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Those Silly Daily Covid-19 Pressers

Our leader spends about 2+ hours a day railing about his accomplishments and blaming the person/organization du jour…..

First, it was the media that was at fault. Then, Democratic governors came under fire. China, President Barack Obama and federal watchdogs have all had a turn in the crosshairs. And now it’s the World Health Organization that’s to blame.

President Donald Trump is falling back on a familiar political strategy as he grapples with the coronavirus pandemic: deflect, deny and direct blame elsewhere.

As he tries to distance his White House from the mounting death toll, Trump has cycled through a long list of possible scapegoats in an attempt to distract from what critics say were his own administration’s missteps in slowing the spread of the coronavirus on American shores.

His response have been pathetic, petty and juvenile…..and is absolutely what we do NOT need in this time of national need.  He needs to act like the president and not some spoiled brat in the playground.

Even some of his allies see his useless efforts in these pressers….

It’s no big surprise President Trump’s critics don’t like his daily briefings on the coronavirus outbreak. (See this scathing op-ed by a member of the New York Times editorial board.) But now a number of stories suggest that some of the president’s political allies aren’t fans, either. The sentiment from them is that Trump might be hurting himself, and thus his chances for reelection, with his lengthy, wide-ranging comments. Coverage:

  • From Nikki Haley: The former UN ambassador gave the president credit for his willingness to “over-communicate” about the outbreak. “But I also think he needs to let his experts speak,” she told Fox News, per Politico. She said those experts should be the ones to answer questions, not Trump. “I don’t think he needs to feel like he needs to answer everything.” She also warned about the briefings going on “too long.”
  • Graham, others: The New York Times has a lengthy news story about the issue, concluding that “White House allies and Republican lawmakers increasingly believe the briefings are hurting the president more than helping him.” Sen. Lindsey Graham, for instance, worries that Trump “sometimes drowns out his own message” and has advised him to cut back on his comments. Others quoted with similar sentiments include Rep. Susan Brooks of Indiana and Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia. “Let the health professionals guide where we’re going to go,” suggested Capito, who said the briefings were “going off the rails a little bit.” Advisers quoted anonymously were more critical, voicing worries that Trump was giving daily ammunition to Joe Biden by making errors.
  • ‘Journal’ sniping: The conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal faulted Trump for his “outbursts” against political opponents during the briefings and offered ways to improve them, including a 45-minute cap. Trump responded via tweet: “The Wall Street Journal always ‘forgets’ to mention that the ratings for the White House Press Briefings are ‘through the roof,'” and the “only way for me to escape the Fake News & get my views across.” The Journal responded in kind Thursday evening, noting that if ratings are high, it’s only because this is life and death, “not because people enjoy Donald Trump sparring with the White House press corps like a Packers-Bears game.”
  • Polls: A new CBS News poll finds that public support for Trump’s handling of the crisis has declined in two consecutive weeks. The survey found that 47% think Trump is doing a good job on the outbreak, down from 51% last week and 53% the week before that. That jibes with the results of six separate polls out Wednesday, reports Politico. Its headline: “The briefings aren’t working: Trump’s approval rating takes a dip.” A Fox News poll out Thursday night, however, found that approval of Trump’s coronavirus management held steady at 51% from last month. Other figures got higher marks in the Fox poll, including Anthony Fauci (80%) and Deborah Birx (62%).
  • In defense: Democrats should fear the briefings, writes Liz Peek in an op-ed at the Hill. “For all the flaws, the public sees a man unquestionably engaged and energized, relentless in his push for solutions.”
  • On Friday: The criticism noted above didn’t seem to affect the president much on Friday, as he took questions at great length in the afternoon briefing. The event stretched more than two hours. As for his main message: “We’re going to go back to work and we’re going to stay healthy,” Trump said, per NPR. “We are looking at a date. We are hoping to fulfill a certain date. But we aren’t going to do anything unless we know we can be healthy.”

