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My state is getting hit hard by this Covid-19……not only are our elderly in danger but a side effect of this disease is hunger…..

A report by the The Guardian shine light on the problems this virus is creating for the state of Mississippi….

On the cracked country roads of Lexington, deep in the Mississippi delta, an empty yellow school bus drives slowly, making life-sustaining drop offs on the way.

Here, in the poorest county, in America’s poorest state, the coronavirus has yet to ravage the jurisdiction with infection. There has been one recorded Covid-19 death in the county, Clinton Cobbins, Lexington’s first African American mayor. But even now the coronavirus still poses a serious threat to life.

In Holmes county consolidatedthe school district to which Lexington belongs – every single child qualifies for free school meals, a marker of pervasive poverty. For many, said superintendent Dr James L Henderson, breakfast and lunch at school are the only nutritious meals a student will eat in a day. For a few, they are the only meals.

When the coronavirus pandemic led to statewide school closures, Henderson, who was born in the county, left for most of his adult life, but returned in 2018 to assume his position, was left with a significant dilemma: how to feed the 3,000 children under his authority.

Just another story that grows around the pandemic and the anemic response we have had so far…..

Sorry to say but I feel it will get worse for Mississippians before it get better……


Some Mississippians are not taking this thing seriously…..many with no mask and many not adhering to the 6 foot rule…just to mention a few of the stupid things they are doing….keep in mind…”You cannot fix stupid”!

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Be Calm…….Avoid Crowds…..Wash Hands Often…..Stay Prepared For The Long Haul……

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Those Teutonic Knights

An IST History Class.

Just a small diversion from the tedium of being in lock down…we might as well learn something in the process.

One of my newer followers has stated that they like history in all forms….so this post is for Chantel of

Recently I did a post about the Knights Hospitaller…..a group during the crusades that we hear little about these days…..the Knights Templar are everywhere….but please read the post about the Hospitallers for more information…..

I bring this up again because there was another order of knights that we seldom hear about….those would be the Teutonic Knights of Prussia….

A medieval Teutonic Knight was a member of the Catholic military Deutscher Orden or Teutonic Order, officially founded in March 1198 CE. The first mission of the Teutonic knights was to help retake Jerusalem from the Arabs in the Third Crusade (1187-1192 CE), and during this failed attempt they set up a hospital outside Acre during the siege of that city. The hospital was granted the status of an independent military order by the Pope, and the knights never looked back. The Middle East proved to be too difficult to hold onto, but the ambitious order merely switched their focus to converting Christians and grabbing land in central and eastern Europe instead. With their famous black cross on a white tunic, the austere Teutonic knights became master traders and diplomats, carving out vast swathes of territory from their base in Prussia and building castles across Europe from Sicily to Lithuania. 

A few things to help my reader associate with the Teutonic Knights…..

Almost as famous as the Knight Templars and Hospitallers, the Teutonic Knights and their popular imagery of extravagant horned-helmets on steel-clad horsemen have stoked the fascination of many a history aficionado. And though the latter was possibly only used for ceremonial purposes, there is without a shred of doubt a unique historical scope when it comes to the legacy of this medieval military order.

Much of it perhaps has to do with the fact that the Teutonic Order made its military mark in the mysterious lands of north-eastern Europe, as opposed to the renowned Holy Land. It should also be noted that at the same time these ‘knights’ were more successful in establishing a full-fledged, economically viable monastic state (Ordensstaat) than their peer Crusader orders like the Templars and Hospitallers. So without further ado, let us take a gander at ten interesting things you should know about the Teutonic Knights

Teutonic Knights: 10 Things You Should Know About the German Military Order

But for those that are too business to read I have included a couple of videos to make it so much easier……

And the differences in the 3 orders……

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!

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Who Gets Hit The Hardest By The Virus?

We all know how this virus is hitting the US…..but in some circles people are getting hit really hard…..what circles and who are these people?

Lots of reporting about the virus and its effects….but I want to know who his hit the hardest from the lackluster response from the governments…….the elderly seem to be hard hit…..and those with per-existing conditions like asthma and diabetes….but they are not the only ones hit and hit hard……

One group that I have read about are people of color are being hit hard……..

In the United States, the coronavirus is disproportionately infecting and killing black people.

There’s nothing known to be inherent to COVID-19 that makes it hit particular groups of people harder — rather, we’re likely seeing a disturbing manifestation of the racial inequalities that already plague the American healthcare system, The New York Times reports.

