Closing Thought–28Feb20

Minnesota is full of news these days…..first the thing about finally outlawing slavery statewide….and now this…..

Running For Congress While Running From The Law!

That is one candidate in Minnesota, Danielle Stella……she is running against Rep. Ihan Omar…..

It seems that Ms Stella is wanted for non court appearances on multiple occasions…..

Stella first stirred the pot in July over tweets suggesting she supports the QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims that Trump is engaged in a ceaseless secret war against high-ranking pedophile-cannibals in the halls of power. At the same time, The Guardian reported that she had been arrested twice in the Minneapolis area’s Hennepin County on shoplifting charges, including an allegation that she stole $2,300 from Target. 

Stella insisted she didn’t break the law. According to records, though, Stella failed to show up for multiple October court hearings about her alleged felony. After Stella missed another hearing, a judge issued a still-outstanding warrant for her arrest.

We have all kinds of voter antic….from running dead people to running the same person through on many occasions…..and yes this is not something new……I am sure it has happened before…..and how many times have we heard the old cry. “I did nothing wrong” or “I am innocent”?

And this woman is not something new…..there have been felons running for office and candidates running from a felony charge….

I just think it is crazy that a criminal is accusing a Representative of things that are blatant lies and the people are allowing it to continue…..

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I love the games we play with our election process… that because NO one takes it seriously?

I say it is….and offer the present president as a prime example of the ignorance and stupidity some show when voting.

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The Coronavirus Hype

I feel the media is spreading fear and building ratings by the use of hype around the coronavirus…..

Does anyone remember the word “Ebola”?

Just a few years ago the media hyped the Ebola crisis without shame….

The current Ebola outbreak is “the most severe, acute health emergency seen in modern times,” Ian Smith, the World Health Organization’s executive director, announced at a mid-October press conference.

Huh? Worse than the “Spanish flu” of 1918-19? Extrapolated to today’s world population, that would mean 60 million to 150 million deaths. Worse than AIDS, with its 35 million deaths?

But the media weren’t asking skeptical questions. The next day, reporting on a separate WHO conference, a New York Times headline blared: “New Ebola Cases May Soon Reach 10,000 a Week, Officials Predict.”

The “soon” in that warning from the WHO’s Bruce Aylward was “by the first week in December.”

I am not saying that there is nothing to worry about and that we should not prepare….just that we have been lied to before by the media……think Ebola……

It can be difficult to survey the health status of a world with 7 billion people. News organizations play the role of information curators and provide portals through which to stay in step with world affairs. Yet the realities of health are often be distorted by media bias, bringing dangerous consequences for global health projects.

Reporters and editors filter events taking place across the globe into presentations of selected reports. What gets published then goes on to shape how readers and viewers perceive the world — precisely why media organizations occupy a position of immense responsibility — and why a better job needs to be done.

The equation is straightforward: the media informs the public, the public is presented with a skewed set of information on the state of public health, they draw from that skewed conclusions about public health.

Be prepared!

Another thought about the White House response by putting Pence in charge…..not a good idea with his track record…..

Vice President Mike Pence is now leading the administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak—but critics say his record shows he isn’t the right person for the job. Early in his career, Pence wrote an op-ed claiming “smoking doesn’t kill,” and, as governor of Indiana, he was strongly criticized for his response to an HIV outbreak in 2015, the Guardian reports. Pence, who had slashed public health funding, resisted efforts to set up needle exchanges. Trump appointed “someone absolutely not up to the task to this crucial position,” tweeted Gregg Gonsalves, assistant professor of epidemiology at Yale University. Pence won bipartisan praise Thursday, however, for appointing AIDS expert Debbie Birx as the coronavirus coordinator, the Washington Post reports.

Government officials and scientists have been told to coordinate all statements with Pence’s office, the New York Times reports, though administration officials say the vice president is seeking to avoid confusion and contradictory statements, not control what people say. Sources tell the Times that Trump chose Pence because he felt Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, who had been leading the effort, was too “alarmist.” Pence said Thursday that Azar will continue to play a major role in the response. “I’m leading the task force, will continue to rely on the secretary’s role as chairman of the task force and the leader of Health and Human Services,” he said in a meeting at HHS headquarters.

Pence is the perfect choice to lead the operation……Trump will need someone to blame if it goes to Hell.

Please use common sense and be prepared……please do not buy the hype or the fear mongering….check for yourself on these reports.

If you have no idea how to prepare then go to this link for hurricanes and replace the term “hurricane” with “virus”…..

