisly video showing the beheadings of several Coptic Christians it had held hostage for weeks. A spokesman for the Armed Forces General Command announced the strikes on state radio today, marking the first time Cairo has publicly acknowledged taking military action in neighboring Libya, where extremist groups seen as a threat to both countries have taken root in recent years.

The statement said the warplanes targeted weapons caches and training camps before returning safely. It said the strikes were “to avenge the bloodshed and to seek retribution from the killers.” “Let those far and near know that Egyptians have a shield that protects them,” it said. The militants had been holding 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian laborers rounded up from the Libyan city of Sirte in December and January. It was not clear from the video whether all 21 hostages were killed. Libya’s air force, meanwhile, announced it had launched strikes in the eastern city of Darna, which was taken over by an ISIS affiliate last year.

Is this a return to the days of Egypt doing the US bidding as it was with Mubarak?

Item 2–Our first HATE, AQ, is making its presence known….again!

Al-Qaeda is mobilizing its ranks in Syria and is heading toward the formation of a unified entity, similar to the other factions that have restructured themselves and aligned in a unified front from northern to southern Syria.

This could be the start of a major rivalry……
Item 3–The Sunnis of Anbar are not thrilled about the Shi’a militias in their territory…….
Officials in Iraq’s Anbar province are concerned about the members of popular mobilization forces carrying out sectarian revenge operations against the residents of the province, 80% of which falls under the control of the Islamic State (IS).

The popular mobilization forces formed following the fall of Mosul on June 10, 2014, after supreme Shiite religious authority Ali al-Sistani announced the “righteous jihad” fatwa. The forces brought together a number of Shiite militias, some of which receive direct support from Iran.

Once again ethnic tensions could be the death of any successes against ISIS….something they are depending on as part of their game plan…..
Item 4–“Save the last bullet……..”

SAS soldiers are believed to have been told to “save the last bullet for yourselves” if they fear they are in danger of being taken hostage by the terror group.

The UK’s elite force were flown into the Middle East last summer, as so-called Islamic State extremists began to take control of large swathes of Iraq, adding to their territory in Syria.

Working alongside US Marines, the SAS are understood to have helped thousands of Yazidi refugees escape a massacre, as well as preventing the Islamic State takeover of the key Syrian border town of Kobani.

Reports of an order for SAS troops to “fight to the last man” rather than be taken captive by militants follows the horrifying murder of a Jordanian fighter pilot, who was burned to death by the Islamic State.

Sounds like the SAS is facing reality…….

Item 5–More propaganda coming out of Iraq……It appears that some Iraqi official has told the UN that ISIS is harvesting organs to pay for their battle plan……

On the heels of a report that ISIS burned 45 to death comes yet another claim of brutality. The Iraqi ambassador to the UN is calling for an investigation of reports that the terrorist group has been harvesting organs to fund itself, the AP reports. Ambassador Mohamed Alhakim referred to reported discoveries of bodies marked by incisions. “We have bodies. Come and examine them,” he told the UN. “It is clear they are missing certain parts.” A dozen doctors who have turned down calls to perform the surgeries have been executed, Alhakim said. One report comes from Al-Monitor, a Middle East outlet, Antiviral reports. That report cites a doctor describing organ harvesting among “fallen fighters,” injured and abandoned people, and kidnap victims.

The UN’s outgoing Iraq envoy, Nikolay Mladenov, acknowledged a growing number of such reports. “It’s very clear that the tactics (ISIS) is using expand by the day,” he said. But Antiviral notes that evidence of organ harvesting isn’t “conclusive.” Meanwhile, Alkahim noted that the group’s attacks on specific ethnic groups amount to “crimes of genocide,” with Mladenov adding that he is especially worried by “the increasing number of reports of revenge attacks committed particularly against members of the Sunni community in areas liberated from (ISIS) control.” Mladenov said 790 people were killed last month amid terrorism and fighting, Fox News reports.

I have a problem with this….one, it is too hot to preserve organs and two, oil is still their biggest money maker…..