What can we say…..this says it best…..

Trump is playing president on television instead of doing the job.

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, our federal government, led by Donald Trump, has essentially abdicated its traditional role of spearheading a coordinated response.

Donald the Orange has shown the world how NOT to respond to this pandemic…..and the world chuckles…..

To get a sense of just how much damage Donald Trump is doing each day, by making the daily White House briefings on the coronavirus pandemic mostly about himself, and distracting attention from vital updates on the public health emergency delivered by scientists, it helps to look at how very differently this is handled in other democracies.

In Greece, for example, the nation is briefed at 6 p.m. each evening by Dr. Sotirios Tsiodras, an unassuming professor of medicine who studied infectious diseases at Harvard and now leads the Greek government’s coronavirus task force. Tsiodras, often reading from his notes, has been credited with helping to rally the nation to quickly accept a national lockdown that has, so far, been more successful than most, largely by presenting the science in a calm, rational voice of authority. On the rare occasions when his level-headed facade has cracked — like a moment last month when he appealed to Greeks to protect their elderly relatives by staying at home — the impact has been all the more powerful.

The experts and pros in health care should be handling all pressers around this pandemic…..we do not need more Trump rallies.

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Be Calm…….Avoid Crowds….Wash Hands Often…..Stay Prepared

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Virus Blame Game–Revisited

This American response or should I say lack of response has been blamed on China, The media, governors and then there is the World Health Organization (WHO)….Donald the Orange cannot see that his actions (that should be stupidity) since taking office has caused this terrible response that has caused the deaths of 26,000+ Americans.

It all began with……

Now Donald the Orange has decided that he will punish WHO for his, Trump’s, stupidity…

President Trump says the US is halting payments to the World Health Organization while his administration investigates the UN health agency’s failure to carry out its “basic duty.” In his Tuesday briefing, Trump accused the WHO of “severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus,” the New York Times reports. “The WHO pushed China’s misinformation about the virus,” said Trump. The president called the agency’s advice against travel restrictions “disastrous” and said lives could have been saved if the WHO had done a better job of investigating early reports of the outbreak in China, reports the AP. The WHO, Trump said, “defended the actions of the Chinese government, even praising its so-called transparency.”

Trump also appeared to backtrack on his claim to have “total” authority to order states when to reopen their economies, an assertion that was rejected by constitutional scholars as well as state governors. Instead, he said he would be “authorizing each individual governor of each individual state to implement a reopening—and a very powerful reopening—plan of their state at a time and in a matter as most appropriate.” He said he wasn’t going to put pressure on any state to reopen before it is ready, NBC reports. Trump said he would soon be speaking to the governors of all 50 states, and there are “over 20 that are in extremely good shape” which could reopen soon.

Plus those markets that he keeps worrying about because a good market means he will get more votes in November…..has risen again on news that Donald the Orange will put all Americans at risk by forcing states to re-open….

Technology companies led stocks higher on Wall Street Tuesday as investors focused on how and when authorities may begin to ease business shutdowns and limits on people’s movements imposed to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Big companies also started reporting their first-quarter earnings, giving investors an early peek into how the outbreak was affecting them, the AP reports. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 558.99 points, or 2.4%, to 23,949.76. The S&P 500 index climbed 3.1%, erasing its losses from a day earlier. The technology-heavy Nasdaq rose 3.9%, aided by strong gains in Microsoft, Apple, and several chipmakers.

The broad rally came amid new signs that government officials are considering how to gradually reopen the economy. President Trump has been discussing with senior aides how to roll back federal social distancing recommendations that expire at the end of the month. And governors around the US have begun collaborating on plans to reopen their economies in what is likely to be a drawn-out, step-by-step process to prevent the coronavirus from rebounding. “Wall Street is encouraged simply by the conversation of a reopening of the economy,” says Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA.

Just another illustration on what is truly important in this country…..and in case it is am confusing mess then I can help… is NOT YOU!

To illustrate this point…..

