The Fascination With Sex

I am beginning to think that the GOP can only talk about sex when they are trying to define it for the rest of us…….like what Florida is trying to do……

What does “sexual intercourse” mean in Florida? The state’s Supreme Court justices are pondering the question in a case that threatens to weaken a 1986 law requiring HIV-positive people to reveal their infection before having “sexual intercourse.” A defense lawyer told the court yesterday that Florida’s laws have always used the term to describe traditional sex between a man and a woman, and not any other sexual activity by either gender. The case involves a man charged with a felony after failing to tell his male sex partner he was HIV-positive. The record shows that Gary Debaun’s partner asked him to take an HIV test, and that Debaun, who knew that he was infected, gave him fake test results showing he was free of the virus that causes AIDS.

“In the history of Florida law, the specific term ‘sexual intercourse’ has always been interpreted to mean reproductive sexual conduct,” said Debaun’s public defender, who’s trying to get the charge dropped. “It’s not the way that I’d want to define it, maybe—maybe not the way you’d want to define it—but that’s the way it’s always been in Florida law.” Most states legally require people with HIV to disclose the infection to sex partners, but the public defender told the justices that other states’ laws use the term “sexual activity” or specifically spell out sexual acts, rather than use Florida’s narrow language. Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Geldens argued that it was clear that the statute was enacted with the intent to protect people who engaged in any kind of sexual activity.

This from the party that thinks the government has no business telling people what to do….as long it is what they, the GOP,  believe…..

But hold on!  Utah had to be part of the conversation……..

A Utah bill stating that unconscious people cannot consent to sex proved to be more controversial than expected when it came before a legislative committee earlier this week. Rep. Brian Greene wondered if it meant that somebody who had sex with an unconscious spouse could be charged with rape, saying a rape charge “makes sense in a first date scenario, but to me, not where people have a history of years of sexual activity,” the Salt Lake Tribune reports. After at least one other Republican voiced similar concerns, an attorney from the Utah Prosecution Council explained that under the bill, “consent is a decision that has to be made at the time of the act” and you “cannot give consent to sexual activity if you’re unconscious.”

Sex with an unconscious person “is rape. Period. End of story,” Democratic Rep. Brian King told the committee, according to the Tribune. Greene ended up voting for the bill and apologized for his comments yesterday, saying he abhors “sexual assault under any circumstances, including within marriage.” The director of the Rape Recovery Center tells USA Today she hadn’t expected a debate and was shocked by Greene’s comments. “He’s a lawyer, you think he would know better,” she says. “But with the kind of work we do, we realize that so many people don’t understand this issue.” The bill was introduced after a 2013 case where a man claimed he had sex with an unconscious neighbor on her porch to keep her warm and “save her life,” Politico reports.

See…..the GOP is a prudish bunch of sex addicts……..I know that sounds like an oxymoron……but the GOP still thinks it has a right to intervene in the bedroom……..


Flash – Jailed schoolgirl becomes Palestinian symbol – France 24

I have said that the Palestinians need to return to the days of the 1st Intifada….that was when children throwing rocks were met with armed IDF troops……gave the movement a boost and then from there on the answer was rockets and violence.

I understand why they resort to those tactics but they need to find a way to get to the people in other countries….most of which have seem their share of violence so any violence will fall on unsympathetic ears and eyes.

But all that could change….this one story could do more than a group of armed fighters……she should become the focal point of the movement.


Flash – Jailed schoolgirl becomes Palestinian symbol – France 24.

The Horror! A Plus Size Model

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about what happen to real women…..I admit it….I am an old fart and enjoy girl watching……but these days women seem to think they need NO curves and are a caricature of a stick person…….

I ask again what is so damn wrong with having curves?

There is debate going on about a “plus size” model……..

Sports Illustrated’s vaunted Swimsuit Issue hits newsstands Monday, and there’s a whole lot of buzz being generated about one of the bikini-clad models who appears in it: Ashley Graham, who happens to be a size 16. She marks the first inclusion of a plus-size model in the edition, though it’s important to note that Graham isn’t part of the editorial but stars in an ad for swimwear brand swimsuitsforall (whose website features plenty more shots). As Marissa Payne puts it at the Washington Post, “Hey, small steps lead to big steps sometimes.”

“I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too,” the 27-year-old tells Us Weekly, which reports Graham is no stranger to big-name magazines: She’s appeared in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Latina. A 2013 Forbes article sheds some light on what a moneymaker the issue has become. Launched in 1964, it brings in $1 billion (yes, billion) in revenue generated by everything from ad sales to sales of a namesake calendar.

Okay sports fans…..tell me what is so “plus” about this young lady?

Sorry she is far more sexy than some twig that has the same measurements from top to bottom……that has to stand up twice to make a shadow….or that if turn sideways and sticks out her tongue then she looks like a zipper……

Am I wrong?

7 right-wing demagogues that will be shoved down our throats in 2016 –

Although NO one has made it official that they will be running for the GOP nomination…..there are a few that will be force fed to the American public as soon as possible……some are already in the running for the most forced candidates……

Mitt has bowed out……but from there it is wide open…..

Pleae tell me the one you think will be the most forced onto the voting public.


7 right-wing demagogues that will be shoved down our throats in 2016 –

Huckabee Has The Answer!

One name being batted around for the GOP nomination is one Huckabee or Huck-a-buck or….well you pick a description for this mental midget.  Back in 2008 when he ran for this prestigious position he was joined by Walker Texas Ranger….Chuck Norris….I do hope that happens again so I may return to calling it the “Huck And Chuck Show”…….a comedy of errors.

Enough of my jocularity….let’s get to what this post is about….of course being a Baptist preacher he will have lots to say about gays and their rights……but he made a statement recently that made me laugh out loud……..

As Mike Huckabee feels out a 2016 presidential campaign, he’s evidently not suddenly going after the gay vote: The former governor of Arkansas tells CNN today that, as a Christian, asking him to accept gay marriage is akin to “asking someone who’s Jewish to start serving bacon-wrapped shrimp in their deli.” He adds that while he has friends who are gay and that he doesn’t shut people “out of my life because they have a different point of view,” he likens homosexuality to a lifestyle choice, like swearing or drinking. “I don’t drink alcohol, but gosh—a lot of my friends, maybe most of them, do. You know, I don’t use profanity, but believe me, I’ve got a lot of friends who do. Some people really like classical music and ballet and opera—it’s not my cup of tea.”

And don’t look for Huckabee to undergo President Obama’s famous “evolution” on the issue: “This is not just a political issue. It is a biblical issue. And as a biblical issue, unless I get a new version of the scriptures, it’s really not my place to say, OK, I’m just going to evolve.” He continues: “We’re so sensitive to make sure we don’t offend certain religions, but then we act like Christians can’t have the convictions that they’ve had for 2,000 years.” (Huckabee recently dinged the Obamas for letting their kids listen to Beyonce, whose dancing is “best left for the privacy of her bedroom.“)

What got me tickled was not the gay stuff for I have come to expect that infantile crap from religious mental midgets but his comment that cursing is a lifestyle……


I admit it….I curse like a drunken sailor….but mine is not a lifestyle I choose….it is more my minds reaction to the insanity and lack of comprehension by my fellow Americans…..and a coping device for me to keep from choking the living sh*t out of some a/hole that desperately needs it.  Since most are not capable of grasping the simplest concept….my mind just cannot tolerate….STUPID!