The briefing is done for the week…..

Thanx for your time and attention……..




Giuliani: Quintessential Political D/Bag

The statement by Giuliani has taken wings….I was so not going to write about it but then he is a moron and a colossal political hack……he deserves whatever criticism is leveled at him.

My Turn!

Remember back in ’08 when Rudy was running for the GOP nomination?  No?  That’s okay….nobody else does either.  But his talking points whether foreign policy or immigration or health care was easy… was one sentence that had a subject, a verb and 9/11 in the composition.

So as usual this mental midget has crapped in his chili………

Has Rudy Giuliani heard the phrase, “When you’re in a hole, stop digging?” Giuliani, under fire for private-dinner comments that President Obama doesn’t love America and wasn’t “brought up the way you were brought up,” has explained that he wasn’t attacking Obama’s race, just his upbringing. “Some people thought it was racist—I thought that was a joke, since he was brought up by a white mother, a white grandfather, went to white schools, and most of this he learned from white people,” Giuliani tells the New York Times. “This isn’t racism. This is socialism or possibly anti-colonialism,” he says, challenging the Times to find examples of Obama saying he loves his country “without all the criticism.”

Obama was “brought up in an atmosphere in which he was taught to be a critic of America,” Giuliani tells CNN. “That is a distinction with prior American presidents” like Ronald Reagan, he says, though he admits there have been an “awful lot of patriots who were critics.” White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz told reporters yesterday that he wasn’t going to “pile on” with criticism of Giuliani, though he said he agreed with the former New York City mayor’s own description of his remarks as “horrible,” the Hill reports. But Politico, which first reported Giuliani’s comments, notes that after Obama designated three new national monuments yesterday, a White House tweet had the hashtag #ObamaLovesAmerica.

Giuliani is a political joke….he just does not realize it…….he is still on the dialog from 2008….I would be surprised if his IQ was anywhere near his shoe size……Rudy boy has NOTHING worth listening to for any reason…….he is the GOP’s class clown.

Do yourself a big favor and ignore the ramblings of a mental midget…..who has NOTHING after 9/11!

AHHH-CHOO! Sorry…….. I’m Allergic To Bullsh*t!

That was the only thing I could think of when I heard a recent speech by presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush…..he decided that he would make a speech to show his foreign policy bona fides……and boy was it a chuckle.

Jeb’s foreign policy speech was a dud.  One he got his big historical perspective wrong and two, he got the official total of ISIS fighters wrong…..all in all the speech was a resounding dud.

You know I have been absent when reporting on future 2016 candidates……well for good reason….THEY ARE BORING!  But I have a feeling that is about to change.

My fave part of his little speech was that and I quote…..”I am my own man”…..Let’s look at that shall we?

He’s got two former presidents—and about two dozen top-level advisers to those presidents—by his side, but Jeb Bush says he’s got his own foreign-policy views. “I love my father and my brother. I admire their service to the nation and the difficult decisions they had to make. But I am my own man—and my views are shaped by my own thinking and own experiences,” Bush says in prepared remarks ahead of a Chicago speech today, as per the Washington Post. But, as the Post points out, Jeb Bush already has at least 20 veterans of his brother’s and father’s administrations to lean on as he preps for a campaign: That list includes two ex-secretaries of state under his father and Ronald Reagan (James Baker and George Schultz), two former CIA directors, two former Homeland Security directors, and other foreign-policy aces and diplomats.

So he is his own man?  But he will depend on the same pricks that gave us Iraq in 2003…..without much international experience he will depend on his advisers to make his case for him

If that does not scare you from the path of Jeb….then maybe his thoughts on international affairs will help you out……

………he’ll forge his own path to strengthen the US as a world leader and reinvigorate weakened relationships in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. Bush’s statements also take on the economy, the current administration (“Hashtag campaigns replace actual diplomacy and engagement”), and the military: “The President’s word needs to be backed by the greatest military power in the world. Because I believe, fundamentally, that weakness invites war … and strength encourages peace.

