Afghanistan–Create A Foe

Once again a murderer in the uniform of an Afghan soldier has killed Americans…..

On Saturday, the latest in a growing series of insider attacks in Afghanistan saw a joint patrol of US green berets and Afghan forces come under attack by an attacker in an Afghan Army uniform. The attacker opened fire with a machine gun.

Casualty figures are still not settled. The Pentagon confirmed two US soldiers killed, and a number of others wounded. One Afghan soldier was also killed, though Afghan officials suggested 5-6 US soldiers and six Afghans were killed.

The attacker, who was also reported killed, has not been identified. Early speculation is that it was a Taliban infiltrator, though the incident took place in Nangarhar Province, which usually means ISIS involvement.

Exactly who it was in this particular case is less important, however, than the general trend, where insider attacks have been soaring in recent months. This just underscores that the situation is far from under control, and the Afghan military is still struggling with infiltration, one of its biggest and most enduring problems throughout the US occupation.


There is lots of back and forth about our troops in Afghanistan….even to the point of making the public wake up to the death and destruction of two decades.

As usual we are blaming Iran for the violence (violence that has never subsided) and create a “new” reason to stay…..

But first does anyone remember that barbaric group in Syria that the US past off as a good reason for further deployments…

Then allow me to wake you the f*ck up!

Ever hear of the “Fatemiyoun”?

There seems to be case being made to blame Iran for the situations in Afghanistan……

Throughout the US occupation of Afghanistan, one of the ongoing examples of violent persecution of religious minorities was the Hazaras, Afghanistan’s Shi’ite population. After doing little about this, the US and Afghanistan are now looking to reframe the Shi’ites, and in particular the Fatemiyoun Shi’ite militias, as an “immediate threat” to national security.

Radio Free Europe, ever dutifully playing up these narratives, introduced the story of a few thousand of the Fatemiyoun returning to Afghanistan after volunteering to fight against ISIS in Syria. Afghan nationals, Shi’ite militias, and fighting against ISIS, it’s not surprising what happened next.

The Fatemiyoun are being reframed as tantamount to Iranians, with US Gen. Frank McKenzie, the head of CENTCOM, making veiled concerns about Iranian “proxies” in Afghanistan, and saying he is “very concerned.”

The Afghan government usually doesn’t go out of its way to antagonize the Shi’ite minority, since that’s really more the priority of Islamists. After Gen. McKenzie, however, Afghan intelligence officials are also reframing the returnees as a possible immediate threat, saying that threat could rapidly grow if the Fatemiyoun established a central leadership for its group, which is spread out around the country.

The reality is these aren’t “Iranian proxies” any more than the rest of the Shi’ites are, and it’s just a convenient excuse to create a new scapegoat for future failures, something never in short supply in Afghanistan.


The White House resorts to what all presidents and staff have done….make up shit so more Americans can die.

Just a thought….remember that attack in Iraq that was Iran’s fault and we retaliated by killing a general?  Was it?

In a “bombshell” revelation that calls into question one of the Trump administration’s stated justificiations for assassinating Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani—a move that nearly sparked a region-wide military conflict—Iraqi intelligence officials told the New York Times that they believe ISIS, not an Iran-linked militia, was likely responsible for the Dec. 27 rocket attack that killed an American contractor at an air base near Kirkuk, Iraq.

The Times reported Thursday that “Iraqi military and intelligence officials have raised doubts about who fired the rockets… saying they believe it is unlikely that the militia the United States blamed for the attack” was responsible.

“All the indications are that it was Daesh,” Brigadier General Ahmed Adnan, the Iraqi chief of intelligence for the federal police at the K-1 air base, told the Times, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS. “We know Daesh’s movements.”

The Trump administration has not released a single piece of evidence showing that the Iraqi militia Khataib Hezbollah, which has ties to Iran, was responsible for the attack on K-1. The group has denied carrying out the attack.

(Common Dreams)

See what I mean?  Made up shit!

Pay Attention!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

4 thoughts on “Afghanistan–Create A Foe

  1. Whoever did what to who and when is fast becoming pointless. The US needs to pull everyone out before more of their troops come home in caskets.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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