Donald Trump and his posse are clearly eager to “re-open” the economy – soon! “Our country wasn’t built to be shut down,” Trump declares. “America will, again, and soon, be open for business. Very soon.”

Larry Kudlow, Trump’s top economic adviser, said in an interview with Fox News “The president is right. The cure can’t be worse than the disease, and we’re going to have to make some difficult trade-offs.”

The New York Times reports that “Trump finds himself pulled in opposite directions on what to do next. The bankers, corporate executives and industrialists plead with him to reopen the country as soon as possible, while the medical experts beg for more time to curb the coronavirus.”

Trump instills nothing good……


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When Did We Get A Dictator?

I remember from high school history class and the man that would be named “Dictator For Life”…Julius Caesar….and that did not end well for him.

What made me think about this was the latest Presser from Donald the Orange when he stated that his power was absolute…..

President Trump used his briefing on the pandemic Monday to angrily defend his administration’s response, rip critics and the news media, and argue the presidency includes the power to decide when states can reopen for business. Governors immediately disagreed, the AP reports, saying public safety falls under their duties constitutionally. “When somebody is president of the United States, the authority is total,” Trump said. “The governors know that.” Trump declined to say where that authority is articulated; he’d disagreed with governors on that point earlier in the day. Legal experts said the Constitution does not agree with Trump’s view, and the president said he’d release reports documenting his position, per CNN.

Before discussing the day’s pandemic news, Trump presented his defense, which included a campaign-like, 3-minute video of cable news clips in support of his arguments. He said the video was produced by aides in the White House, per the Hill. “So our tax dollars and the presidential mansion we own are now being used to broadcast campaign ads?” tweeted a former chief of the Office of Government Ethics. The video opened with type against a white background saying, “The media minimized the risk from the start,” per the Daily Beast. When it ended, Trump pointed to reporters and said, “I’ll ask you some questions because you’re so guilty.” His defense of his administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak was sweeping. “Everything we did was right,” Trump said, per the New York Times.

Trump has never impressed me that he has much intellect….but even 10 year olds know that his statement is a LIE (but that should surprise no one).

I worry that Donald the Orange will try to exert his “absolute power” over the society…including try to force the country to open up and disregard all the expert warnings against such a move.

When will the US get back to business? The simple question has a nuanced answer, but the White House appears to be aiming for at least a partial easing of the shutdown in a span that can be measured in weeks. “The next month or two, we should be able to restart, at least on a rolling basis,” is how White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow put it on Fox Business Thursday afternoon, per CNN. Coverage:

  • New target? A report at Axios says “there’s a lot of internal energy” in the White House toward the date of May 1. For one thing, that marks the end of the current “30 Days to Slow the Spread” federal advisory. The story, though, quotes White House officials as saying the decision will be driven by data, not arbitrary deadlines. Generally, though, political and economic aides are aiming for a quicker reopening than public health officials.
  • Or this: Treasury chief Steven Mnuchin said Thursday on CNBC that he thought businesses could get rolling again by the end of May, “as soon as the president feels comfortable with the medical issues,” reports the Wall Street Journal. Record jobless claims and disastrous economic forecasts were behind the impetus. “We need to have a plan nationally for reopening the economy,” said Fed chief Jerome Powell on Thursday. “Most people expect that to happen in the second half of this year, after the second quarter, which of course ends on June 30.” He did not get more specific.
  • What Trump says: “We’re looking at the concept where we open sections of the country, and we’re also looking at the concept where you open up everything,” Trump told Sean Hannity of Fox News on Tuesday, per Fortune. Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci told Fox News that the White House task force discussed the issue at length on Tuesday night. “You don’t want to let up at a time that’s premature,” he said, but “it makes sense to at least plan what a reentry into normality would look like.”

Donald the Orange has NO idea what his powers are…the Constitution means nothing to this slug….when he is told that he cannot be a dictator he doubles down on the rhetoric of a ……you guessed it….dictator….

