Virus D/Bag!

Closing Thought–01Apr20– #2

We see all kinds of stories coming out during this time of crisis….but the good news is that some Americans will receive some financial help….not enough in my opinion…..and then there are those d/bags that will try and profit off workers benefits.

Like a company in Oklahoma……

One of the few positive things about the Coronavirus pandemic is that it shows us just how greedy, heartless and merciless some corporations can truly be.

For example, we have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that ImageNet Consulting – an Oklahoma City-based “Information Technology Solutions” firm that sells high-dollar copiers, scanners, and IT services to companies all across the country – wanted their remaining employees to forfeit a portion of their April paycheck that is equal to the amount they will receive from their government-issued Coronavirus stimulus payment.

OKC-based company wants to keep employees’ $1,200 stimulus payments….

Is this some person that the stim money was to protect?

This person and anyone like him should be help up as a “war profiteer” and shot as soon as possible.

People have asked me why I dislike capitalism so much and this man is a prime example of how it exploits……before I get hate mail…..I am NOT against companies making a profit but they should be more responsible and work to make this country better not make themselves richer.

But more….after giving a company $13.8 million to produce ventilators and so far nothing…..

A Pennsylvania company that received $13.8 million in tax dollars to produce cheap, portable ventilators is now selling them overseas as the U.S. scrambles to find enough of the devices to sustain hospital patients affected by the coronavirus, according to an investigation by ProPublica.  

In 2015 the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) contracted the company to produce the ventilators, which were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in September 2019. Not a single version of the model, Trilogy Evo Universal, in the U.S. stockpile.

These types of cowardly traitors should be identified and held responsible….and eventually made to pay for their actions….especially when they are stealing taxpayer money.

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Those Covid-19 Myths

Closing Thought–01Apr20

Every day as we sit in our homes and shelter ourselves from other people we are bombarded with information on all sides….and not all this info is accurate.

We hear that our pets can give us the virus…..or gargling bleach will kill the virus…..rubbing bleach on skin will protect….and there are so many other myths and misinformation that has most of us pulling our hair out……

Here are some of the more common myths and their validity busted.

The World Health Organization (WHO) officially changed their classification of the situation from a public health emergency of international concern to a pandemic on March 11.

To date, the novel coronavirus — currently dubbed “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2,” or SARS-CoV-2 for short — has been responsible for more than 245,000 infections globally, causing more than 10,000 deaths. In the U.S., the virus has affected 14,250 people and has so far caused 205 deaths.

As ever, when the word “pandemic” starts appearing in headlines, people become fearful, and with fear come misinformation and rumors.

Here, we will dissect some of the most common myths that are currently circulating on social media and beyond.

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a great deal of anxiety, we might come to think people are irrational, selfish or downright crazy. We see people showing up to public venues en masse or clearing supermarket shelves of toilet paper.

Experts are often ignored. We hear inconsistent information and arguments filled with fallacious reasoning being accepted by a seemingly large number people.

The answer for the kind of panicked flurry in reasoning may lie in a field of critical thinking called vice epistemology. This theory argues our thinking habits and intellectual character traits cause poor reasoning.

Please take these to heart… not fall victim to lies and misinformation….it can be deadly.

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A Mandate Of Heaven?

Interested in knowing what I mean?

Mandate of Heaven basically means there can only be one legitimate ruler and this ruler has the blessing of god….this idea started in China back during the Shang Dynasty 1046 BCE…..

That term popped to mind when I read something about the upcoming 2020 election…..

Donald Trump has made what he says are “jokes” claiming that he will not leave office at the end of his term on at least 27 separate occasions, according to one researcher’s count, sparking fears that he will refuse to step down even if he is defeated in the 2020 presidential election. On Saturday, the bestselling author of two investigative books about Trump outlined what he says is Trump’s “step-by-step” plan for holding on to the presidency, even if he loses in November.

According to Seth Abramson, the author of the New York Times bestselling book, Proof of Collusion: How Trump Betrayed America, Trump’s plan to remain in office despite an electoral defeat would not involve using the military or law enforcement to stage a “coup.”

