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Closing Thought–10Feb20

As an old fart I remember the Soviet Union (do you?) and then when some talked anything positive about the Soviets they were spouting Russian propaganda and should be shot for treason (some felt that way but not all)……

I cannot understand this blind obedience to Russia these days (especially the old farts that now defend Russia)……or the allowing Russia a free hand in our society……or the wholesale spreading of Russian propaganda by fellow Americans…..

This is what got me ranting or as some would call it “bitching”…..

Kansas City radio lovers can now hear six hours of Russian state-owned media per day, the Hill reports. That’s because a Florida-based company, RM Broadcasting LLC, has agreed with Radio Sputnik to broadcast its Russian media through the Alpine Broadcasting Corp, which airs on three frequencies around Kansas City and in Washington, DC. The Kremlin mouthpiece can be heard from 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm every day of the week. According to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Sputnik and another Russian state media outlet played a role in influencing the 2016 federal election.

Now Arnold Ferolito, the man behind RM Broadcasting, is chafing under a federal requirement that his company register as a foreign agent. “Ninety percent of the programming is generated right here in the United States,” Ferolito tells the Kansas City Star, which broke the story. “I just sell airtime that’s all I do. The government put a gun to my head and forced me to sign.” When registering in 2019, RM Broadcasting said it made $1.43 million in the deal, though Ferolito insists he’s not turning a profit. “The American dream is dead in a lot of ways,” he says. “There’s people hell bent on Russia, Russia, Russia. One of these days it’s going to be China.”

These are the very same people that use to hate and rail against Russia and its minions that attempted to infiltrate American society and now we are inviting them to come in and spread their foul propaganda.

What has this country become?

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New Trump Budget

Today is Monday the 10th of February and Trump’s new budget will be released today ……

Let’s look at what it will be and who will get the knife……

Confronted with trillion-dollar-plus deficits for as far as the eye can see, President Trump is offering a budget plan that rehashes previously rejected spending cuts while leaving Social Security and Medicare benefits untouched. Trump’s fiscal 2021 budget plan, expected to be released Monday, isn’t likely to generate a serious Washington dialogue about what to do, if anything this election year, about entrenched fiscal problems that have deficits surging despite a healthy economy. It was being released on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, a move that minimizes attention. For more in a fairly critical AP summary:

  • The budget proposal relies on rosy economic projections and fanciful claims of future cuts to domestic programs to show that it is possible to bend the deficit curve in the right direction.
  • Trump and key administration figures such as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had promised that Trump’s signature cuts to corporate and individual tax rates would pay for themselves; instead the deficit spiked by more than $300 billion over 2017 to 2019, falling just short of $1 trillion. Part of it is eye-popping levels for defense, about $750 billion this year, and comparable gains for domestic programs favored by Democrats.
  • In this year’s budget release, Trump has revealed initiatives of interest to key 2020 battleground states, such as an increase to $250 million to restore Florida’s Everglades and a move to finally abandon a multibillion-dollar, never used, nuclear waste dump that’s political poison in Nevada. The White House also leaked word of a $25 billion proposal for “Revitalizing Rural America” with grants for broadband Internet access and other traditional infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges.
  • The Trump budget also promises a $3 billion increase—to $25 billion—for NASA in hopes of returning astronauts to the moon and on to Mars. It also is likely to reprise his small-bore infrastructure initiative while proposing a modest parental leave plan.
  • Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to promise voters that his budget “will not be touching your Social Security or Medicare” in keeping with his longstanding 2016 campaign promise.
  • The reality is that no one—Trump, the Democratic-controlled House, or the GOP-held Senate—has any interest in tackling a chronic budget gap that forces the government to borrow 22 cents of every dollar it spends.

The budget will be $5 trillion…..waiting for all those fiscal conservs to attack it….but that would require the GOP to grow a set of cajones…..not likely.

I cannot see this news as a big news maker for the week….it is an election and the regurgitation of the candidates will be more important especially starting Tuesday and the NH primary.

On a side note–the many trade wars that Trump has chose to inflict on our economy is costing the American family $1000+ a year….

President Donald Trump’s ongoing trade wars are expected to cost the average American family $1,277 this year, according to a study by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

The figure is based on the negative impact of tariffs on economic growth, as well as higher prices to consumers as American manufacturers and retailers are forced to pay tariffs on imports.

Trump has boasted that trade wars are “easy to win,” and has repeatedly falsely insisted that China is paying tariffs directly into the U.S. Treasury. In fact, American companies importing goods or supplies pay tariffs enacted by Trump, and typically pass on those costs to consumers. In addition, U.S. industries are hurt by retaliatory tariffs enacted by other nations when American companies try to sell their products abroad.


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Warren–Pro War

#1 in a series…..

College of Political KNowledge

The voting has started  and I would like to give a few thoughts about the so-called “front runners”….

I will start with Warren.

Most readers know I am antiwar and that I pick my candidates by their stands on foreign policy……

I also try to give my reader a broad look at the candidates no matter the party…….this time it is the Dems.

One of the so-called top tier candidates is Sen. Elizabeth Warren….we know what the MSM wants us to know so since they have been silent on the candidates and their war connections I did some research…..

Warren seems to have a pile of war mongers in her team……

Elizabeth Warren has promised “big, structural change” on a range of issues related to the economy. Warren has a plan for foreign policy, too, but it appears to be scarcely different from that of the last Democrat to occupy the White House.