Many of the ways that American cities remain segregated have made certain neighborhoods particularly susceptible to the pandemic, due to crowding, food deserts, and poorly-funded infrastructure and civil services, Drexel University epidemiologist Sharrelle Barber told the NYT.

After I read that report I came upon another report this one from the UN……it seems women are being disproportionally targeted by this virus…

The coronavirus pandemic is disproportionately affecting women and girls globally, the United Nations said in a policy brief released Thursday.

While the pandemic reaches everyone, “it affects different groups of people differently, deepening existing inequalities. Early data indicates that the mortality rates from COVID-19 may be higher for men. But the pandemic is having devastating social and economic consequences for women and girls,” said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in a video released along with the brief. 

The economic toll will hurt women globally as they tend to earn less, hold less secure jobs and are more likely to be employed in the informal sector. Issues surrounding women’s healthcare, unpaid domestic labor and gender-based violence are also currently exacerbated, it said. 

As well as working to contain the outbreak, Guterres urged governments to also focus on the gender divide: “That starts with women as leaders, with equal representation and decision-making power. Measures to protect and stimulate the economy — from cash transfers to credits and loans — must be targeted at women,” he said.

( United Nations Press Release)

Okay now we know women and people of color are hit the hardest…or are they?

This disease has caused so much confusion and disinformation…..who do we believe?

We all….people of color and women included should do the following……

Stay Calm…..Avoid Crowds….Wash hands Often….Stay Prepared

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Rid Ourselves Of The Saudi Anchor

I have been bitching about the US-Saudi relations for a long time…..these people are barbarous even the main ideology of Al-Qaeda and ISIS…..and I have written baout those people that think, like myself, that we should end this love fest with the Saudis…..

Finally the Congress has seen just how worthless this love of the Saudis can be and how destructive it is to the region…..the Congress has done their part…….

A Repub from Louisiana has entered a bill……

A new bill was introduced by Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) which, if passed, would remove all US troops from Saudi Arabia within 30 days. The resolution is related to the low price of oil, and the struggle for US companies, particularly in Louisiana, to compete.

The troop pullout is meant to punish the Saudis over failure to cut oil production. The bill also aims to impose tariffs on countries that are continuing to buy oil from Saudi Arabia, to try to make US oil more competitive.

This is the second anti-Saudi resolution introduced in the Senate related to oil prices, and while they seem unlikely to pass for now, they may reflect another round of frustration at Saudi policies running afoul of US interests.

The Cassidy bill does not cover US Patriot missiles or THAAD deployments in the region, and there is no date for the bill to be taken up, with the Senate out at least until April 20 because of the coronavirus pandemic.


The Trump sycophants will do the bidding of the president and run interference on this issue…..

We will see but I do not think that this will have much legs…..too much money spent on Senators for this to go very far… the White House seems to be in bed with the Saudis on pretty much everything.

Further Reading:

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Covid-19 And Southeast Asia

A friend and fellow blogger, Caleb of United States Hypocrisy brought the report up that there are NO reported deaths in Vietnam and got me to thinking that I had not seen much info coming out of Southeast Asia……so the old Professor decided to do something about the lack of info.

Plus I have several visitors from the region….Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia……I want these visitors to know that they are much appreciated…..thank you.

ASEAN coronavirus updates (Live updates by country)


  • The total number of cases reaches 135.
  • The number of cases has increased to 133.
  • 131 COVID-19 cases in Brunei as of April 1
  • The number of cases has reached 129.
  • Brunei reported its first coronavirus death on Saturday.
  • There are 115 cases in Brunei.
  • Cases in Brunei increase to 91.
  • The number of cases in Brunei has reached 88. Two patients have recovered.
  • Brunei said its citizens and foreign residents in the country are barred from leaving the nation. The number of cases has risen to 50.
  • Brunei said five more people had tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • Brunei has reported its first case of COVID-19, a 53-year-old local man returning to the Sultanate from Kuala Lumpur with three friends.
  • Visitors from the Chinese provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu are barred from entering Brunei with the exception of Brunei citizens and permanent residents.


The Coronavirus in Asia and ASEAN – Live Updates by Country

Further Reading:

The Consequences of the Pandemic for Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia’s Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

This illustrates just how wide spread this pandemic is and how this disease is effecting us all the same…..then there is an interesting take on the news that NO ONE has died from the virus in Vietnam…..

Be Well And Be Safe

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