Instead, Abramson wrote in a lengthy Twitter essay compiled by Thread Reader, the plot to reject the election results would unfold primarily through the media and the court system.

Author Claims Donald Trump Already Has ‘Step-By-Step’ Plan For Refusal To Leave Office If He Loses Election

Do I think that this will happen?

Probably not…..but that said Trump does think his shit don’t stink and I would not put some silliness like this from him if he loses in November.

What are the chances?

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More Plague History

I know that these times….days locked away in our separation……my thoughts are that while learning stuff about the way to be deal with this pandemic why not learn as well…..and history is always fascinating….that maybe just me.

I posted about the plagues of old and how they fit into the gravity of history………

That post looked t the Middle Ages in Europe…..but they were not the only region to suffer……

Among the worst infections recorded is the plague which is fairly well documented in the West starting with the Plague of Justinian (541-542 CE) and continuing on through the Black Death (1347-1352 CE). Outbreaks of plague following the Black Death already had a body of literature to draw upon and so, in the West, are also well documented.

The same cannot be said for the plagues of the Near East which claimed millions of lives between 562-1486 CE throughout the regions now known as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt among others. The initial plague is thought to have been a continuation of Justinian’s Plague, although other theories as to origin have been suggested, and the epidemics which followed are considered either a resurgence of this plague or another strain brought to the region through trade or the return of troops from campaign. These outbreaks are sporadically mentioned in histories of the plague owing to a number of factors including:

Another thought…….How did the Greeks handle the outbreaks of disease in days past……

ith the spread of the coronavirus, the world is becoming pointedly aware of the extent to which human beings are interconnected. The rapid spread of the virus has highlighted how much we are dependent upon one another, not just for basic biological needs, but also for our sense of belonging and even commerce.

There’s nothing novel about this level of interdependence.

As historians of early Christianity, we know that from the sixth century B.C., people in the ancient Greek city-state, or polis, were acutely conscious of this dependence. They dealt with disease spread as a result of living in close quarters.

In other words…..shelter in place or separation has been a good plan for at least 2500 years.

More on the responses in history to a pandemic (plague)……

Throughout history, epidemics and pandemics of plague and other diseases have caused widespread panic and social disorder even, in some instances, when the people of one region were aware of a pervasive infection elsewhere. In the case of the Plague of Justinian (541-542 CE and after), for example, the people of Constantinople were aware of plague in the Near East for at least two years before it arrived in the city but made no provision because they did not consider it their problem.

Once the disease struck, the people felt overwhelmed as it seems as though they believed that what had happened to others elsewhere could not possibly happen to them. Since there was no concept of germ theory, no one understood the cause of these outbreaks or how they spread and so they were attributed to supernatural causes and the wrath of the gods or God.–medieval-world/

Be clam…..avoid crowds….wash hands often….stay prepared……

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The Virus And Social Media

I am sorry but social media can be doing more harm. than good.

We can always point to the access to information almost immediately as a positive….and on the other hand we can point to the morons that are challenging people to lick toilet seats or those dweebs that are spreading some sort of conspiracy instead of much need clarity of information.

“The facebooks and twitters of today are nothing but tulip manias and other pyramid schemes that were well-known in late 18th century Europe. They provide no service and make nothing of value, but they are rather adept, for a brief while, at convincing quite a few people that they do.” (Baruch Pletner)

We are staying home and interacting through social media….but is that a good thing?

Everything that we’re currently enduring would be worse without the Internet. Without it, we wouldn’t be getting nearly as much information nearly as quickly. Our ability to look up what doctors are saying would be nil. Our ability to know what the coronavirus is doing in other countries would be limited to foreign correspondents. Our knowledge about the crisis we’re facing would be limited to what we could find out from the television, the radio, newspapers, and magazines.