A close examination of Warren’s newly assembled team of international advisors presents little hope of change from the military interventionism, regime change strong-arming and drone warfare that characterized the administration of President Barack Obama. 

Earlier this month, Warren foreign policy aide Sasha Baker revealed a list of 34 “friends, colleagues, and advisors” that formed the foundation of the candidate’s foreign policy team. For the first time, observers were offered a clear window into what US foreign policy might look like under a Warren presidency. 

Woke wonk Elizabeth Warren’s foreign policy team is stacked with pro-war swamp creatures

This one topic will prevent from voting for a candidate that is that deep into the M-IC.

No I am not that naive but I do believe that there is a candidate that is opposed to war and I am supporting her until she gets eliminated and then I will do some re-evaluation to find another candidate for the presidency of the United States.

I do a lot more work at picking a candidate than most voters…I refuse to settle and most Americans are fine with a candidate that is not offensive.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


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Afghanistan–Create A Foe

Once again a murderer in the uniform of an Afghan soldier has killed Americans…..

On Saturday, the latest in a growing series of insider attacks in Afghanistan saw a joint patrol of US green berets and Afghan forces come under attack by an attacker in an Afghan Army uniform. The attacker opened fire with a machine gun.

Casualty figures are still not settled. The Pentagon confirmed two US soldiers killed, and a number of others wounded. One Afghan soldier was also killed, though Afghan officials suggested 5-6 US soldiers and six Afghans were killed.

The attacker, who was also reported killed, has not been identified. Early speculation is that it was a Taliban infiltrator, though the incident took place in Nangarhar Province, which usually means ISIS involvement.

Exactly who it was in this particular case is less important, however, than the general trend, where insider attacks have been soaring in recent months. This just underscores that the situation is far from under control, and the Afghan military is still struggling with infiltration, one of its biggest and most enduring problems throughout the US occupation.


There is lots of back and forth about our troops in Afghanistan….even to the point of making the public wake up to the death and destruction of two decades.

As usual we are blaming Iran for the violence (violence that has never subsided) and create a “new” reason to stay…..

But first does anyone remember that barbaric group in Syria that the US past off as a good reason for further deployments…..no?

Then allow me to wake you the f*ck up!



Ever hear of the “Fatemiyoun”?

There seems to be case being made to blame Iran for the situations in Afghanistan……

Throughout the US occupation of Afghanistan, one of the ongoing examples of violent persecution of religious minorities was the Hazaras, Afghanistan’s Shi’ite population. After doing little about this, the US and Afghanistan are now looking to reframe the Shi’ites, and in particular the Fatemiyoun Shi’ite militias, as an “immediate threat” to national security.

Radio Free Europe, ever dutifully playing up these narratives, introduced the story of a few thousand of the Fatemiyoun returning to Afghanistan after volunteering to fight against ISIS in Syria. Afghan nationals, Shi’ite militias, and fighting against ISIS, it’s not surprising what happened next.

The Fatemiyoun are being reframed as tantamount to Iranians, with US Gen. Frank McKenzie, the head of CENTCOM, making veiled concerns about Iranian “proxies” in Afghanistan, and saying he is “very concerned.”

The Afghan government usually doesn’t go out of its way to antagonize the Shi’ite minority, since that’s really more the priority of Islamists. After Gen. McKenzie, however, Afghan intelligence officials are also reframing the returnees as a possible immediate threat, saying that threat could rapidly grow if the Fatemiyoun established a central leadership for its group, which is spread out around the country.

The reality is these aren’t “Iranian proxies” any more than the rest of the Shi’ites are, and it’s just a convenient excuse to create a new scapegoat for future failures, something never in short supply in Afghanistan.


The White House resorts to what all presidents and staff have done….make up shit so more Americans can die.

Just a thought….remember that attack in Iraq that was Iran’s fault and we retaliated by killing a general?  Was it?

In a “bombshell” revelation that calls into question one of the Trump administration’s stated justificiations for assassinating Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani—a move that nearly sparked a region-wide military conflict—Iraqi intelligence officials told the New York Times that they believe ISIS, not an Iran-linked militia, was likely responsible for the Dec. 27 rocket attack that killed an American contractor at an air base near Kirkuk, Iraq.

The Times reported Thursday that “Iraqi military and intelligence officials have raised doubts about who fired the rockets… saying they believe it is unlikely that the militia the United States blamed for the attack” was responsible.

“All the indications are that it was Daesh,” Brigadier General Ahmed Adnan, the Iraqi chief of intelligence for the federal police at the K-1 air base, told the Times, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS. “We know Daesh’s movements.”

The Trump administration has not released a single piece of evidence showing that the Iraqi militia Khataib Hezbollah, which has ties to Iran, was responsible for the attack on K-1. The group has denied carrying out the attack.

(Common Dreams)

See what I mean?  Made up shit!

Pay Attention!

Learn Stuff!

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Professor’s Classroom

‘Tis the season to vote…..this little ditty is from 2007 and pretty simple…but that is okay for I am not in the mood today. chuq

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Another Manic Monday—-Oh sh*t that is the Bangles!

Today’s quiz is about the American political process. Take out the ole thinking cap and begin!

What line MUST be said in the speech by the party’s nominee to trigger a funds transfer to the campaign from the government?

Easy, huh?

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