How About The Conventions?

All this stuff about the virus and the damage it is doing…..during this time very few are thinking ahead to the nominating conventions this Summer…..and yet even with all the horrid news these conventions are still being planned to go forward as usual….for now……

Major summer events including the Olympics have been canceled or postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic—but it’s full steam ahead for the Republican National Convention, according to organizers. The North Carolina Republican Party says they are still planning to hold their statewide convention in May and the Republican National Committee is still planning to hold the national convention in Charlotte Aug. 24-27, Fox 46 reports. “We are fully committed to holding the Republican convention in Charlotte as planned and re-nominating President Trump,” says RNC chief of staff Michael Walters. “We have not had any substantive conversations about alternative scenarios.” Some states, including Texas and Virginia, have delayed party conventions and discussed virtual alternatives.

The Democratic National Committee has said it is going ahead with the July 13-16 convention in Milwaukee, though it said Monday that organizers are “exploring a range of contingency options to ensure we can deliver a successful convention without unnecessary risk to public health,” Politico reports. RNC organizers say the convention is in far better financial shape than the 2016 event and they hope to raise $65 million by the end of June.


Apparently politics takes a backseat to NOTHING….not even a pandemic that is killing the voters.

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24 thoughts on “How About The Conventions?

  1. Just remember that the Constitution says NOTHING about political parties, let alone their conventions. Just dog and pony shows.

  2. I’ll settle for no conventions. Sad to realize the miserable four year campaign for president is on hold because death by COVID19 is more important at this time. I haven’t missed it.

      1. N choice but to! I have a tele-conference instead of an in-person appointment with my pulmonologist this morning, a welcome change for the times. I plan to have a decent shirt on top and a pair of boxer shorts on the bottom. Should be fun! (I hope he’s dressed comfortably, too. LOL!)

        Yes, were I voting for someone today, it would be a Cuomo or a Dr. Fauci. Biden, Sanders, and Trump all seem irrelevant at this point.

      2. I’ve had a 16 x increase from an earlier measure of an antibody that turns my white blood cells into assassins of small and medium sized blood vessels, which can indicate an impending flare of WG/PGA, the disease I’ve fought since 2003. My doctor put me on a drug that suppresses (‘kills”!) my immune system, just in time for COVID-19 perils. One will kill me; the other will kill me. Let me see…OK, I’ll wear a mask, wash my hands, etc. etc. without an argument! I have a realistic fatalism about things. What I can control, I work at. What I can’t, I leave to time and whatever happens. I think watching the Zen-like behavior of my cats helps me relax and deal with the vicissitudes of existence. That and enjoying a good laugh!

      3. My video conference with my pulmonologist this morning was positive, with improvement shown in the blood test measures. I had a chance to ask him questions related to the different recommendations for the plague years, too.

    1. Did you see that the RNC has said..”the show must go on”…..typical for the RNC care not for people and their safety. chuq

      1. Cynically speaking, it’s one way to reduce the number of people voting for Republican candidates. I am concerned, more seriously, that I live in that spot where 74.26% of voters voted for Trump. They are less likely to handle this with the care necessary to avoid spreading the disease because they’ve been believing the Fox/Trump line longer, thus haven’t taken precautions till just recently. My state’s governor still hasn’t declared a stay-in-home restriction, further adding to the misery to come. Oh, yeah, he’s a Trumpian Republican!

      2. That sounds like my state and the vote…..these in-bred a/holes love Trump’s hateful demeanor…..we finally got our order out of Gov. Tater Tot Reeves. So I know what you mean chuq

      3. Still waiting on Ricketts. I found it interesting that the states where the governors holding out on stay-in-home orders pretty well matched the pattern of Trumplandia, where Trump won the states in the 2016 election.

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