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It is the weekend again and we are still in the grips of Covid-19 and the confusion that it has brought…..but I would like to take this opportunity to vent a small bit.

February of 2019 I was diagnosed with diabetes….never had it before but BAM! there it was…….a blood sugar of 800 and A1C of 18….thank God I have it under control for the most part but these days I still must take a shot of insulin once a day.

This is where I want to pick up with this post…the cost of insulin.

Anyone that watches the news knows that insulin prices are out of sight. I take Levemir at $120 per pen and Ozempic at $856 per 3 pens we get about 4 injections per pen.

The upside is once you make the co-pay then the price comes down to about $250 per month or so.

I gave you the info as a way to make my point about the rise in prices.

In 2009 the price (average) was about $80 for Levemir and a steady rise for over a decade.

Now the 2010 year….that was when the ACA was in effect and all the promises of good health was I reported in those days a pack of lies. Yes more people may be on the health care rolls….but at what price for those already fighting this disease?  And now another champion of the ACA will want to office…..what will that mean for the rest of us?

Was this revenge for the ACA making all eligible for adequate health care?

What will this pandemic do to prices?

We know the slugs within Big Pharma look for the ways to increase their profits while providing very little in return.

I agree with the Dems in Congress that are calling for action…..and along the lines of Medicare For All…..

Thousands of Americans have joined government watchdog Public Citizen in calling on Congress to open the Medicare federal healthcare program to anyone who loses health coverage due to job loss amid the coronavirus pandemic, as an estimated 3.5 million workers have so far.

More than 6,500 people have already signed the group’s petition urging lawmakers to open up Medicare to the unemployed as businesses across the country are forced to close to slow the spread of the coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19. 

“With millions of people losing their jobs because of a pandemic, it’s both crazy and immoral for them to be stripped of health insurance,” said Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen. “If we had a Medicare for All system, this kind of problem wouldn’t occur. But we can’t wait to win Medicare for All. The solution to this immediate problem is to enroll all unemployed people in Medicare.”

Millions are losing their health coverage….is it not about time for the Congress to grow a spine a demand that something be done?

A new study out Tuesday estimates that worker layoffs unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic in the United States have already caused more than 1.5 million people to lose their employer-provided health insurance in recent weeks, with another 5.7 million likely to become uninsured by the end of June.

With a total of 7.3 million newly uninsured American by this summer, the new research—titled “Intersecting U.S. Epidemics: COVID-19 and Lack of Health Insurance“—reveals the devastating consequences of a health system so heavily reliant on employer-based insurance, especially in the face of an unprecedented public health emergency like the current outbreak.

“Millions of Americans are newly vulnerable to financial catastrophe, as we face an epidemic of life-threatening illness,” said study co-author Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, a primary care doctor, distinguished professor at Hunter College and lecturer at Harvard Medical School. “The COVID-19 epidemic highlights the folly of tying health coverage to jobs. Our health care system saddles people with medical bills when they’re least able to afford them because they’ve been laid off or are too sick to work. Health insurance in the U.S. is like an umbrella that melts in the rain.”

At least someone is doing something in the Congress……or at least trying……

As the number of Americans without health insurance continues to rise rapidly due to ongoing mass layoffs across the nation, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal on Friday introduced emergency legislation that would empower Medicare to cover all healthcare costs for the uninsured and all out-of-pocket expenses for those with insurance for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

“Our broken healthcare system is failing to protect millions of Americans from the coronavirus pandemic,” Jayapal, a Washington Democrat and co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said in a statement. “Now more than ever, we need to take bold action to prevent more Americans from getting sick or dying.”

If passed, the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act (pdf) would take effect immediately and remain in place until the Secretary of Health and Human Services certifies to Congress that a Food and Drug Administration-approved coronavirus vaccine is widely available to the U.S. public.

Time to act!

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A Little History Update

These days of doom and gloom around the Covid-19 has many of us frustrated and looking for anything but bad news… why not read a little history?

I am a historian and conflict analyst and one thing I dislike is the stealing of a culture like looted artifacts of Iraq and Palestine……I wrote about this recently and in the past……

When I wrote about this before there were 4 of 16 Dead Sea Scrolls that were fakes….well that diagnosis has been revised to ALL 16 are fakes…..

The Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, opened to great fanfare in November 2017. Among its most prized acquisitions featured at the opening were 16 purported fragments of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. But in a blow to the fledgling museum, an independent scientific analysis has now revealed that all 16 of those fragments are modern forgeries. While the identity of the forgers remains unknown, it seems all 16 came from the same source, although they were purchased from four different sellers. The full report from Art Fraud Insights is available here.

“After an exhaustive review of all the imaging and scientific analysis results, it is evident that none of the textual fragments in Museum of the Bible’s Dead Sea Scroll collection are authentic,” Colette Loll, founder and director of Art Fraud Insights, wrote in the final report. “Moreover, each exhibits characteristics that suggest they are deliberate forgeries created in the 20th century with the intent to mimic authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments.”

This place is a hotbed of thievery and lies….deception of the faithful.

Then there is the inscription on a stone tablet about the “resurrection”……

A mysterious tablet bearing a Roman emperor’s orders from around 2,000 years ago has long been thought by some scholars to refer to early Christian claims of Jesus’ resurrection from a tomb in the Middle Eastern village of Nazareth. But new research has opened up an entirely different possibility —that the marble slab issued a general demand for law and order after Greek islanders vandalized the tomb of their recently deceased ruler

Instead, a chemical analysis of the marble puts its origins in a quarry on the Greek island of Kos, near Turkey’s southwestern coast, says a team led by Roman historian Kyle Harper of the University of Oklahoma in Norman. That suggests the unnamed emperor’s edict, decreeing that anyone who disturbs tombs and graves or destroys corpses be killed, was a response to a break-in at the grave of a Kos tyrant named Nikias by his former subjects, the researchers report in the April Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. Nikias ruled Kos during the 30s B.C. before being overthrown.

The Nazareth Inscription’s origins may refute ties to Jesus’ resurrection

Another fake…like the burial box of Jesus’ brother James… the nail from the cross….like so much more that charlatans try to pass off as religious artifacts.

The Gospel of John may be a forgery……

There are four versions of the life of Jesus in the New Testament but, let’s face it, everyone has a favorite. For most people, that preferred version is the Gospel of John. Not only is the fourth Gospel the most poetic and ‘spiritual’ of Gospels, it’s also the most theologically weighty.

It’s in John that Christians find the evidence for many of the dogmatic claims that form the bedrock of Christian belief. And it’s John that supplies the pithy quotes about faith, eternal life, and love that you find on coffee mugs and laminated bookmarks.

Now new research, which claims that the Gospel of John is an ancient forgery, is poised to overturn much of what we know about everyone’s favorite biography of Jesus.

Go figure since a lot of the Old Testament is in an older document entitled the Saga of Gilgamesh from the Sumerian city state of Uruk. from around 2800 BCE.

A few thoughts on how some will try and cheat those that are devout…..

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This Is Scary!

Just a thought for your Saturday….and before you venture out to a store…….I realize that we are about saturated with TMI on the virus but too much information is better than NO information.

We have heard the dangers of this virus and how quickly it can spread….this video shows how it effects the area around a cougher….

There is also reports and studies about the virus in the air…..

The research, which was conducted by an international team including scientists in Belgium and the Netherlands, studied the impacts of current social distancing mandates when applied to outdoor exercise. What they found was that staying six feet apart might not do you any good when it comes to running, walking, or biking outside.

The issue here is that the six-foot rule works great if it’s being followed indoors, with little to no movement between individuals. The idea is that the virus can’t travel very far in an indoor environment before falling to the ground or simply remaining stagnant in the air.

However, outdoor trails present a unique challenge, as individuals are breathing heavily and potentially even coughing or sneezing along the way. If a second person is following behind, even at what would be considered a “safe” distance for indoor interaction, they would quickly come into contact with particles in the air that could contain the virus.

Coronavirus spreads through the air outside with shocking ease, study says

Please protect yourself while out and about.

Be Calm……Avoid Crowds……Wash Hands Often…..Stay Prepared

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