Be Calm!

Be Prepared!

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

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Biden, The Luck Of A Centrist

College of Political Knowledge

I personally am sick of the media and others that want this cowardly corporatist candidate, Joe Biden, to win the 2020 election.

His only endearing quality may be his “Uncle Joe” persona…..and that is a sham many years in the making.

Biden’s fortune seems to be waning…..but that could have happened much earlier if the other Dem candidates had pushed him on all his weaknesses….but they did not want to look like they were picking on him….and yet at this point he is pulling no punches against his remaining opponents…..

They should have struck sooner and continuously….

A column by David Leonhardt in the New York Times on Sunday raises a provocative question with its headline: “Did Joe Biden Scare Off Our Next President?” The thinking is this: Biden’s entry into the race as an instant front-runner kept promising moderates such as Mitch Landrieu on the sidelines. Others, including Deval Patrick and Michael Bloomberg, entered later than they might have. Leonhardt writes that something similar happened in 2016 when Elizabeth Warren opted not to run against Hillary Clinton, a decision that led to the rise of Bernie Sanders. Would Warren be the 2020 front-runner had she taken the risk? “By now, the lesson from this history should be plain,” Leonhardt writes. “If you want to be president of the United States and have an opportunity to run, you should not let another candidate keep you from running in the primaries.”

He notes that Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Donald Trump, and Ronald Reagan all started as long shots, too. Leonhardt also applies the lesson to Cory Booker and Kamala Harris in regard to their decisions to drop out early. They could have instead followed the blueprint of John McCain in 2008, who struggled early, too, but bet on the uncertain nature of American politics and won the nomination. The problem here lies in “the way other Democrats overreacted” to Biden, writes Leonhardt. “They committed a classic error of presidential politics, believing that campaigns were more predictable than they are.” The 2020 race would surely look much different right now had they not done so. (Read his full column.)

Politics is full of lost opportunities and the remaining Dems may have lost their chance.

Keep this in mind…..Kerry, Centrist–LOST, Clinton, Centrist–LOST, Gore, Centrist–LOST…..Obama was a centrist that pretended to be progressive……I would say the centrist candidates have a shitty record….so why vote for another failure?

Learn Stuff!


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Peace Comes To Afghanistan

We have a peace deal……or should we more correctly call it a cessation of violence for a couple of weeks that could lead to a broader deal…..

Some have  asked….a peace deal but at what price?

Bitter experience shows that a “rotten compromise” will carry within it the seeds of future war.

Albert Einstein warned humanity to beware of rotten compromises. Philosopher Avishai Margalit sought to explain this warning in an entire book. With the U.S. and the Taliban poised to sign a peace agreement, now more than ever is the time to be wary of a “rotten compromise” on Afghanistan.

Rotten compromises, in the words of Margalit, are agreements that establish or maintain an inhuman regime, a regime associated with cruelty and humiliation, a regime that does not treat humans as humans. But a rotten compromise involves two sides – an active perpetrator committing the brutality, and the passive participant who supports and signs an agreement that maintains an inhuman regime.

Could this, if successful, be the road to a peace deal that would bring the US troops home…..and the same question could be asked……at what price?

This week: recent developments in the original 9/11 conflict, the war in Afghanistan. News reports suggest that the Trump administration is close to signing some kind of deal with the Taliban. But it’s not a peace accord. The emerging details of the deal—and the preemptive concessions the U.S. is apparently willing to make for the Taliban to agree to it—suggest that the deal is less about securing a lasting peace and more about political and diplomatic cover in anticipation of an exit decided on long ago. First, some background.

On a bummer side of this deal……

Arguments about the Afghanistan peace deal that the US is about to sign with the Taliban continue, with substantial concerns that secret annexes exist to the peace language which would threaten the deal’s sustainability.

Recent reports claimed that among a series of secret annexes, the US included language saying they’re not actually going to leave Afghanistan militarily, and that this seeming deal-breaker was accepted on the grounds it would be a secret.

Pressed on the matter, top Pentagon figures claimed complete ignorance on it. Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Gen. Mark Milley both claimed to have no idea if there were ultimately any secret annexes.

Esper said he knew there were/are annexes to the final deal, but that he doesn’t know if any of them are formally secret or not, saying he would ask the Secretary of State at some point.

The chance of our troops coming home is appealing and I personally do not care about the consequences of our leaving……our troops have been there long enough…..long enough so that if progress could have been made it would have….it was not….time for us to depart.

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