Early Tuesday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo accused President Trump of behaving more like a “king” than a president in asserting authority over the states on the coronavirus outbreak. Trump himself later floated a different comparison, that of a ship captain. A very specific ship captain. “Tell the Democrat Governors that ‘Mutiny On The Bounty’ was one of my all time favorite movies,” he tweeted. “A good old fashioned mutiny every now and then is an exciting and invigorating thing to watch, especially when the mutineers need so much from the Captain. Too easy!” Coverage:

  • Another: Trump’s tweets came after Cuomo’s “king” criticism, and the president directed another rejoinder directly at the governor: “Cuomo’s been calling daily, even hourly, begging for everything, most of which should have been the state’s responsibility, such as new hospitals, beds, ventilators, etc.” he wrote. “I got it all done for him, and everyone else, and now he seems to want Independence! That won’t happen!”
  • About that captain: Vanity Fair is among those who found Trump’s reference to the movie (there were two, one in 1935 and another in 1962) a little perplexing. That’s because the infamous Capt. Bligh was “an arrogant, nasty, paranoid, freakishly obsessive, and brutal man,” and things didn’t end well for him.
  • Skeptics: Trump was expected to lay out his arguments on exerting presidential authority, but in the meantime, the skeptics were out and NPR rounds up the opinions of legal experts. “It’s so plain and obvious it’s not even debatable,” says Kathleen Bergin, a professor at Cornell Law School. “Trump has no authority to ease social distancing, or to open schools or private businesses,” she adds. “These are matters for states to decide under their power to promote public health and welfare, a power guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.”
  • Republicans, too: Rep. Liz Cheney and Sen. Marco Rubio were among prominent Republicans to say that Trump cannot force the states to do his bidding, reports USA Today. “The federal government does not have absolute power,” tweeted Cheney, and she included the text of the 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Rubio wrote that federal guidelines “will be very influential,” but “the Constitution & common sense dictates these decisions be made at the state level.”

Does Trump know why we fought a revolutionary war?  Does this slug know what is meant by states rights?

The Orange Man just does not know when to STFU!

Time to consider what needs doing and just f*cking DO IT!

Leave the campaign rhetoric in the bathroom where it belongs…..and leave Donald the Orange on the curb for the trashman to pick up.

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Did Covid-19 Kill Progressivism?

At the start of this election cycle I was pleased even proud to see that Dems were embracing progressivism….actual embracing not giving it some lip service……and then Covid-19 reared its ugly head and I fear that it not only killed Americans but the progressive movement as well.

For progressive activists, this primary season started off with a bang. They won a close race in Illinois, lost a close one in Texas, and have many other competitive candidates running across the country.

But the coronavirus pandemic has the potential to roil these races in unpredictable ways. The end of direct voter contact and door-to-door canvassing — tactics used by underdog progressives to even the odds against better-funded opponents — could potentially handicap these challengers.

After losing to conservative Democrat Dan Lipinski in Illinois’s 3rd Congressional District in 2018, progressive challenger Marie Newman reversed the outcome this year, topping the incumbent by a comfortable 3.5 percent. And that was not the only hopeful sign for the party’s left wing.

Will the Coronavirus Undercut 2020 Progressive Insurgents?

Now that the progressive leader has decided to bow out of the hunt for the nomination…..  ….where does that leave the movement and the young that make up the bulk of the progressive support?

Will they jump on the bandwagon for Biden?

Good question!

A group of progressive, youth-led organizations on Wednesday released an open letter to former Vice President Joe Biden urging the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to “champion the bold ideas” that have energized younger voters.

The new letter, signed by coalition of eight youth movement leaders—including Alliance for Youth Action, March for Our Lives Action Fund, and the Sunrise Movement—was released the same day Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced the end of his presidential campaign run and just as Biden responded with a statment in which he appealed to Sanders supporters saying, “I understand the urgency of what it is we have to get done in this country,” and vowed to defeat President Donald Trump in the general election.

