If You’re Happy and You Know It — So Does Your Dog | WIRED

It happens every week!  The weekend begins and I search for interesting stuff that has little to do with the major stories of the past week…….

My readers know I am a dog person…..my two friend are Baby Girl and Little Man…..and I swear they they can read my mind at times….they know I am about to do something before I do……any way I saw this article and my first reaction was….well duh!


If You’re Happy and You Know It — So Does Your Dog | WIRED.

50 Shades Of Bored

I do not normally do movie reviews….for one, my taste is different than most people and two, it is boring.  But it is the weekend and with all the hoopla I thought I would break with tradition…..

When I heard that one character was named Anastasia …I said a bet a woman wrote the book……NO self-respecting guy would have a character named that……(nope I have not read the book….I do not do fiction)…….

Since it was released yesterday and I happen to see a few reports on the movie I thought I would pass it on……

The wait is over for EL James fans who’ve pined three long years for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele to get it on on the big screen. But audiences are giving Fifty Shades of Grey just a 57% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and critics are even less impressed:

  • Courtney Shea spots a glaring issue right off the bat: There’s “definitely not enough” sex. Writing for the Globe and Mail, she says “theater-goers must sit through scene after scene of snoozy phallic imagery” before the “strangely sterile” sex. “Nobody sweats or pants or experiences onscreen ecstasy, which is presumably how a movie about violent sex manages to avoid an NC-17 rating, but the result feels like 50 shades of beige.”
  • Steven Rea is on the same page. “Isn’t the stuff of bondage and discipline, sexual role play, silky blindfolds, and whips and floggers supposed to be, well, exciting?” he writes at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Instead it feels “lethargic,” he writes, and the cast is partly to blame. While Dakota Johnson as Ana “is easily this movie’s most pleasant surprise,” her co-star Jamie Dornan as Christian is “boring” and “one-note.”
  • “The movie version of Fifty Shades is better than the book,” writes Joe Williams at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “It’s still awful, but when a filmmaker starts with stupid source material, he’s handcuffed,” he quips. “The likably coy Johnson has no chemistry” with Dornan, whom he actually calls “a casting disaster.” Overall, “this is soft-core commercialism without a trace of real-world relevance.”
  • Meredith Goldstein at the Boston Globe wasn’t quite so turned off. EL James’ book “was stripped of its worst parts and turned into a surprisingly warm screenplay,” she writes. Johnson “saves the day,” manages to transform the book “into an unexpected romantic comedy,” and makes Anastasia Steele “seem like someone worth knowing.” Meanwhile, Dornan gives “constant constipation face.”

A side note……I live in Mississippi and the right wing wacko group, American Family Assn, is home based in Tupelo, a city in the North of the state……The AFA defined itself as “a Christian organization promoting the biblical ethic of decency in American society with primary emphasis on television and other media,” later switching their stated emphasis to “moral issues that impact the family………well AFA is bad mouthing the movie as a way to destroy the country and society…..but it seems that Tupelo is not listening and the first 4 shows are sold out……and that was what I wanted to report on….it just took me awhile to get to the point…..LOL