GOP Answer To Police Violence

I have given all the stated solutions for the problems the police are having these days….from Trump and from the Dems…..and now the GOP has finally released their plan…..

For comparisons this is my previous post…..

Now the GOP ideas…..

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will unveil the Senate GOP’s police reform bill on Wednesday morning.

CNN has obtained a copy of the proposed legislation, read it here:
All plans are good ideas….the problem is can any of it be actually enacted?
A typical delaying tactic is the appointing of commissions/investigations….these are used to delay the implementation of reforms with the hope they will wither and die on the vine of political games…..GOP/Dems are both experts at using this game ending tactic.
But don’t believe me….others see it as well….

“Now is not the time to think small or respond with superficial, bureaucratic proposals,” Sanders said on the Senate floor, referring to the bill introduced Wednesday by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.). “Now is not the time for more studies. Now is the time to hold racist and corrupt police officers and police departments accountable for their actions.”

The Republican bill—which was immediately criticized as insufficient by civil rights groups—includes a narrow set of proposals to incentivize police departments to offer de-escalation training, establish a “museum curriculum to educate law enforcement personnel about the history of racism,” and restrict the use of chokeholds by officers.

Most of these sound more like reform over change….and reform is NEVER permanent.
I do not see a lot of hope for de-militarizing the police and that is where problems exist.

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4 thoughts on “GOP Answer To Police Violence

  1. Also the for-profit prison system. There’s no incentives to make more rational decisions about people cops come in contact with and whether they should be hauled to jail if the for-profit prisons are demanding a certain quota of occupants. And stupidvisors assume the job’s not getting done right if there’s not enough arrest paperwork crossing their desks. Grr.

    1. True…like I said….study groups and commissions will do little but waste time and money and accomplish very little….chuq

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