He seems to be echoing Reagan, GW and to a small part Bush 1……this should keep the neo-cons on board, at least for now…….

Typical political BS….kinda like “the will of the people”………Jeb will be a carbon copy of every neo-con that has ever run for office…….does anyone recall a piece I wrote recently about the military was getting to the point of being too expensive to use?  Keep that in mind anytime a neo-con thumps its chest like a sex crazed primate about the military…… will be EXPENSIVE!

Who Said “People Power” Was Dead?

I recall my days as an activist and protestor….the big chant was “power to the people” and in recent years it has seemed that it was all but lost….people have been protesting lots of stuff….the bailout, Wall Street theft, immigration and abortion rights with little lasting effect…….now a story that resurrects my belief in the power of the people.

About here………. think Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart that economic giant that removes into a town and closes down all the “Mom and Pop” businesses with the promise of creating jobs……and those jobs are wages below the poverty level.

For a couple of years Wally World has been in the news on various times…..their anti-union stance, their pricing scams and so forth….but the one that got the most traction was the way they have treated their employees…..from the lack of health care to wages….there has been many protests about their wages……and finally they cave!

Walmart is spending $1 billion to make changes to how it pays and trains US hourly workers as the embattled retailer tries to reshape the image that its stores offer dead-end jobs. As part of its biggest investment in worker training and pay ever, Walmart says that within the next six months, it will give raises to about 500,000 workers, or nearly 40% of its 1.3 million US employees. “We are trying to create a meritocracy where you can start somewhere and end up just as high as your hard work and your capacity will enable you to go,” CEO Doug McMillon said during an AP interview this week at the company’s headquarters in Bentonville, Ark. The company’s average full-time wage will be $13 an hour, up from $12.85. For part-time workers, the hourly wage will be $10, up from $9.48.

The changes, which Walmart announced today as it reported stronger-than-expected fourth-quarter results, come at a time when there’s growing concern for the plight of the nation’s hourly workers. Thousands of US hourly workers and their supporters have staged protests across the country to call attention to their financial struggles, and business groups and politicians have jumped into the fray, debating a proposal by President Obama to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour. A new AP-GfK poll also found that most Americans support increasing the minimum wage. In addition to raises, Walmart said it also plans to make changes to how workers are scheduled and add training programs for sales staff so that employees can more easily map out their future at the company.

This is great news for their employees……though I believe it is more to end the negative PR than any genuine concern for their wage slaves.

Now if Wally World can do it… can all the thieves that pay a pittance of wages.

People Power is alive and well in the US…..PEOPLE!  use the power that you have….there are so many issues that need to be faced and NOW we know that the people can make a difference!

Take It To The Street!

Drones: WTF?

We all are bombarded with the news that the US was eliminated this bad guy or that…..and all without the use of the military….we did this miraculous act with the use of drones……of course we could point out that they have killed more civilians than bad guys…..but that would make a great future post……

Sorry….I digress……the news has come out that the US will sell drones to our allies and friends……..that should make the defense contractors jerk off in the corner…….

If you were still skeptical about the future of drones, this should take care of that: Arms manufacturers can now get in on the action. The White House said today that it will allow the export of armed drones to other nations, reports the Washington Post. The newspaper calls the move “a significant step for US arms policy as allied nations from Italy to Turkey to the Persian Gulf region clamor for the aircraft.” To ease concerns about abuses, the State Department says it will make any nations that buy the drones pledge not to use them against their civilian populations, but instead only in “internationally sanctioned military operations,” reports the AP.

The US currently sells armed drones only to Britain, and the previous restrictions had allowed nations such as Israel to gain an early advantage in the international market, reports the Wall Street Journal. The State Department says that by allowing the exports, it can now play a bigger role in helping shape international standards on the use of military drones.

And the most amazing statement about this plan was… will give the US more control over their use……now think about that for a moment and I will watch some porn will you contemplate the thought…..DONE?

This single decision has just increased the number dead civilians.

Please explain to me just how the US will control the drones in other countries…….through a treaty?  Now there is a laugh we all need these days.