MacArthur Was A Douche

Let’s change the tune from pandemics and racism…..a little history would fit nicely in that range…..

Yes I wrote the word “douche” and I feel he is so…..I can explain but I am sure there will be those that read the title and will not give an explanation a chance (but I am use to that ignorance)…..

There are many Americans that look to MacArthur as some sort of hero ….but like Patton he was more a jerk than a hero.

Why do I say this….well it is not me but rather something others have said (I will give my thoughts later)….

On June 17, 1932, 17,000 United States military veterans of World War I and 25,000 of their friends and family gathered in Washington, D.C. to demand early payment of their service certificate war bonuses.  Although the bonuses were not due to be paid until 1945, the Great Depression had hit the United States and these veterans were floundering financially.  General Douglas MacArthur, chief of staff of the Army, personally led US troops to forcibly drive away his fellow veterans, even though future 5 star general and president, Maj. Dwight Eisenhower (serving as an aide to MacArthur) counseled him not to have anything to do with the eviction.  Maj. George Patton, future General and World War II hero, personally led a cavalry charge against the protesting veterans, including a man that had saved Patton’s life during World War I.  The use of military force against unarmed US war veterans is just one of 10 arguably shameful or stupid things we are listing here to demonstrate why some people think that Douglas MacArthur was a jerk, not a hero. 

10. Return to Philippines.

Although the Japanese could have been defeated sooner had the US followed a different strategy, MacArthur insisted on retaking the Philippines first to satisfy his own ego and make good on his “I shall return” boast.  What an ego!  Perhaps “We shall return” would have been more tactful.

10 Reasons People Have Called General Douglas MacArthur a “Jerk”

Much like the president today MacArthur was a narcissist…..his ego was the only thing that matter even more so than the nation he served…….

Douglas MacArthur appears to have had an extraordinarily successful military career. He attained the rank of five-star general and was the Field Marshal of the Philippine Army. MacArthur also won a variety of awards including the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross (three times), Silver Star (seven times), and the Purple Heart (twice) among other medals. However, MacArthur has not fared too well in the annals of history as a growing number of people believe he was an extremely overrated commander.

In fact, certain polls rate him among the worst American commanders alongside luminaries such as the treacherous Benedict Arnold and incompetent Ambrose Burnside. According to his critics, MacArthur was arrogant and insubordinate; he also has the unique distinction of quarreling with three presidents.

This Insider’s Guide to General McArthur Reveals Whether He Was Really an American Hero or Overrated Narcissist

Yes he was overrated then and is still overrated……

I first disliked him after learning that he lead the troops to attack protesting veterans that were demanding the benefits that the government had promised.

The more you learn the more you will see what a d/bag he truly was……

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15 thoughts on “MacArthur Was A Douche

  1. In Brisbane, where he was based after withdrawing from the Philippines, he did very, very little (nothing, really) to quell the fighting that had broken out between Brisbane residents and US soldiers.

  2. The US public (both Democrats and Republicans) are basically a militant and exceptionalist society. Myths about war and “war heroes” are easy to perpetuate and sustain in the public consciousness.

  3. Whew! I was starting to wonder if I was crazy for thinking MacArthur wasn’t “all that”, considering all the fawning and the like over the years. I remember reading about the dispersal of the bonus marchers and it pissed me off and put a black mark in his column in my book (and amazed me that Hoover got all the blame. I didn’t know Patton was there, too… another reason I don’t like him now).

    Besides, if all coverage was more equal on the Allied side in WW2, Marshal Zhukov was the tops. Afraid our commanders would be the middle of the pack, or high-middle at best in that list.

      1. Ugh. I always wondered why Ike was so well liked. Yeah, he was THE commander of the allied forces, but he was a political commander. He’d never even been near a shot fired in anger in his career until he got that job, according to some researchers I’d heard in documentaries.

      2. His party in 1956 had a great platform….I like Ike better than Patton and MacArthur and definitely better than that prick Monty. chuq

  4. His famous walk in the surf during the landings on the Philippines seems to have been nothing more than a carefully-staged photo opportunity.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. You bring up a far more disconcerting trend brewing as it relates to interpreting the honor we bestow to any historical figure. Just pick one, any one in history, and you will find that person has offended someone, some demographic, to apply a chink into the honor-armor of that person, from some forgotten time period in history. Every historical figure is on the judgement hot seat of our present day political correctness-gone-wild.
    Mind you, I am not in disagreement on your thoughts about MacArthur. He was a narcissistic military commander who likely made some decisions that killed our soldiers needlessly because if it. Toss Patton on that stack as well. Washington had slaves.. as did the majority of old rich white guys that signed everything back then. I am very sure if some researcher who dug deep enough one might cast untoward designs on Martin Luther King, Jr. over some past thing he did or said in his life that sheds some doubt in being a “pure” civil rights leader. Lincoln… he was of the popular opinion of the abolitionists of his day that blacks were not at the same “level” as white folks.. although enslavement was wrong… he had sympathy for sending them back to Africa because of the then misguided perception that’s where enslaved blacks wanted to go.. “home”, although not practical to do in real life. Yet he’s our Great Emancipator.
    All in all, does ANYONE deserve a bronze statue to last the rigors of time? Likely no one does. Or… maybe… we accept and embrace the fact we are all human and as such our lives are full of things we said or did that wouldn’t pass the scrutiny of some 21st century American who feels slighted for something. It IS very conceivable that what led to a particular person being hailed as a hero for some achievement or event was able to achieve that because of having lived life as an “average” human who stumbles through life doing good and doing the stupid.. and saying idiotic and ignorant things.. being a complete prick or a half-witted douche, then recognizing along the way the evolution of personal change, adaptation to events in life, accumulating social experience, and simply maturing on priorities.. led to his/her singular outstanding achievement. We aren’t there yet. Makes me think we are more pissed at ourselves for having faults that offend others who have faults, than our “heroes”.

    1. I do not mind statues of people where they did their “historic” thing…..but a statue of a guy that may not have even showed up in the place is just dumb……this would be better if we actually had a conservation on race instead to throwing slogans around and avoiding the subject completely. chuq

      1. Agreed.. and like the naming of military installations… at least pick Confederate names that showed some distinction in battle.. not idiot generals who had no idea what they were doing on a battlefield. I’ve oft said name these places, all branches, on Medal of Honor winners for their specific branch. But… I never am apparently home to answer the calls from Washington asking for my opinions on things. Phone tag.

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