But to realize that victory and win them over, the groups wrote, Biden still has a lot of work to do.

One thing to consider…..since 2000 centrists Dems have lost….Gore, Kerry, Hillary and Obama won but as a centrist in progressive clothing…..

We have an election coming that has nothing for the voter….only a vote for dumb and dumber…..

There’s an interesting parallel between Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 Democratic primary and Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 Republican primary. Both ran weak campaigns that managed, through completely different means, to dominate “free” media coverage when it mattered most. And that free coverage outweighed all their election efforts’ floundering in other areas—fundraising, advertising, volunteer support, strategic communication choices. Their shared success, despite their glaring limitations, suggests that the general election will probably be decided by which candidate is better able to manipulate the topics that the mainstream media chooses to cover. That’s true even in the modern era of microtargeted advertising and social-media-enabled disinformation; and it’s particularly relevant as we begin to imagine what electoral campaigns will look like in the midst of (or, hopefully, the aftermath of) the Covid-19 pandemic.

So to answer the question…yes progressive politics id dead for awhile killed by the Covid-19.

If we elect another spineless centrist nothing will change…..wages will be lacking, racial division will continue… care will remain a joke…..and endless wars shall continue…..personally this is not what I want for my country and its people.

Let’s look at the markets…..after Bernie bows out and Biden becomes the presumptive nominee the markets rose 700 points….that should tell any voter everything they need to know about Biden’s governing style.

How about you?

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Covid-19 And Africa

I have several visitors from Africa….from Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Tunisia and many others……. and I do not want them to feel as I am slighting their fight with this pandemic… I have been negligent with my postings on international situations…especially this killer disease….I shall attempt to rectify my oversight…..

There has been word that this virus has been slow to advance across Africa….but that could not be a good thing in the long run……

In late March an anonymous doctor in a New York hospital told CNN that he was working in “Third World” conditions, with patients coming in so fast, and so gravely incapacited, that he and his colleagues would soon be overwhelmed. “Third World” is strong language, with an antique ring to it—a memory of the 1980s, when late-night TV ads regularly featured pleas for charity accompanied by images of skeletal, fly-bitten African children barefoot in the dirt outside their huts. It was a generation’s cliché of misery. That’s us now—or it will be soon, the New York doctor’s comparison implied, if we don’t control the spread of this disease.

But the comparison invites a question. If America is now Africa, what is Africa? Africa is much better off than it was 30 years ago, but even today, most of the world’s extremely poor live on that continent, and its health-care systems are (with a few exceptions) a wreck. COVID-19 has been slow to arrive in Africa, or at least has been slow to be detected there. But the wave is coming. “Our health systems cannot absorb additional shocks,” Simon Antara, of the African Field Epidemiology Network, told me from his office in Kampala, Uganda. “We are preparing for disaster.”

According to WHO Africa has moved beyond to preparedness to response…….

The global community is racing to slow down and eventually halt the spread of COVID-19, a pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives and sickened tens of thousands of others. In Africa, the virus has spread to dozens of countries within weeks. Governments and health authorities across the continent are striving to limit widespread infections.

Since the start of the outbreak the World Health Organization (WHO) has been supporting African governments with early detection by providing thousands of COVID-19 testing kits to countries, training dozens of health workers and strengthening surveillance in communities. Forty-seven countries in the WHO African region can now test for COVID-19. At the start of the outbreak only two could do so.

WHO has issued guidance to countries, which is regularly updated to take into account the evolving situation. The guidelines include measures such as quarantine, repatriations of citizens and preparedness at workplaces. The Organization is also working with a network of experts to coordinate regional surveillance efforts, epidemiology, modelling, diagnostics, clinical care and treatment, and other ways to identify, manage the disease and limit widespread transmission.

I promise to do better and try to bring information as I get it about the spread of this virus….to all parts of the global.

Thank you for your visits… well and be safe……

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