The optimistic view is that social media could prove useful at a time when many of us are otherwise isolated from one another. Conversations around the coronavirus, especially those at the community level, can help us navigate this crisis, says Jeff Hancock, a professor of communication at Stanford University and the director of the Stanford Social Media Lab. Those discussions are “reflecting how society is thinking and reacting to the crisis,” Hancock says. “They’re allowing society to sort of talk its way through what is an unprecedented kind of threat.” Scientists and other public health experts are also using social media to more directly engage with the public or discuss emerging research, while community leaders are using it to form ad-hoc volunteer networks to help vulnerable neighbors.

WHO and other public health organizations also use social media to inform the public about the outbreak, and control the panic. Of course, it doesn’t mean that misinformation is not being circulated among social media users. For many people, conspiracy theories are a natural response to the senseless cruelty of this crisis. They offer clarity and an opportunity to blame someone for the havoc. So it’s not unreasonable that a number of dangerous conspiracy theories ‘blew up’, offering interesting, albeit completely incorrect ways of viewing the situation. Some claim that the virus is a biological weapon, created by either the US (to kill Chinese people) or China (to kill Americans). Some claim that the outbreak was orchestrated by big tech – to undermine China’s status as the world capital of high-tech manufacturing.

All I am trying to say is to be leery of the information you may get from social media…….go to reliable sites for that info.

“Virus Truthers” have made their appearance…..remember those types from a decade ago?

NBC News is calling them “coronavirus deniers”; the Daily Beast is going with “coronavirus truthers.” These are the people—most of them conspiracy theorists or far-right activists—who started the #FilmYourHospital hashtag urging people to head out to their local hospitals, film the entrances, and then post the results on social media. Their argument: Things seem pretty quiet at these hospitals despite harrowing reports to the contrary. As NBC points out, just because the outside of a hospital appears calm doesn’t mean the inside is. And an expert notes that some hospitals, even in hard-hit areas like New York City, may simply be quieter than others: “There can be particularly high-risk neighborhoods within a hot spot. There may be hospitals where they’re not putting refrigerated morgue trucks out the door. If you take it all together, it’s one big picture. If you look at it separately, it may look like another.”

Adds Will Sommer at DB, “The videos also don’t consider that, as hospitals cancel elective surgeries and ban visitors, fewer people could be parking at the hospital. The videos also don’t take into account the fact that coronavirus patients are likely isolated from the rest of the hospital, meaning they can’t be easily seen by walking past an entrance or lobby.” The phenomenon started when former Fox News commentator Todd Starnes tweeted a video Saturday of a calm-looking Brooklyn Hospital Center; the next day, a New York City councilman tweeted a video of bodies being loaded onto an 18-wheeler outside the same hospital. Even so, the hashtag (which Sommer notes was started and proliferated by QAnon conspiracy theorists) and accompanying conspiracy theory had already taken off, with thousands tweeting about it by Monday and people including a onetime California congressional candidate posting similarly quiet-appearing videos of hospitals. A Fox News contributor retweeted, then deleted, that video.

It will get crazier as the pandemic rages on…….

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How About The Conventions?

All this stuff about the virus and the damage it is doing…..during this time very few are thinking ahead to the nominating conventions this Summer…..and yet even with all the horrid news these conventions are still being planned to go forward as usual….for now……

Major summer events including the Olympics have been canceled or postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic—but it’s full steam ahead for the Republican National Convention, according to organizers. The North Carolina Republican Party says they are still planning to hold their statewide convention in May and the Republican National Committee is still planning to hold the national convention in Charlotte Aug. 24-27, Fox 46 reports. “We are fully committed to holding the Republican convention in Charlotte as planned and re-nominating President Trump,” says RNC chief of staff Michael Walters. “We have not had any substantive conversations about alternative scenarios.” Some states, including Texas and Virginia, have delayed party conventions and discussed virtual alternatives.

The Democratic National Committee has said it is going ahead with the July 13-16 convention in Milwaukee, though it said Monday that organizers are “exploring a range of contingency options to ensure we can deliver a successful convention without unnecessary risk to public health,” Politico reports. RNC organizers say the convention is in far better financial shape than the 2016 event and they hope to raise $65 million by the end of June.


Apparently politics takes a backseat to NOTHING….not even a pandemic that is killing the voters.

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